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The Hammer Strike

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07.29.2012 , 11:48 PM | #1
Female Smuggler x Corso Riggs: romance, angst, drama, minimal spoilers, first person

Disclaimer: I do not own or have rights to the game, characters, places, etc.

Part One: Running From?

"You're the best thing I've seen all day, Lenn."

If all I had been looking at Gamorians dancing naked with a Hutt. My words replay in my head as I wear an eager smile and seductive eyes. I am repulsed at how keen and drooling I sound. Disgust at such ordinary looks decorated with layers of arrogance and conceit churn my stomach.

I feel Corso fire me an livid and aggravated glance.

"The last time a woman made me blush, I was just a boy." Is that even a pick up line? What does that even mean? I try not to let it show that I choke back vomit.

"Got news for you, Slick - your still just a boy."

Inside, I agree with Corso. Lenn's childish face placed on the body of a pompous, creepy man stares at me disapprovingly. I look angry at my 'slaves' interruption. Inside, I'm laughing. Lenn smiles faintly and I turn my head to give Corso a warning. This wasn't what we had agreed on. We had decided I would do the talking, and Corso would play the role of my servant or body guard. Whichever they believed. I was to talk, appear important, and be as appealing in any way possible.

Lenn's sister continues with the mindless chatter, as if there was no interruption. Her body language displays obvious irritation at her brother. And intense loathing at me. I wonder if these nobles turn to inbreeding to continue their blood lines...

I think of Risha's talk of a quick-and-easy-drop-off and curse my luck that it never seems that simple. I want to get away from King Creepy as soon as possible. His sister leaves, and gives me a cold goodbye.

"I thought she would never leave. My sister has the charisma of a killik." And you look worse than one. "You, on the other hand, are endlessly charming."

"I hope you're not falling for any of Slick's nonsense." I wanted to throttle Corso at this. Why did I ever think he would be able to pass off as a slave and keep his mouth shut? I should have taken Bowdarr. A Wookie would have made the right silent impression.

"Lenn here is a real gentleman, Corso. Stay awhile and you might learn I thing or two." I smirk at him. This is business. And this is how I do business. He needs to learn to separate his feelings from business.
I turn back to Lenn. His steps on the marble echo the crushing of my heart. Hammer strike after hammer strike. Why does my heart hurt?

I shake my head and smile encouragingly at Lenn. Business is business. And after all, I do love credits.

More than anything.

A few weeks later.

We hadn't talked much after our last conversation.

'May I have permission to seek your hand?'

There was a lot left to be said. And I didn't know what to say.

I tried to plan what I was going to say. How I was going to tell Corso...

Alderaan kept us busy. And everything that happened since. Who would have thought that I would work for the Republic...

'I don't want you to leave. I need you with me, Corso.' The words were hasty. I wanted a reason for them.

My days were spent with jobs, and my nights at a card table.

But none came.

I came to understand the world. Alderaan was beautiful.

'I thought we would have a lavish dinner but I see you made other plans.' Corso beamed. I wanted to take my words back. I had spoken without thought.

The snow glistened like tiny diamonds. Ice and frost decorating trees like tinsel. Such tall, green trees. The ground was always soft and wet with dew. The sun was warm light, shining down from a blue sky painted with gliding clouds. The mountains are a protective circle around the castles. They seem to remind humans how very small we are. There is a serenity in the woods and nature that belies that conflict and harshness of the people that live here.

'Anything you want, Captain.'

Sometimes, when everyone else was sleeping in the quarters Lenn and his sister lent us, I would creep outside and walk through the long grass. The world is even more brilliant in the glow of the moons and burning stars. The snow seems to glow softly, tiny glistening diamonds falling from the sky. It is peaceful. The animals of this planets are calm and at rest.

I felt the gap between us close. An understanding reached. But I don't know what that understanding is.

I like to lie by the stream down by the broken bridge. After days of fighting and chaos, manipulated by lords and nobles filled with false importance, I can finally relax out here. The stars are glistening points in the wide stream. Even the river is stiller at night. It is as if when the people sleep, the world can release a breath it has been holding and be still. I understand.

I try to ask. When I do... my mouth gets dry and I choke on the words. He always smiles and says 'Let's have some fun, Captain.'

This planet deserves better. The people here are petty, corrupt and arrogant. Conceited and wrapped in the pristine walls of their castles. They wage war and destroy this beauty, to conquer it. There petty civil wars on Alderaan are a microcosm of the destruction of the war between Republic and Sith. When will people see its all the same? The Jedi ad the Sith: the Republic and the Empire. It makes no difference to me which rule.

We spend our time with Bowdarr. Drinking, playing cards. I think those are the best times. We are easy then. Close, and all the tension gone. Because we aren't alone. The ship becomes a haven for us, and we can forget, just for a while, the troubles of our destination.

I watch the water and idly plait long blades of grass. This planet has a strange effect upon me. I feel like the armour I wear has been removed. I'm defenceless, yet anything more would feel wrong. I've never felt like this before. Even alone. At first it made me uncomfortable. To be so disabled. But now, it is where I breathe. It is where I am me.

He was so hesitant to ask for Torchy. When he left the room, he turned slightly. I knew he wanted to talk. I wanted to follow. But my legs wouldn't move.

I think I understand this planet. It has its defences. The kiliks, the giant cats, all the other animals. They are like its blaster, the mountains its armour. It makes me sad. To think it wasn't enough. That somehow, there was a weakness and the disease of humans and politics crept through to corrupt it from the inside. The infection has started.

'With my finance'...'

I suppose this is why I objected so strongly to the torture of the kiliks.

'I'm all yours, Captain.'

I needed to come back here after what happened with Skavak and then Darmas. I told the crew I still had a few loose ends to finish, a few people who still owed me credits. It's true, but...

'I'll still be here, when all of them are gone.'

I needed to think. About a lot of things.

He was running when I first met him. His breathe was fast, his eyes alive.

I feel trapped. My clothes are tight and loose and strangling me all at once. I'm hot on the inside. My blood is scalding acid. My heart is burning. My stomach is blistering. My heart is playing a loud rhythm that my head pounds a beat to. I'm so hot and cold all at once.

'Huh? Oh - Corso Riggs. I'm with Skavak. Nice to meet you.'

The snow comes harder and faster. A storm is coming. How did I not notice? How could I sit and wait until it was too late to leave?

I will never forget his surprise. The rise in his eye brows, the gentleman attitude.

I wade into the river.

I've been running since I met him.

It's liquid crystals and covers my shoulders. Snow briefly dances on the surface of the water like small lilies before melting. I want to melt. I want to drift away.

How long have I been running?

The galaxies reflection ripples when I touch it.

When will I stop running?

Everything goes black. The water covers me in a wet, silky blanket. I cannot run.



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I don't think its my best and I was thinking of making it into a short series but I'm not sure....

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