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Blah blah blah - Will be available... In the cash shop

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Blah blah blah - Will be available... In the cash shop

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08.07.2012 , 05:21 PM | #211
Quote: Originally Posted by Briq View Post
where did I mention DDO? I didn't.. I just simply stated that someone like yourself is more likely to sub that to choose f2p.....
If you had actually read it you would know I was saying why I would pay a sub here but I do not pay a sub in another f2p game. I guess you just saw DDO mentioned and stopped reading.

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08.07.2012 , 05:24 PM | #212
Quote: Originally Posted by Rakashan View Post
So here's the issue you are missing with this. It's not to say that BEAware is going this route, just that it's happened in other games before...

The fact that something drops during play does *not* mean that it is readily available. Say that a difficult world boss drops the item (e.g. the Nightmare Pilgrim). Now imagine that the Nightmare Pilgrim only spawns once per week (dunno of any examples in SWTOR, but I can think of some in other games). Then imagine that the drop rate is 1 in 10,000.
In DDO they are not that rare. In LOTRO and DDO the hardest things to get are not sold in the store. The items you need to make 1st and 2nd age legendary items for example. Tomes you can buy for gold in the game or trade with your friends. Why would you want it handed to you anyways? The whole point of these games is to play the game. If you just buy everything then whats the point?

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08.07.2012 , 05:32 PM | #213
Look! More hidden footpri....oops wrong game
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