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Terror From Beyond Speculation

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08.03.2012 , 04:21 PM | #41
Theres gonna be one more Op with the dread masters after Terror. You can tell by the inaccessible room in the ziost shadow imperial fleet. It had 2 path ways that look like they lead to instance entrances. So we h e 5 operations all doing with the dread masters, each more then the last. Recap!:
Eternity vault- the dread masters prison break from belsavis causes such force to awaken Soa. Mentio of dream masters: none.
Karagga's palace: The dread masters were taking hutt space, and the hutt cartel retaliated by taking more space for them. Mention of dread masters: Vert little, only the name used.
Explosive conflict: the dread masters gave kephess extreme power and corrupted the imperial force on Denova, creating a deadly army. Mention of dread masters: High, but avoided their name.
Terror from beyond: The dread masters are using ancient rakatan portals to summon once locked-away terrible beasts from beyond. Mention of dread masters: Very high.

These guys are the new emperor Malgus! I wonder what titles we will get from NiM Explosive conflict and NiM terror from beyond...
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08.03.2012 , 06:25 PM | #42
Quote: Originally Posted by Bevatron View Post
i want to fight a Krayt dragon.
i would greatly enjoy that as well, back in SWG my guild and i would hunt them for hours killing the Ancient krayt whenever we could.
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08.03.2012 , 11:44 PM | #43
Going back to the ideas of new boss mechanics -

When lotro first came out, the main endgame raid (designed for 24 iirc) had a beast of a last boss. Instant kills if you missed mechanics, the group having to split into 2 groups to run to other rooms while the tank and heals stayed on the boss, a friendly NPC intricately involved, and overall a lot of fun with cool rewards (just fighting a balrog was fun even though he was really overweight ). Of course this died down to being 3 manned or even soloed with the level cap up 25 levels, but it was a challenge while it was the top.

Something similar would be great. The instance (the rift, check in out on youtube) also had a LOT of bosses, each with mechanics almost as hard as the final boss, and each boss having to be killed in an order to make sure you could kill the next. Some sort of tangible link between bosses makes it more interesting, this could also use a RNG to decide which bosses would apply which buffs to others when dead to add some spice