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Jasozan's Class Balance Discussion

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Jasozan's Class Balance Discussion

criminalheretic's Avatar

08.07.2012 , 06:18 PM | #31
I don't agree with alot of your suggestions, but I applaud your attempt to at least start a reasonable discussion about class balance.
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08.07.2012 , 06:38 PM | #32
Ok i allready started seeing this happening, 8 Troopers in a WZ.
Why is this happening? The answer is pretty obvious, TR/BH are in general OP for pvp, specially VG/PT.
They seriouslly need a nerf and fast.
I wnt be making anymore pvp while this OP classes remain as they are. Seeing them in action vs other classes just take all of the fun i have for PvP in this game, i give up.
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08.07.2012 , 07:29 PM | #33
I have to disagree with a lot of these changes (haven't read the rest of the thread so if I repeat anything forgive me).

They did a lot more to the gunnery tree, and have since, than just a damage nerf to Grav Round and a DR nerf to Charged Barrier. They've upped the proc rate of Curtain of Fire, changed how Cell Charger works, changed how charged barrel stacks. The damage in the gunnery tree is fine. It's the lack of an ability to get casts off due to no range keeping abilities worthy of the name and no ability to get situational immunity to interrupts. THOSE are the things we need to be proper turrets. Not a damage boost. Changing things to pre-1.2 would be the wrong decision in my opinion.

Additionally the assault talent for crit bonus damage is fine and is inline with with Deadly Cannon in the Gunnery tree. Assault Commando is already hurting for skill points because of all the places to spend them. Taking another away to get that last bit of crit bonus damage is just stupid.

Really your changes to gunnery are pretty sad. Tree needs a LOT of help in PVP to make it viable, and reverting it to pre 1.2 isn't it.

Changes to CM would make them pretty much unkillable in PVP again.

Also your changes to removing the stance switching cast time are flawed. True other classes can stance dance instantly but on both my shadow and my sentinel you sacrifice all resources when you change stances. On Commando you don't lose all your ammo for switching cells. It's a trade off and the general idea for BW is they don't want people stance dancing.

Your changes to Guardian would absolutely GUT Guardian tanking in PVE considering many of them do a Vig Hybrid spec because the defense tree is so very very horrible. Getting an extra cooldown in Unremitting is one of those reasons.

Also Focus is kind of a one trick pony and I think it's fine in both ACs. No changes needed.

Sentinel changes to healing while GBTF is up is arguable though it would have PVE side effects to some extent. The change to Zealous Strike is absolutely garbage. It gives 6 focus and it SHOULD give 6 focus. In general I think their focus generation is not a problem. Nerfing Zealous Strike would have massive PVE consequences as well and would probably neuter the class in PVP as well.

Gunslinger, you've now listed three ACs with nerfs to their Crit Bonus Damage with the reasoning that it brings them in line with other classes which makes me think that those other ACs should be buffed. 3/8 ACs do the bonus this way at this point, so no changes here should be made. The DR from AOEs is needed given how immobile they are, and Wounding Shots is absolutely fine as well, and in general key abilities in trees should not be nerfed.

Scoundrel, different classes do their shared tree abilities differently. This is good in my opinion.

Your changes to Kinetic Combat absolutely should NOT go through. The 30% force regeneration is absolutely necessary in PVE and PVP. You would go a long way to crippling Shadow tanks in PVE with this change. Considering many shadows go hybrid specs in PVP making Combat Technique a tree ability would do nothing but make Shadow Tanks completely worthless before whatever level you plan to give it to them. The ability is fine. Buff bonuses to other stances if you want to incentivise using them for other specs.

I appreciate you trying to make a civil thread for class balance discussion but pretty much all your ideas would be pretty horrible and would hurt the game, not help it.
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08.07.2012 , 11:13 PM | #34
Quote: Originally Posted by criminalheretic View Post
I don't agree with alot of your suggestions, but I applaud your attempt to at least start a reasonable discussion about class balance.

This. I would also like to add that 80% Carnage Predation should be lowered to 60% and scoundrels Flash Grenade AoE 8s mezz should be 5s with a longer CD. Both abilities can be game breaking in ranked WZ.

Darthcrush's Avatar

08.07.2012 , 11:34 PM | #35
I don't really agree on some of the things you mentioned in this thread, but you made some good points regardless.

*On an unrelated note, do you happen to play on Canderous Ordo? Your Vanguard destroyed my Assassin when he was in the level 10-49 bracket.
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Chemic_al's Avatar

08.08.2012 , 02:25 AM | #36
Quote: Originally Posted by JasozanLok View Post

-No changes.[*]Seer
Clairvoyance now adds 5% damage mitigation when Force Armor is broken for 10 seconds.
Reasoning: In PvP, healers need to be able to save some to defend themselves, too.[*]Telekinetics
-No changes.[*]Balance
-No changes.
And this right hear is how we know you are joking...

You complain about mercs/commandos being turrets - and yet telekenetics/lightning is exactly the same, except on a light armour user with no defensive cooldowns.

Both trees have no DPS burst.

So my own view is you no little about the classes and shouldn't be 'proferring' any suggestions on class balance.