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Major Kamden


07.23.2012 , 01:25 PM | #1
in Taris Bonus Series (imperial) Lt. trell talks up a storm about hijacking a speeder and killing Major Kamden but i can't find him anywhere
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01.17.2013 , 05:05 AM | #2
I just wanted to bring this to attention again, since this has bothered me every time when I did the bonus series on Imperial Taris. Since I recently also leveled a Republic character I now know that the corresponding Republic bonus series on Balmorra has Lord Tharsis as the endboss of a bonus quest parallel to the main bonus series quest chain there and he is referenced similarly by npcs involved in the bonus series as is Major Kamden on the Imperial side.

It seems to me that the bonus quest of the bonus series on Imperial side was supposed to end with the player orting a Republic speeder and confronting & killing the Major, but was not implemented.

There is actually a similar problem with the Imperial bonus series on Belsavis, when you talk to the droid before you take the portal to the northern part of the bonus series area, in the holo communication with the imperial guard and the captured nautolan doctor, they ask you to 'take samples' of some sort and deliver them to the forward outpost (I assume this means the northermost Imperial outpost with 3 more dailies including the H2+ one) but instead, the quest prompts you to talk to the imperials that do not further the bonus series, but give you one of the daily quests instead (the one where you collect 24 armaments from esh'ka) this seems incorrect as well). It really would be nice if those quest chains would be fixed/correctly implemented.