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The Mandalorian Wars

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08.02.2012 , 12:20 PM | #1
This is a full on novel fan-fiction I am working on. It's also being posted on my account: Flame800900 where it will be updated first, and my diventArt account Flame800900.

The book is going to be a two part book with the prologue before part one. The story does follow Revan, but I was being highly uncreative and named him Avner for until he takes the name Revan. I'm also using the Revan seen in Drew Karpyshyn's novel Revan and not the Revan I played when KotOR came out.

Here is the prologue.

Star Wars: The Old Republic: The Mandalorian Wars
Prologue: A Knight’s Mission

A chill passed over Avner. The Force echoed with ice. His breathing slowed further. Darkness pressed on him from all sides. It wasn’t the darkness of meditation. The darkness was etched with the chill. The Force vibrated around him. A vision lurked just out of reach.

I’m here. I’m listening. The thought brought the sight no closer to Avner. His breathing slowed further. Every breath he took was meant to match the beating of his hear to the pulsation in the Force. I’m here.

An image began to leak into Avner’s mind. Light exploded before him. Flames engulfed a world. A rush of images filled his mind. A twi’lek woman reached out for him. Her blue eyes were pleading. The world burned before him. Armored figures marched. Their blasters fired on the fleeing civilians.

The woman stretched out her hand to Avner. Her lips moved. No sound came. Flames wrapped around her. NO!


Crash, pain shot through Avner’s shoulder as landed on the hard, stone floor. Several chairs crashed to the floor around him. The ceiling danced in dizzying circles over Avner.

“You were doing it again,” an amused voice choked out. It sounded as if Alek was trying not to laugh at Avner’s fall. Trying and failing not to laugh, that was.

“That so?” the words trickled from Avner. The ceiling was only just starting to slow from its wild dance.

“The chairs were moving around you.”

Shaking his head, Avner wished the ceiling would just stay still. It was hard to think to straight. He pressed his palm to his head.

At last the dizziness passed. “Why are you here? I thought you disliked mediation.” Avner sat up and looked up at his friend. It was no easy task seeing as Alek stood at a good two meters.

“Master Vandar wants to speak with us,” Alek informed him.

“About?” Anver asked as he stood. He tried to smooth the creases in his old robes to no avail.

“I didn’t ask. He just told me to get you and said it was important.”

“Then we’d best not keep him waiting.” Anver walked passed his friend and into the familiar halls of the Jedi temple.

For being on the most populated world in the Republic, the Jedi temple was always peaceful. It’d been built away from many of the major parts of Coruscant. Traffic was directed away from the temple. It was a place of solace, peace, and learning.

“You still set on not taking the trials again to become a master?” Alek asked as they walked.

“I can do more good as Knight than I cold as a master, Alek. I’d be attached to one temple most of the time and only get to leave upon occasion.”

“Yeah, but you’d have more access to the archives. Isn’t that what you wanted?”

“That’s a fare point, but still no. I’d rather be able to help people than have access to the archives. There’s nothing wrong with that,” Avner said with a shrug.

“I guess not.”

Silence fell between them. Before too long Avner and Alek arrived at the room Master Vandar was within. The old master was currently between lessons with the younglings here. Normally he would be over seeing the training on Dantooine. He’d come to Coruscant for a brief time before he’d return to the plains world.

“Master Vandar,” Avner began as he stopped and bowed to the old master, “you summoned us?”

“Young Knights.” Vandar turned his hover-chair so he was facing them. A small smile appeared on his wrinkled, green face. “Alek, I’m sending you to Alderaan. The current ruler has asked for a Jedi to aid him.”

“Wouldn’t Avner be more suited for this mission, Master?” Alek asked. “Or another consular?”

“Avner was requested by an outer rim world. He’s been there before and the government knows him. Alek, the rest of your mission is described here.” Master Vandar held out a data-pad to Alek. “You’re to head to Alderaan immediately.”

