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PVP Face melting advice

Haxberry's Avatar

07.30.2012 , 07:50 PM | #1
Hi, fellow PTs, I do decently in Shadowlands WZs... but I think I should be melting face faster.

-- What should I be prioritizing stat-wise?
I got the L40 PVP set, so I'm really heavy on +Crit (and +Accuracy, for better or worse), but my largest crits don't reach 3K (non-crit RS is about 1200~1300) and I can only hit 250K+ damage/per match only rarely, generally when I see heavy fighting for most of the match. I thought it was too early to prioritize +power, but now I'm thinking that I should have.

-- Is there a better priority/rotation? I think I'm getting stuck after my opener, particularly during prolonged combat. I open up with TD--> IM (avoid early PPA proc) --> RS --> FB --> RS(PPA) or RP(no PPA) -------then------> FB, FB, FB, FB until TD, RP, PPA proc. cycles around again. I use Rapid Shots to avoid using vent heat, if possible. I feel like I'm not taking down targets fast enough with this.

-- Skill allocation: I'm 31 pyro now... but is better to skip TD for now to get 90% AP rail shot?, more FB crit, and other AP tree goodies?

-- Finally... I find I have the most problems with GS/snipers, especially in Huttball. It seems like there's just no fast way to clear those hawks from their perches. Even Grapple won't yank them out of cover. (hmm.. does electro dart/grapple work?) Any suggestions (other than neural dart)?

Thanks in advance....

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07.31.2012 , 06:31 AM | #2
No advice on pre 50 pvp gear/stat prioritization. You will be 50 soon enough just pvp'ing.

As for Snipers/GS in HB. Kite around pillars on the fire you can LoS and make them stand up. If you don't see their cover mechanic you can Nueral then Grapple. Without HO they will just knock you back. I really dont' have an issue with them as Hybrid because of HO. They will tear you apart if you can't LoS, make them get up out of cover.
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07.31.2012 , 08:03 PM | #3
Thanks for the advice. I should probably try to roll a sniper just to see how the mechanics work.

For now, though, I'm just trying to maximize the enjoyment that I can get out of 40-49 pvp, since I'm doing the grind to full RWZ/WZ comms by the time I hit 50 (12500 comms, about 120 matches or so, I think?).

That's a lot of matches, but I'd rather enjoy the PVP now since all I hear on the forums is how tough 50 is.... fortunately, Pyro seems like one of the easier builds to learn-as-you-go on.

Thanks again.

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07.31.2012 , 08:26 PM | #4
1. Electro Dart/Grapple does work.
2. You won't melt face until you get 1600 aim (Or maybe 1300). To do this:

1. Get cybertech
3. Farm LV 49 purple metals (Mandalorian Armor)
-Optional: Buy off gtn, sell your lower level purples you make to get more cash
4. Make Full purples mods and purple armorings. (PROTIP: The mods that give power are good if you don't care for crits. The Mods that give crit are better IMO since it weights your surge more. It's up to you.)
5. . Get rid of Cybertech, get armormech!
6. Farm them augments!
7. Make Aug kits MK-6
8. Augment gear
-Optional: Buy Aug kits/buy augments
8. Get rid of Armormech!
9. Get Biochem!
10. Get the reusable Reflex Stim (LV 40? or 48? I can't remember the highest non-50 stim).
11. Melt Face
12. Quit games right before they leave to stay LV 49!
13. ????

On a serious note though, I play AP spec, and Gunslingers are a bit easier since you can negate the knockbacks and snares. But seriously, with 1600 aim, and 15k hp, you shouldn't have a problem owning face with pyro.
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