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Open World PvP: better on PvE or PvP server?

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Open World PvP: better on PvE or PvP server?

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12.14.2011 , 05:05 PM | #51
It would seem logical tht with less places to pvp there would be a higher pop on pvp planets, however i beleive anyone who wants open world pvp on a pvp server will flock to those planets and the ppl who are terrible and cant compete at lvl 50 will not be there instead stay on the other planets ganking lowbies, therefore the higher pvp pop on pvp worlds should be on pvp server.
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12.14.2011 , 05:10 PM | #52
Quote: Originally Posted by Leiloni View Post
The idea behind rolling on a PvE server to PvP sounds nice in theory, but in my experience after the game has been out a while, there is zero world PvP on PvE servers, even when there are entire zones dedicated to just that. People spend most of their time in PvE instances and raids and when they want to PvP, they just queue for battlegrounds and stand around town while they wait to get in because it's a lot easier.

More people on PvE servers will only be doing PvP as a fun side thing when they're tired of running instances, but since it's not their main focus, and queueing for BGs when you want your PvP fix is so easy, the world PvP zones are empty.

That's what I've seen elsewhere and my expectation here as well. :\ I'd reccomend PvP servers if you want to PvP because there will be more people on PvP servers whose main endgame plan is to PvP, so they'll be out there all the time. I also doubt that people will be spread out - when they realize there is no one in the zone they're in, they'll go to where they know they can find people. Eventually there will be PvP "gathering" places so to speak that become the PvP hotspots and everyone will go there instead of other places in game.
thanks for the intelligent reply, im gonna have to agree. just like in DAoC, the RvR zones were HUGE, but in time people knew that emain was the goto place. and if regular open world killing on lowbie planets gives 0 reward (no commendations), then I definitely see people flocking to places like Illum and Outlaw's Den.

i too have a feeling that on PvE servers, the majority will just sit around main city and queue for BG's there.

now i gotta decide Smuggler or Agent on PvP server lol... unfortunately the Sith numbers are HUGE on PvP servers, so that leads me towards Smuggler =/