“Yes, Master,” Alek said with a bow of his head. He glanced at Avner before leaving the two of them

“Avner, there is another reason you’re being sent. There is a great disturbance in the Force.”

The two of them started out of the room. Avner matched his pace to Vandar’s slow hover-chair. “A disturbance, Master?” Could it be what Avner had felt? No, the masters had decided the Order wasn’t to get involved with the skirmishes over the outer rim territories. The mandalorians weren’t a threat to the Order, thus they wouldn’t send Avner, or any knight, to help the outer rim with the invasion forces.

“The council feels there might be a Sith or fallen Jedi taking refuge on the planet,” Vandar explained. “There’s a great darkness there.”

“Why send me?” Avner asked, not meaning to sound as rude as he had. It was no secret, well not to him, that some of the masters saw Avner’s eagerness for knowledge dangerous. One master thought he’d turn to the dark side at any moment because Avner sought to further his understanding of the Force.

Of course Vandar didn’t answer the question. “Your shuttle departs in an hour,” as Vandar spoke he held out a ticket to Avner. “Find the source of the disturbance and report back to the council. If it is a fallen Jedi, the council will send a master to bring them in. You’re not to do anything rash, understood?”

“Yes, Master Vandar.” Avner bowed his head to Vandar, his jaw tight.

Not do anything? Then why send Avner at all? Wouldn’t it be better if Avner delayed the fallen Jedi until the master got there? If there was even a fallen Jedi. In his vision he’d seen Mandalorians not Sith. Could his vision be about the same disturbance the masters sensed?

Taking the ticket from Vandar, thoughts raced around Avner’s mind. Was it foolish to think the disturbance could be caused by the mandalorians? The masters were almost… fearful the Sith would return. What if the Sith weren’t the threat here?

Avner started off. It was possible Avner was just being paranoid and the vision had nothing to do with this mission. Then why would the Force send it to him at all? There were no coincidences. The masters always said this. There was a possibility Avner had just had a strange dream while meditating, but who dreamed while meditating? He knew he hadn’t fallen asleep… what else could it be but a vision?
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11.23.2012 , 09:22 PM | #2
(Note to readers: sorry about the delay. For some reason I'd been locked out of the forums for a time and was unable to update. Though I am not sure people are reading this or not. Anyway, here is chapter 1)

Chapter 1

Each step echoed with the patter water on the grim covered floor. Avner’s long cloak bellowed around his feet. Air hissed from between Avner’s teeth, breath sucked through his thin nose caught more than he’d wanted. The rank odor of the hall struck him as a blaster bolt to the brain. The hall danced before his eyes.

“Do you have it?”

Avner paused. It wasn’t the fact someone had spoken close by, but the distinct echo of the voice. Even from where he stood he could make out the fact she wore a full head helmet. There were only two groups which did so: bounty hunters and mandalorians. There were higher odds of meeting bounty hunters anywhere in the galaxy. It was also no secret the mandalorians were moving on this sector. Either way, it wasn’t good for Avner. Both groups disliked Jedi with a passion.

“Not yet, but I’m getting it.”

Edging closer, it felt as if each step brought doom upon Avner and this world. If mandalorians were here then it meant the Republic forces might withdraw support rather than enter in another pointless skirmish with the mandalorians. Either that or the Republic would and end up losing countless lives. Whenever the mandalorian forces appeared the ships and number of mandalorians would’ve grown.

“There is no emotion; there is peace,” the first words of the mantra came as a breath. Avner stopped. Breathing uneven, Avner repeated the phrase several times until the words blurred together. His heart rate returned to normal, breathing slowing. He peered around the bend.

A tall, well armored figure was just in Avner’s view. She wore red plated armor. A crest Avner vaguely recognized as a mandalorian clan was emblazed in white on her shoulder.

“We need it and soon,” snapped the mandalorian, her voice etched with barely contained rage. She jabbed a finger into the thick man’s chest.

