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Post your PVP gear!

Lord_Zagato's Avatar

08.02.2012 , 08:51 AM | #1
I'm trying to collate ideas as to what and which gear should a PT (AP or Pyro) wear in end-game PVP.

I think it would be helpful for a lot of guys who has gearing questions like me.

Please state what mods are ripped from what item

Share the link (preferably in

Bring it on! :jawa_ cool:

dardack's Avatar

08.02.2012 , 10:00 AM | #2
98% accuracy, 30% crit, 76% surge then aim>power by a little bit, so if you can trade said 1 aim to gain 1.2 power do that. Like I have all the 53aim/43 power (or w/e it is) over the 64 aim 12 power, now you do have to take into account the endurance loss but meh. 2 implants and 2 enhancements will get you 97.9% accuracy which is close enough to 98%, rest enhancements power/surge or crit/surge with the lower endurance. Again you have to decide if more endurance or not. Obviously if NORSE AP then no accuracy at all.
Doofensmirtz lvl 50 PTIn Erebus Drooga's Pleasure Barge. 4 Imps 50. Doofentrooper lvl 50 VG in Goof Troop DPB
Dear BW please have RS/HiB send me to other fleet Nekkid. TY. Also, don't allow 3 sin/shadow 2 sorc/sage teams in HB. That is all.