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08.02.2012 , 10:19 AM | #1
what is the best way for a merc to properly heal gruop members while on flashpoints?
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08.02.2012 , 04:37 PM | #2
A few things I have learned (mostly the hard way) helaing with my Commando. I'm sorry I don't know most of the names of most of your mirror abilities so I'll end up using a mix of both:

- 30 stacks of Combat Support Cylinder is very helpful. It allows you to use super charge gas and give everyone in your Kolto Missile range a slight damage reduction. It will also give you back some heat (1 ammo's worth I believe that's like 8 heat). Most times I'll use this as often as possible on bosses and always make sure the tank is in the area so he gets a shield. It's also good for emergencies since it kills the CD on advanced medical probe (this is the faster casting of your 2 main heals, has a 6 sec. CD).

- Manage your threat. I used to follow the tank around happily spamming hammershot/rapid shots to keep my stacks up. This is bad news if the tank pulls. You'll pull aggro on any adds that haven't been damaged/taunted by the tank/DPS. The same will happen with Trauma Probe/Kolto Shell. If no one picks up the rest of the mob one it ticks you'll get aggro. you may want to wait until the tank is at 80% to start healing to avoid pulling aggro.

- Don't insist on being guarded. Guard will reduce some damage but it's main benefit in PvE is threat reduction. If one of the DPS, usually melee as they generate more threat than ranged, pulls aggro off the tank they need the guard not you, understand that.

- Do not overheat/run out of ammo. Use Vent Heat/Recharge Cells when you get to about 5-7 ammo/~50% heat. Your recovery rate begins to tank at that point so it's best to fill up and go back to full ammo/heat regen. If you should find yourself in a dire situation use Tech Override (not sure what Merc mirror is called) it will make your next ability free. Reserve Powercell is also useful as it make your next casted ability instant. don't forget about these abilities when things go **** up.

- Use hammer shots/rapid shots to help manage heat. Weave it in every once and a while. It's free, can be used on the move and builds/maintains stacks of CSC which increases healing.

- My normal rotaiton goes something like:
HS/RS or Kolto Bomb/Missile - usually spamming these during fights to spread heals keep up the healing buff from Kolto Residue.
Advanced Med Probe/Healing Scan - Critical Efficiency/Field Triage 3/3 has a 100% chance to lower the cost of Med. Probe/Rapid Scan. Proactive Medicine/Preventative Medicine adds a heal over time as well.
Med Probe/Rapid Scan - Big heal. No CD. Use Tech Override if things really get ugly to make it instant cast. That will also allow you to cast this on the move.
Emergency Scan/Bacta Injection - Instant free heal. Awesome for emergencies and healing on the go.

- Don't forget to heal yourself. Seems obvious but a lot of times I find myself more worried about the tank/DPS and didn't realize how close to shuffling loose this mortal coil I was. It's very easy to get healer tunnel vision and stare at the group from casting heals and find yourself standing stupid taking avoidable damage as well. Healing is a priority but not the only one.

- Customize your UI. I ditched the standard group frame in lieu of the Ops frame style. I moved that to the middle and increased the height and width of the health bar. I also turned on health text. For me this makes it easier to target people and be aware of debuffs that need cleansing.

- Don't forget to cleanse. Things like burns, bleeds some slows and other debuffs can be cleansed with Field Aid/Cure. If you're not sure cleanse it.

Hope that helps. Let me know if you have any questions.
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