Sweat dripped down the man’s face. “I’m getting the data as quickly as I can,” he mumbled. “It’ll be in your hands before tomorrow.”

“It’d better.” The mandalorian stepped back and turned from the man. “If it isn’t,” – she whipped around, drawing her blaster and firing over the man’s shoulder in one movement. It was a skill and grace that would’ve put many Jedi to shame – “I won’t miss.”

The man fell back. He hit the ground and stared up at her, gaping.

“Shut you’re fat mouth or I’ll really kill you.”

Avner had to discover what was going on here. This had to be the disturbance the masters had sensed. There was nothing else here. No Sith, just this mandalorian and the man, they were the only two Avner had run across to even hint at the disturbance in the force.

There was no way around it. Avner had to act on this. If he didn’t there’d be one to do so. The masters wouldn’t help if the disturbance was a mandalorian. Avner took his lightsaber from his belt and tucked it out of sight. His worn robes made him look almost like a poor beggar. It’d have to do.

Avner slumped his shoulder and staggered into the room with a drunken stride. Tripping, he forced himself into the wall, muttering nonsense under his breath.

“What the hell?!” at her shout, several other mandalorians appeared.

Two large men raced over to Avner. A blaster muzzle pressed against his forehead.

“Hey, hey,” Avner gave a fake drunken laugh, slurring his words, “there’s no need for that.” Force, this sucked. Not really the brightest idea Avner had, but what else was he to do? Charge in with his lightsaber ablaze? No, that’d be more like Alek and it’d only serve as a faster means to becoming one with the force.

“Shut it!” snapped one of the mandalorian’s.
The other took Avner’s arms and forced them behind his back. The first one grabbed Avner by the hair and forced him to tilt his head back.

“What should we do with him?” asked the first to the woman.

“Hmm.” She walked over to them and looked at Avner. “He looks like any other poor beggar out there, but there’s something familiar about his clothes. Who are you?”

“I wasn’t doing anything!” Avner shouted, making his voice go high with a false panic. “Let me go, I just ended up here by mistake!”

Avner’s hair was released and – pain shot through Avner’s skull. The blaster rifle was pulled back. His head throbbed.

“Answer the question!”

“Ugh.” Avner didn’t want to give his name so he just groaned instead.

“Maybe he drank himself blind. Too much Tarisian ale, hey?” laughed the first mandalorian.

“Drug him and take him back to base. Make certain he’s drugged,” the woman commanded.

Avner felt a needle ***** the back of his neck. The ground swayed. The force flowed through him, removing the drug in his system. Even as he used the force to remove the effects of the drug, Avner closed his eyes. It was for the best he at least pretended to be affected by it.

“You’d better have it to me in three hours,” the woman snarled. “Move out!” she shouted at the other mandalorians.

The rough, uneven ground pulled against his pants. Avner’s foot hit a piece of rubble. Avner committed every turn in the hall to memory. The group dragged him further and further from the capital.

“Stop here!” called the woman. “Put the prison in that room there. The rest of you, set up camp. We’ve a mission to complete before the forces arrive.”

The group shouted something Avner took and “Yes,” in their native tongue. Pain shot through his arm. His eyes opened a slit just in time to see a door hiss closed. He was locked in and even if he wasn’t he could just sense a guard on the other side of the door.

Sighing, Avner crossed his legs and stared at the door. Well, this was just great. So far his plan had landed him in a prison behind enemy lines. What fun this was! Avner smiled to himself. At least now he’d be able to listen in on conversations between the mandalorians and perhaps learn what they were planning on doing with this world.

Avner shifted until he was leaning against the door. As time passed, he only caught snippets of conversation none of which had anything to do with the mandalorians’ plans for this world or for the republic. Most of it was around hunts and tests of skill. It was rather strange to Revan. He knew mandalorian culture was different from what the Jedi Order, but it’d never occurred to him just how different it was.

