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Dark Side Corruption and Non-Force Users

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Dark Side Corruption and Non-Force Users

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12.20.2011 , 12:19 AM | #11
I don't get why you guys say non force users can't get dark side corruption. Fact is the force is supposed to be in everyone right? And In theory the majority of star wars "Heroes" (which we are in this game) are more related to the force than the general populous, like the force is just an explanation for why some people are more extraordinary than others. I think the force in star wars is THE morality system, they don't seem to have anything else, so if your Joe blow doing nothing interesting your whole life, than you don't get any corruption, or if you do one or two bad things neither do you get it then, but I think that if you do as much as our characters do than well you have a better chance of getting corruption. Think Golem from lord of the rings but with the dark side of the force being the influence. Just because you can't USE that bad power does not mean flirting with the ideology of it won't have a bad effect on you.
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