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Tank Swaps are Unnecessary for Firebrand and Stormcaller.

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Tank Swaps are Unnecessary for Firebrand and Stormcaller.

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08.03.2012 , 05:16 PM | #41
This thread is full of unnecessary crankiness.
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08.03.2012 , 07:09 PM | #42
Quote: Originally Posted by Inzi View Post
This statement is why the 16 vs 8 man strategy difference comes up. I have healed both 8 and 16 hard mode of this fight. In 8 man, if I put a Force Armor on a double destruction target... that's all they need to survive the DD. The healing is pretty straightforward and I'm sure your strategy works just fine for that. The even split makes sense because there's not THAT much of a healing strain on 8 man.

However, on 16 man, my typical "assignment" is to heal on Firebrand as a "swing healer." I heal the Firebrand tank(s), the people on the ground when they take a tick of the shields, and cover the Stormcaller tank & DD's. During double destruction we really don't heal the Firebrand tank at all. If he dips down to like 30% I MIGHT toss a heal his way. The person you were replying to was completely correct about probably 85% of the dmg during a DD being on the Stormcaller side.

I'm sure you can understand that with 4 healers and 85% healing needed on 1 side, it would be REALLY silly to block 2 healers from being able to reach or LoS those in need of heals. If you tried to fix it by putting 3 healers on Stormcaller & 1 on Firebrand, then you'd have a healer who was almost always late to a shield and might die from the aoe. Altogether, it's a really subpar plan for 16 man. I'm sure there are guilds out there that do it that way on 16 man, but it takes a lot more effort than it should.

Hopefully this makes it a little clearer and we can all agree to say "strategies vary widely in their efficacy between 8 & 16 man."
Thanks for the clarification! That helps a ton. Like I said, I have only done the 16 SM EC and I don't recall any difficult healing situations, but I'm sure that's very different in 16 HM.

Quote: Originally Posted by Kihra
This thread is full of unnecessary crankiness.
Guilty as charged.

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08.04.2012 , 02:16 AM | #43
What I see as shadow tank there is few ways to do this first deflection lasts until incinerate armor is over and sceond have gunslinger/sniper on aboard of firebrand made make him cast scrambling field so you would be on area of it while your deflection is on cd. You take sure more dmg dmg than but still its basicly 1/2 dmg least as on point of shadow/assassin tanks we hardly get more than 40% armor reduce with denova/BH gear.

And Scrambling field gives 20% dmg reduction.
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08.06.2012 , 02:33 AM | #44
That's dangerous if not timed properly. Much better to control who he is going to turn to.
On 8 man (since this has become relevant in this thread since last I saw it) I've never seen it as an issue. The DPS on that side are putting out way more threat than the healer so you know he's going to turn to one of the DPS, and he's not going to DO anything but cast incinerate armor. The tank can even come back out and retaunt once the cast starts and he'll turn back immediately to the tank without hurting anyone. Have literally never had an issue with it before.
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