“So we’re here to get information from that drunken guy?” asked a gruff voice. “Seems like a complete waste of time to me.”

“The commander doesn’t think he’s a drunk or a beggar.”

The voices were coming closer. Moving back from the door, Avner debated on if he should pretend to be unconscious or not. The door opened before he could make up his mind.

“See, these look like Jedi robes, don’t they?” asked the man in red armor to the one in blue.

“Pft,” snorted the one in blue. “Why’d a Jedi be so easy to capture?”

“I’m not a Jedi!” Avner exclaimed, trying to sound like he couldn’t believe what these mandalorians were saying. “There’s been some huge mistake. I really shouldn’t be here. You see I got into a bar fight and-and—”

“Shut it,” snapped the red armored Mandie.

Avner skidded back from the well-aimed kick. A weak groan escaped between his lips as he doubled over.

“Yeah, he’s defiantly not a Jedi.”

“What’s your name?” demanded the red one.

Avner didn’t respond, just glared up at the mandalorians. If he didn’t need proof on the mandalorian activity here, he’d be out of this cell in a heartbeat. The council would never believe what Avner saw without proof. If the mandalorians’ goal turned out to be the Republic then Avner needed the proof to get the senate and the Jedi Council to act before then invasion took place; if there even was going to be an invasion.

The flash of red warned Avner another kick was coming. Every muscle in his body screamed at him to roll away. He remained still. The kick shot white hot pain through his body. Avner skidded back into the wall. Gasping, his hands hit the stone floor. He coughed. Blood dripped from his lips to the ground.

“Answer the question, Republic Dog, and you won’t be hit again,” snarled the red armored mandalorian.

“You’d hit me even if I gave you my name,” Avner stated. He looked up at the mandalorian, eyes locking on the visor. “Does beating me increase the respect you gain in your clan or do you just enjoy it?”

He took a step towards Avner, “Why you little—”

“Enough,” snapped a voice from the door.

Both men turned. The commander was framed in the door. She leaned against it, her helmet tucked under her arm and cold eyes locked on the two men.

“Kicking him won’t get you and answer. Isn’t that correct Jetii?” she smirked at him.
Avner stood, wiping the blood from mouth. “I’ve no idea what you’re saying. I’m not a Jedi.”

“You can keep up the lie, but I was just informed there’s a Jedi Knight here by request of the government. Your robes make it obvious this Jetii is you.”

“There’s no way this man’s a Jedi,” scoffed the man in blue. “He looks like any other guy on the street.”

“That drug we gave him should’ve had him unconscious for another hour,” stated the commander. She straighted, auburn hair glowing from the light in the other room. “Either he’s the Jedi or just extremely lucky.” The commander entered the room.

“There’s no such thing as luck,” stated Avner. Digging one boot into the ground, Avner called on the force. He took hold for two men and pulled them forward before flinging them into the wall behind Avner.
The woman pulled out her blaster pistol. Avner leapt to one side as she fired. “What are you doing here?” Avner asked in a calm voice. He recited the code in his head.

“Go to hell,” she snapped before firing on him again.

Avner rolled. The smell of burnt cloth filled the air. His goal wasn’t escape, even if she knew he was a Jedi. He needed answers.

“Tell me, what do you have planned for this world?” Avner demanded. He sensed the two behind him getting to their feet. Time was up.

One attacked from behind. Avner back flipped over him. The other took hold of Avner in mid flip. Air rushed passed him. He slammed into the ground. Blood flew into the air. Coughing, the room spun in sickening circles around Avner.

“Keep him here. Bind him and make certain he’s unarmed.”

“With pleasure,” the man holding Avner laughed. He took Avner’s lightsaber from the back of his belt and tossed it to his partner. “Wonder how much that’d fetch on the market?”

“Probably a lot.”

