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HM Kephess - Need better control, farmable strat

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HM Kephess - Need better control, farmable strat

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07.25.2012 , 02:04 AM | #21
BigV reply is good.

your tanks need to get the taunt timing down, it does require some practice, so let your tank get use to this phase.
The best timing is while kephess cast the breath of the master.

- Be sure to, while tanking kephess, never have your back directly on a wall or purple zone.
- when he bump you back, you can actually start running away from him, to increase distance, so he's not in range of melee right after the cast.
- Try to overlap purple circle, this will give you enough space to maneuver later on, i try to place them like the olympics sign
- when you drop the fifth purple circle on the ground, you shoud be at range to taunt (and have kephess on target), because he will cast the next breath right that moment.
- kephess will enrage approximately after 4 bumb/breath cast, so your timing is about 15% every tank swap.
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07.25.2012 , 03:55 AM | #22
The most important thing in the last phase is knowing what you have to do and when. Understanding what is going to happen before the next part does.

This is going to be largely basic, and may or may not apply to the OP's question. But I believe others are going to be looking at this thread as well. So if you already know these things please feel free to skim.

1. After Kephess drops after killing the droids. He does not have all his abilities unlocked at this point. A bomber also spawns soon after. When your DPS has killed your final bomber it unlocks SUPER KEPHESS! Too much emphasis? Kephess will now start using his bleed skill, tanks should pop a damage mitigating cooldown to ease the transition from baby Kephess, to grown up Kephess.

2. Kephess stays this way until 60%. When he jumps in the air he is still damagable for several seconds, do not stop.

3. 60% - Hunker down + Jungle gym (whatever its called) at the edge of the circle. (Know the range ftw!). This gives people a) a target to run to b) reduces damage for the slow pokes.

4. As you'll see in the video I link. We have one tank taunt, and go off to the side where the walker was so that Kephess runs towards him rather than the group.

5. Kephess will almost immediately knock back the tank. This is your biggest clue for what's about to happen next.

6. Kephess will start to channel an ability. Breath of the Masters. Its his only channeled ability so don't bother reading only recognize that the bar has appeared. Because you just recognized point 5 your tank is ready to hit his taunt as soon as he sees a cast bar under Kephess's name. If your previous tank is summarily one shotted, you were too late.

7. Non-tanking Tank is now dropping 5 circles, edging himself towards the newly positioned tank. At the end of 5, start running to your new position.

8. Repeat steps 5-7 as needed.

I could go into great detail about positioning via the North Star, and Neptunes influence on Kephess's irritable bowl syndrome but really here's a link to us downing Kephess with no deaths, perfect circle strategy, and where you can position him to give lots of room. It's not everyone in the video's first kill obviously, but it was for the undergeared (Columni/Rakata) DPS Sage. Hope it helps.

Notable skip to points: 1) Kephess drops @ ~4m35s 2) Kephess casting "Gift of the Masters"/60% Health Threshold @ 6m45s

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07.25.2012 , 07:37 AM | #23
Thanks for the info everyone, our tank had a chance to read and discuss this thread and we picked up a lot of valuable info. Hopefully this helps anyone else who reads too.
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07.25.2012 , 12:52 PM | #24
The two notable differences on HM are quick-spawning trandoshans, and touch at the end.

For trandoshans:
Stay inside the little cove at the door next to the walker. Its aoe does not hit you there. Also, make the second mob walk towards you, so you get some more time dps-ing the first mob. We also have one dps jump to the warrior, and keep him there while the other adds are aggroed on the healers.

For the third mob, as a tank, I first drop aggro using my aggro drop. Then I let the mob aggro on healers, and saber-throw the warrior. This makes him come after me while the others go for my team in the aforementioned cove. If needed I can single-target taunt the warrior also. My team kills all the adds, and I kinda just stand at the other corner with the trandoshan warrior *without killing him*. This gives my team time to top off dps, time to get their heat down etc. Also we wait for the walker to finish aoe on the region between the two doors. Then when we are ready, we drop the lone warrior. We are ready to burst the bomber again because everyone has full energy/0-heat etc.

Kephess sub-60% phase

As a tank, it took us some tries to figure out the mechanics at the end, but some very important things are happening there, which the tanks need to be on top of. I'm talking about the sub-60% phase, where the tanks will have to swap.

Things to remember;
1. Never taunt right on the knockback. Wait for him to start casting breath and only then taunt him off. Otherwise one tank has breath and the other has touch!
2. *Any damage* you take when you have touch will 1-shot you. It will appear as a one-shot due to "savage arcing slash* with a value equal to your maximum health, which can be confusing because Kephess wasn't anywhere near you when you die to it. The various ways you can get 1-shotted are:
2. a. when the other tank does not taunt in time before breath cast is finished.
2. b. when you dont kite circles properly and stand in it too long, the minor damage from the circle will be converted to insta-1-shot if you have touch on you.
2. c. when kephess knocks you back when he gives you touch, and you happen to land on a previous purple circle.
2.d. kephess' frontal arcing slash attack has a huge conal range. Needless to say, the tank pooping the circles should never be behind the tank that is actively tanking kephess, else he will eat the slash.

Hope this helps.