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How bout tuning down Hammer station lvl 17?

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07.27.2012 , 02:29 PM | #11
This is called a Mechanics check. It is the first time players are introduced to "you're going to keep failing until you realize the boss has things you need to learn to control."

This fight is extremely easy and I explain it to every tank and dps when I come to it on my alt healer. Mind you I have NO birthright gear or hand me downs.

1) tank goes left group goes right. The boss almost always starts with a cone AOE.

2) tank against wall, never move.

3) dps and healer avoid AoE.

4) Dps kill adds.

5) Healer heals.

It's really simple actually, and even in groups I thought the tank was brain dead - they listen. In fact every time I explain the fight we 1 shot it and whenever I don't we fail... So now I always explain the fight
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07.28.2012 , 05:29 AM | #12
The only thing I would want remotely tuned is that one pull very early in the FP with two elites, three strongs and 2 normals, if you don't have CC (which most classes dont at this level) you wipe unless there's some strong off healing or the tank ridiculously over-levels it, I'd remove one elite and a strong personally on that pull.

Other then that the last boss is really more an idiot check than anything else, I just wish he would shut the **** up about how my weakness is in my blood, seriously I dont need to hear that 27 times in less than two minutes.

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07.28.2012 , 06:13 AM | #13
Is this the Flashpoint where you kill 3 champions then go onto the last boss who stands infront of a console?

If it is, then yes I agree, I haven't really done many flashpoints at the lower levels but I definitely remember this one being pretty tough (the final boss). Infact, I actually had to get a 50 gunslinger to help me last time.

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07.29.2012 , 08:19 AM | #14
The final boss is unforgiving when it comes to tactics execution. But if done right, is very easy. I've tanked this in group finder as a level 15 Shadow, with level appropriate groups. Simple tactic:

1. Tank runs through boss from pull and, thus, turns him around.

2. Tank has back to the console to avoid being pushed off. DPS stand behind the boss, i.e. facing console.

3. When boss casts sweeping gunfire, the conal AOE, the tank "strafes" to the side (the Q or E key by default), and then strafes back into position the moment it finishes.

4. When adds come DPS kill adds, the tank should ignore these (as the low level tank is unlikely to have an AOE taunt, possibly no taunt at all - aggro must be maintained on boss to hold boss in position).

5. DPS prio is stay out of AOE > kill adds > attack boss.

The final point is pretty much the standard basis for all end-game FPs and Operations (inc. tanks "facing" a boss away from a raid). At which point even more complexities get thrown in. Get used to this premise now. Early level FPs are "trainers." It really doesn't need nerfing.

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07.29.2012 , 08:23 AM | #15
The complainers in this thread are a huge part of what is wrong with this game. It's easy enough and you want it easier? I mean, heavens forbid you actually DIE in a game or find yourself challenged. I guess you should just walk into the instance and be presented with a chest just for showing up, no work required.
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07.29.2012 , 01:49 PM | #16
If you are having problems with Hammer Station, I would really recommend your strategies, play style and how you are gearing and filling out your skill tree. Because there is ABSOLUTELY no reason to tune down this entry level FP.

This is a problem with modern MMO players it seems. If something is a little too difficult, rather then trying to rise to the occasion, and learning the needed strategies, they try to ask that the flashpoint is made so easy it is not even fun to play for others.

The poster a couple posts down offers some really good strategy and details, I would recommend looking it over.

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07.30.2012 , 02:18 AM | #17
I'm a Op healer and I lvl with a sniper friend.
I have Biochem so I provide him with blue stims/medpacks and adrenals when I have spare materials.

We have done Hammer station around 5-6 times with 2 random people.

I find it hard to heal when the tanks position the AoE thru the whole group, but I can heal it, the AoE's can be ignored for a sec to finish a cast, if your healer can heal it (I stayed to finish a heal), the small adds should be a nobrainer, but in the last group we got neither the other dps or the tank took out the adds so I ended up dying due to ALOT of mobs on me and no aggro-reset (don't get combat stealth at this lvl).

Disclaimer: This is meant to be "the instance is Do-able, and I'm glad you have to grasp the mechanics or at least to a certain degree know your class, you start to get the majority of your skills now, and should be able to know your class, just a little bit, at least".
I got no legacy-gear or purples on this alt, all my gear is from the normal lvling and I did these runs of Hammer station between 17-20 with my sniper just 1 lvl behind me.
I think it's fine, but understand if people have problems.
I'm also not a person who has cleared al content.
I'm one of 3 rutined tanks in our guild (1 of each class) 1 new jugg and 1 jugg alt. We have done Zorn and Toth HM 3 weeks in a row, but care mostly about being social as our guild is a social casual guild. So no, I don't have 16 chars in 50 and everyone is in full 61 with Kehess HM on farm.

Everyone can do this, if they know the encounter

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07.30.2012 , 02:45 AM | #18
A player's very first fight in ToR that requires some thought and team coordination and positioning? Nerf it, quick!

P.S. Was being sarcastic. Wipe a few times, get a grip on the dynamics, kill it. This is the way MMOs should work. Faceroll tank and spank with occasional "don't stand in stuff\get out from incoming obvious damage effect" which appears to be the current standard is a disgrace.
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07.30.2012 , 03:27 AM | #19
Hammer Station is actually a good flashpoint that teaches people basic flashpoint strategies. It is hard for on-levels for a reason (it's the Wake Up Call Boss for SWTOR when it comes to flashpoints). It's doable with on-level groups, even ones not experienced with MMO's, since it's purpose is to teach.

1) You need a four man group. This isn't your 2 or even solo-able Black Talon instance for the standard on-level. Future flashpoints will get harder, with Colicoid War Games and Red Reaper being unwinnable without 4 sentient players.
2) People need a role. You'll want one healer and one tank. Off-tanks and off-healers are fine here since there are no enrage timers.
3) The tank attacks first. This becomes evident when people realize that everything in the group will target the first person that attacks until threat (either through damage or healing) forces them to switch targets.
4) CC is king. If you don't learn that fights while using stuns and CC abilities are easier than when not using them, then you'll want to learn that before Athiss. The second boss fight can be made significantly easier with the use of CC.
5) Be aware. Things happen in the fight that cannot be anticipated unless you've done it before. From special boss attacks to adds suddenly spawning, failure to pay attention and figure out how to counter these will lead to future failures in tougher content.
6) DPS need to attack adds. This becomes very important in the final boss fight. For one, the tank needs to keep the AOE cone of the boss from hitting other people (another part of being aware). Also, if the DPS ignore those adds, they will ravage the healer and kill the healer in seconds.

As for a final boss guide, it's as everyone says.
- Avoid the mines
- Have the tank turn the boss away from everyone
- Have the healer be near the entrance, as far away from where the adds spawn as possible
- DPS will shoot the boss, yet attack the adds as soon as they appear. The boss has no enrage timer, so it's not like they *have* to keep shooting.

The end. Enjoy your loot.

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07.30.2012 , 03:38 AM | #20
It's good that you want to learn how to play those characters OP, but you need a challenge to achieve that.
Future flashpoints have a lot more things that can go wrong than Hammer Station, therefore getting the tactics nailed down there will help you much more than if BioWare would just make it easier.

It is very much possible to run HS at lvl 15-16, below the actual recommended level.

If you're having that much trouble, just wait 1-2 levels and you can roll through it with ease, but then you won't have that added experience of course.