The mandalorians bound Avner’s arms before they stood. Chatting in their language, they left the makeshift cell.
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12.07.2012 , 01:38 PM | #3
Star Wars: The Old Republic: The Mandalorian Wars
Chapter 2

The cuffs bit into Avner’s wrists. He shifted, testing the strength of the bindings over and over again. Sharp, throbbing pain in one wrist warned him he was pushing this too far. Avner sighed and leaned back against the wall. The position was uncomfortable. His arms were bound behind his back and held in an awkward position to allow him to sit.

“Brilliant plan: let yourself get captured by the mandalorians. They’ll never suspect you’re Jedi, idiot,” Avner cursed his stupidity. Of course the mandalorians would’ve known the difference between Jedi robes and civilian clothes. And even with letting them take him, he’d learned nothing of their plans. It was just a huge waste of time.

Avner sensed several people approaching the cell. He suspected it was a mandalorion with another wave of questions for him. There was no doubt he needed to think of a way out of this mess. So much for being the one who always thought situations through, it was laughable really, but true, he’d screwed up. Alek was sure to never let Avner live this one down; if Avner could get out this mess that was.

The cell door hissed open. Avner looked up in time to see as four people were shoved into the small room.

“Looks like you won’t be alone anymore,” laughed a mandalorian in blue. “You got your Republic buddies to keep you company now.”

Before Avner could move let lone stand, the door shut. He turned his gaze on the four newcomers. Two were human males, there was a male twi’lek, and one human female; all four of them were dressed in Republic uniforms.

“What happened?” Avner shifted so he was kneeling before them. Republic soldiers shouldn’t have been so easily captured. Avner looked closer at the group. Most looked injured either from blaster fire or vibroblades.

“Wha—?” The woman looked towards him and her eyes widened. “Master Jedi!” she exclaimed. “How’d the mandies get you?!”

“Long story,” Avner stated, trying to avoid having to tell them he let the mandalorians capture him. “Right now we need to focus on getting out of here and finding the Republic.”

The four soldier’s exchanged looks. “Master Jedi, the Republic pulled out. My patrol was ambushed when we received the order to pull back.”

Avner took the news in, a small frown creasing his features. Though it wasn’t really a shock the Republic had abandoned this world the fact remained this situation had turned dyer.

“How long ago did the Republic pull out?” Avner asked.

“They should be gone by now,” stated one of the human men. “We were given an hour to get back to the spaceports.”

“Our time’s up by now,” stated the woman.

“This means the mandalorians will be celebrating this evening,” Avner mussed aloud. He looked away from the soldiers thinking over all of this. If the mandalorians were celebrating it would give them just enough of a chance to make a run for it. “All right, I’ve an idea.”

“Don’t leave us hanging,” grunted another of human males.

“The mandalorians here have no doubt received the news of a victory which means they’re going to celebrate before dealing with us.”

That’s a cheery thought,” stated the twi’lek.

“You misunderstand,” Avner shook his head. “This is actually the opportunity we need. The guards will be lessened around the cell when the celebrations start and the ones left will be distracted by the thought of the celebration.”

The soldiers nodded, seeming to get where Avner was going with this.

“One of us will pretend to pass out and another will call for help from the guards. When the door opens I’ll jump them and lead the guards away from you four. That should give you just enough time to make into the sewers. I’ll then double back and close the tunnel so the mandalorians can’t follow.”

“Where do we go from there?” asked the women.

“I managed to memorize the path the mandalorians took here when I was captured. I can get us back to the capital.” From there Avner didn’t have a clue what to do. Though this plan did allow time for him to try to gather information on the Mandalorian plans, the task might prove difficult.

“So if you don’t catch up to us, what do we do then?”

Avner was about to reply when the door opened. “You’re food.” Several plates clattered to the floor sending food from them to the floor. The door closed behind the mandalorian.

“Do you think they overheard?” asked second human male.

“No, they weren’t close enough at the time,” Avner stated. “I’m Avner,” he introduced himself.

