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Announcing a Free-to-Play Option

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Announcing a Free-to-Play Option
First BioWare Post First BioWare Post

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07.31.2012 , 08:46 PM | #271
Quote: Originally Posted by Isharel View Post
I believe I speak in the name of most if not all Founders, when I say, give us a lifetime account. We stuck through the early days of this game, and when it flopped we stayed. It's only fair you repay our faith in you, Bioware. Ofcourse EA won't have any of that, the moneygrabbers they are.

That is all I have to say in this matter. Flame on.
I agree. All of us from the start deserve something, but EA won't. Remember, Bioware was a great game company back in the day(Baulders Gate, KOTOR, Jade Empire, ect) After EA swallowed them up, it's been all down hill. EA won't give us ****, and it's only a matter of time, when they figure out it costs to run servers, they will shut it down. Jeez, they have already cleaned house with the programmers. It was a fun ride, I'll switch to free play, and watch this ship go down. May the force be with you all, players, not EA

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07.31.2012 , 08:47 PM | #272
Quote: Originally Posted by thesaltman View Post
No disrespect, but no one is getting "forced" to do anything. Its a game just like any other. Personally, I love the game and wish it stayed a sub. But people werent subscribing and they were losing the numbers too drastically. I had a feeling that was going to happen when I would just look threw the forums, see peoples questions and complaints and see threads of complaints as big as 80+ pages and no Bioware response. At that point, I knew the game was in trouble, since bad CS is the first sign of a companys downfall. Now, they have to fix it and get people back into the game. Again, I dont like the idea, but I dont see what other choices they have.
Okay, to update my statement; what I meant is that they are forced to accept it or go elsewhere.

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07.31.2012 , 08:50 PM | #273
I hate to say this but this is a bad idea, Hackers are going to go wild in PVP, support will go down to nothnig, please BioWare don't let EA push this game off a cliff. But it's a shame really and really disappointing to say the least. Fix PVP and maybe you could start getting more subs.
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07.31.2012 , 08:51 PM | #274
Pay to win more like.
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07.31.2012 , 08:51 PM | #275
]So when does the next MMO come out??? this game was just thrown away as a waste of time. Free to play games are useless... so do we just need to spend $5 more a month to get 40 crystals for our sim parks. really restrictions. so i just need to subscribe for one month and get everything and then once Im geared out no more reason to pay. yeah half my guild have already opened their WOW acct. yes their horrible game... oh and PS free to play is always mor eexpensive then subscription $5 here $5 there[/QUOTE]

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07.31.2012 , 08:52 PM | #276
Quote: Originally Posted by Rohanshot View Post
Great. Now every WOW Fanboy, GW2 Fanboy, and SWTOR Hater has won. -_-
This ^^^ I have cancelled my subscription today, and will no longer be purchasing any new Bioware/EA products. You have let yourself be bullied by WoW fan*****es and other SWTOR haters who were just hoping for this so they could go on the forums of the games they do play and say "See we were right, SWTOR has failed HAHAHHAHA" . I hope you realize they are not gonna play this anyhow. Goodbye to a once great game, forever.

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07.31.2012 , 08:54 PM | #277
I see BW setting themselves up for failure with this. I'm being optimistic.

I'm not going to gripe about changes in community because of this. I'm not going to gripe about population drops because of this. I'm not going to gripe about the issues that F2P brings to a subscription based game. I won't even complain about any of the things that the naysayers have so far complained about.

This is bad business, based on their own statements, and based on their own practices.

The biggest and most glaring mistake EA made, was asking people why they were going to quit playing early on. All of the players who quit playing in the mass exodus, were people who were able to save up and buy the game, but couldn't subscribe because of a few reasons that were beyond their control. Like...
-NOT EVERYONE WHO SAVED TO PURCHASE THE GAME CAN AFFORD A SUBSCRIPTION, (the free month being the sole reason for the purchase)

All three of those reasons, are because of Subscription. So relying on a vague answer to dictate the direction of your franchise, is BAD BUSINESS.

That being said, here's the other major flaw in EA's logic. If they want to draw more people to the game, and reduce monthly subscriptions, or use a cash store or w/e the idea, how can they possibly assume that people who couldn't play because of the subscription, are going to be able to pay for shinnies as opposed to a subscription?

As EA has pointed out in their business report, their priorities are elsewhere. Content will not be pushed out faster because of this. Employees have been laid-off and cut back. Bugs in game have not been getting fixed, unless they interfere with the economy. Promised content has not been added. Patch 1.4 has been pushed back INDEFINITELY. That's right! INDEFINITELY! Looking forward to all the goodies that we were promised back when 1.2 released? Good luck.

EA has closed the book on this game. They have realized that they can't make as much money off of it as they had anticipated, and rather than investing to create higher revenue, they are simply cutting their losses and moving on, because they can afford to do that. They will milk the franchise for EVERYTHING that it is worth, soak us for EVERY dollar that they can get, and then dust off their hands and buy another up-and-coming game developing company to exploit. It's how they operate, and how they make money. It's why they are as big as they are right now.

Anyone who has played the Sims series, or Spore, or even any of EA's sports franchises knows what I'm talking about.

Oh and on another note, I'm still a bit miffed that the timeline on the site not only wasn't finished, but has been completely removed. Another sign that EA is bailing on us.
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07.31.2012 , 08:55 PM | #278
sorry bioware and ea you couldnt compete with WOW who has yet to go F2P to the highest lvl. You want to do us a fav. make half the servers on your list for only your F2P ppl and leave the other half to the ppl keeping your jobs. F2P means more dumb newbs, hackers, and credit farmers to bring the eco down, so keep them away from the ones who pay and maybe you will come out of this a bit better oh and please go FORCE CHOKE yourselfs!

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07.31.2012 , 08:57 PM | #279
BTW: I totally agree that anyone with the "Founder" title should be given free lifetime subscription rate. It just makes sense since we are the ones who stuck with the game during its haydays and the downfall as well

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07.31.2012 , 08:58 PM | #280
Quote: Originally Posted by Joushigun View Post
I seem to remember people saying the same thing about Star Trek seems to be doing pretty well since F2P launched.
It turned into pay to win. Buy better ships etc..... It will go on will make money and it will suck.
Quote: Originally Posted by John Riccitiello
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