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Lag Issues in Lost Island ((Sav Rip Boss Fight))

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Lag Issues in Lost Island ((Sav Rip Boss Fight))

Seraphynn's Avatar

07.25.2012 , 11:34 PM | #1
I just completed Lost Island HM and I wanted to report an issue my group and I were having during the Project Sav Rip fight. There was a huge amount of freeze lag that got so bad that when running for a button, I froze, when I unfroze I was over the edge.

Everytime Sav Rip jumped to the pipes the whole group who was in teamspeak at the time, suffered the same type of lag at the same time. We finally got through the FP by turning all our settings down.

Now I don't suffer this type of lag anywhere else, unless I am on the fleet and there is over 200 people there.

I thought it would be important to report this as the whole group was experiencing it at the same time. Even after we all turned down settings, just not to the same degree.

Server = The Ebon Hawk

gentlepie's Avatar

08.28.2012 , 11:34 AM | #2
I have the same issue. The game freezes for 5 seconds at least when he jumps on the pipes. It's not lag because the game is not responsive at all. It seems to be a different issue. My guildmate who was running it with me had the same issue, but my other guildmate did not.

prairieprof's Avatar

08.28.2012 , 02:58 PM | #3
I would like to report the same issue with lag after Sav-rak jumps. The lag causes the entire party to receive additional spit damage and also impacts our ability to run to the consoles. Sometimes this causes a party member to completely run off the platform resulting in a costly wipe. I've read all the posts regarding this but see there has been no reply from customer service. Why is that?

gentlepie's Avatar

08.30.2012 , 10:24 AM | #4
(sound of crickets)

Anysao's Avatar

08.30.2012 , 10:31 AM | #5
Yeah, I get lag for It to, but it's not that bad. It's only a few seconds, and I usually already have clicked the pipe terminal when the lag starts.

It is something to look into

Server: also ebon hawk.
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Logicman's Avatar

12.07.2012 , 06:58 PM | #6
3 months later and the issues is still there....

Ujinty's Avatar

11.19.2013 , 07:29 PM | #7
This exact same freezing glitch is happening to my and my healer every time we run this FP. We've wiped about 10 times already, simply because he can't heal for a good 30 seconds when he's doing the area damage. This really needs to be addressed.