“Lieutenant Carvan,” the first male introduced himself. “I’d shake your hand, but that seems a little hard at the moment,” Carvan nodded at the bindings holding Avner’s hands. “The mandies don’t seem to want to take risks here.”

Avner laughed. “So it’d appear.” Avner leaned back. “If I don’t catch up to you, head away from this place and at the first exit leave the sewers.” Damn, it really wasn’t a good plan, but it was all Avner had.

“Not a very sound plan,” Lieutenant Carvan grunted, grabbing one of the plates, “but I’ll take it over nothing.”

The four soldiers ate their food in silence. Avner’s stomach churned, his dark eyes locked on the door. No matter how much he knew he should eat, the thought only made him feel sick. There is no emotion; there is peace, Avner repeated the opening line of the mantra over and over in his mind. He let the words wash over him and keep his expression calm and, he hoped, almost bored.

Time passed, measured only by the movements of those beyond the door and the soft chatter of the four soldiers. Avner sat alone in his corner of the cell. The soldiers clustered around the opposite corner.

Soon Avner sensed all but two guards leave the door. He spread out his awareness. Sure enough most of the mandalorians were gathered together now. The sound of raucous music and drunken laughter was damped only by distance and the thick door. The guards shifted, seeming uneasy.

“It’s time.” Avner opened his eyes to see the soldiers already moving into position.

Lieutenant Carvan nodded before he gestured to the twi’lek. At once the twi’lek collapsed to the ground. And the woman shouted in shock. She leapt to her feet, calling, “Help, help!”

Avner moved so he was kneeling on the ground. The force built in him. He sensed one of the guards at the door. Now – Avner uncoiled, lunging at the mandalorian the second the door hissed open. Pain shot through him as his shoulder slammed into the heavy armored chest of the mandalorian. Clang, crash! The ground shook as he and the mandalorian stuck the ground.

Rolling, Avner felt a pop as he dislocated his shoulder. He twisted his arms under his legs before leaping to his feet. A soft pop and a jolt told him his shoulder had relocated.

The other guard charged. Avner whipped around the blade. The air pulsed as the vibro-blade whooshed passed Avner. Several strands of black hair floated towards the ground.

Avner leapt into the air. His arm wrapped around the Mandalorian’s neck. The ground stuck his boots. The bindings snapped as the Mandalorian hit the floor. Whipping around, Avner thrust out his hand. A wave of the force slammed into the other guard.

“Much better,” Avner stated, shaking his sore wrists.

“Why you little?” The mandalorian was on his feet in an instant. He charged towards Avner.

Avner leapt back before dancing around the hulking man. “This way.” Avner shot away from the mandalorian and into the main room. He raced through the crowd.

Shouts followed Avner as he ran, “The Jedi – the Jedi’s escaped!” That was right, follow Avner and ignore the soldiers. Yes, follow him.

Avner, whipped around several tents, blaster fire tore passed him. He had to find his lightsaber! Force, he really hoped the mandalorians hadn’t already tried to sell it.

The heat of shot warned Avner he was cutting this close. He raced through another set of tents. His eyes slid across an older mandalorian, a blaster cannon out, ready to fire. Oh, hell! Avner skidded before sliding to one side. Shots thundered behind him.

Where the hell was his lightsaber? Avner raced through the tents. The force lent him speed until he was shooting by the mandalorians as little more than a blur. He started towards the center of the base and skidded to a stop at the sight of the auburn haired woman.

“Looking for this?” she asked, holding Avner’s lightsaber.

Several more mandalorians moved from between the tents until Avner was completely surrounded. His eyes flickered from the woman to the group and back again.

“Keeping him alive is too much of a risk. Kill him!” she ordered.

Avner steadied his stance. “There is no emotion;” he moved his hands, “there is peace.” The rubble littering the ground began to shake. His lightsaber moved in the woman’s hands. “There is no ignorance; there is knowledge.” The rubble shot up from the ground.

The mandalorians stumbled back. Several let out shouts of shock. The rubble flew towards them. Avner lunged towards the woman. His lightsaber flew from her and into his out stretched hand. His heel dug into the ground and he spun as he steadied himself. The low hum of his lightsaber filled the air. A soft, purple glow was cast over the ground.

“How many of you have a faced a Jedi before?” Avner asked, his voice even almost bored. His blade was flipped so he held it in an underhanded position. His free hand sent a large piece of fallen metal towards the group with just a flick. Turning, Avner didn’t wait for a reply. He bolted.

“Avner!” a shout greeted Avner as he turned into the sewers.

“Get down,” Avner warned the soldiers. Whipping around, the force built in him. The rocks around his feet flew into the air. Cracks cascaded through the ceiling. Several of his pursuers hesitated noticing the slight shaking of the ground.

“Get him!”

The ceiling caved as Avner lowered his free hand. Shouts of shock echoed off the walls. One cried above the others, “You’re dead, Jetti, dead!”

Darkness fell around Avner and the soldiers, punctuated only by the soft light of his lightsaber. Dust settled around them. Silence soon pressed down on the group from all sides. Avner remained still, listening, his awareness spread wide incase a group was on patrol somewhere ahead.

“That was amazing,” a voice broke the silence, shattering Avner’s concentration. “I’ve never seen a Jedi do that before,” it was the woman who had spoken.

“Then you’ve not met many Jedi,” Avner stated in a calm voice. He turned to the group, holding his lightsaber so they could see. “We should head towards the capital. There might be other soldiers who were left behind.”

“You thinking of starting a rebellion?” asked Lieutenant Carvan. In the gloom, Avner only just made out the smallest shake of the man’s head. “That’s damn suicide.”

“Then what was the point of escaping?” Avner looked at the man, his expression calm. “Even if we get out of the sewers, what would you do then? The mandalorians will have all transports under lock down even after their fleet leaves this system.”

Only silence greeted Avner’s words.

“It doesn’t matter just yet as it is. We need to get out of the sewers before worrying about what we will and will not do.” Avner stepped through the small group and took the lead.

Silence fell over them once more. The only sound was the patter of water and the louder sound of their boots. The purple blade illuminated very little in the dark passages. At times Avner heard one of the soldiers leap back when a shadow shifted despite the fact there was no one ahead or behind them.

Hours slipped by before Avner found the entrance he’d used to get down here. “Stay here,” he warned them and placed a hand on the ladder.

“No,” Lieutenant Carvan placed a hand on Avner’s wrist.

Their eyes met and all Avner saw was a hard determination. “We go up together.”

Avner hesitated. He really should go up alone first and call down if it was safe or not.

“If you stick with us, kid, you need to learn we do things a unit and not alone.”

This went against Avner’s better judgment. He sighed, “All right.” He stepped down. “But allow me to go up first in case we come under fire. I can guard against ranged attacks.”

The lieutenant nodded and Avner started up the ladder. He pressed button at the top. Nothing happened. Just great, the power line had been cut and he knew there was no access nearby. Avner shifted his lightsaber before stabbing it through the metal door. Sparks flew and the small passage was light by them. The door swung open.

Avner crawled up and out of the sewers. A dim, dust filled landscape greeted him. The soft sound of boots against stone paths filled the air. A soft cough sounded behind Avner.

“Damn mandies,” muttered the lieutenant as he stepped up beside Avner.

“By the looks of it there’s already a resistance group,” stated the woman as she exited. She turned and helped the other two out of the sewers.

The only question is: where are they?” asked the twi’lek.

“We’ll have to find them,” Avner stated, sheathing his lightsaber. “It’s our best chance at helping the civilians and this world.”

The lieutenant grunted in response, not seeming too pleased by this. The fact remained the five of them alone had little to chance of making it out of this situation alive. Plus, while Avner was trapped here he might as well try to learn all he could about why the mandalorians were invading outlying worlds not yet part of the Republic.
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