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Dealing With Your Opposites

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Dealing With Your Opposites

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08.10.2012 , 08:10 PM | #21
Smuggler likes her ship to be just her and Corso, so Bowie got enough money to set himself up on Nar Shaddaa and/or references to other captains. Risha's on Coruscant
Akaavi was so wowed by Smuggler's sister, Bounty Hunter, that she let herself be adopted into Clan Ordo. (There may or may not be a lot of matchmaking between her and Corridan. And when I say may not, I mean there is.)

Speaking of Bounty Hunter- she shot Gault in the head the minute he tried to sweet-talk her on Tatooine and might drop Blizz off on Nar Shaddaa to live with Bowie.

My new baby Inquisitor stuck Khem back in his stasis field the moment he stopped being useful- aka, after he showed her to the map. She's off wandering the galaxy at Zash's bidding, and I suspect will be so damn lonely by the time she meets Andronikos, she just might drag him back to her ship before he asks to come with her. I don't know much about the storyline, but I think she and Talos will have the biggest scholar-crush evar. (Nikos will put him in his place about any other kind of crush, though.)
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08.11.2012 , 08:33 AM | #22
Quote: Originally Posted by Roodbot View Post
Speaking of Bounty Hunter- she shot Gault in the head the minute he tried to sweet-talk her on Tatooine
In some ways I really wish I'd avoided the spoilers for more classes (I'm still hanging on to my IA ignorance by a thread), cause it was a lot of fun to go through my bounty hunter questline without knowing what was coming. Cause this one...dear old Gault....
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08.12.2012 , 01:10 PM | #23
Mako is totally my DS BH's opposite. Whiny and too do goody with no stomach for violence. Torian is kind of bleh. Gault is devious with a sense for business but is kind of a coward ((but at least not as whiny as Guss)). Skadge totally fits my BH. I see my BH as the type leading a kill team of mercs and he would certainly have at least 2-3 people with Skadge-like attitudes. Skadge strikes me as someone who would fit in a show like Sopranos or Sons of Anarchy. My BH would be Clay, Skadge would be Tig, Torian would be a wimpy Jax, Gault is kind of like Chucky with no missing fingers, Blizz would be the recruit that never makes it. Mako would be a wimpy version of Cherry.

My Jedi Knight actually prefers Rusk because he is straight up and no nonsense. She has respect for Scourge as someone she can kind of spar with mentally. Doc is totally not her type. Jedi barely romance the ideal people and this guy is completely amoral and chauvinistic. Kira would totally be a sister in battle for her. My JK isn't a techie so she isn't close to t7 but would still value his loyalty and expertise.

My Smuggler definitely sees the amoral Risha as a sister. Corso is someone she would kind of string along. Bowdaar just seems to be a shameless wookie plug to mirror Han/Chewbacca. I don't think a typical honor bound wookie would suffer my amoral smuggler for too long. Akaavi is almost the same case. Guss seems to get along with ehr decisions but hs whininess would turn her off.

My JC is kind of intrigued by Qyzen and seems to get along ok with Iresso and Nadia is kind of his match romantically. Zenith is kind of uninteresting and Tharan is kind of amoral for him.

My Trooper doesn't really relate to Jorgen who seems too honorable. Same for Elara. M14x sounds heroic but he actually seems to approve of all my DS Trooper's bloodthirsty decisions. Vik seems to get along with her but she wouldn't trust him. Yuun seems too weird and flaky for ehr tastes.

My SW is the type who hates everyone but he would suffer the presence of Broonmark and Pierce (for their straight forward brutal logic) and Malavai (since he is loyal and efficient). He would have killed Vette long ago as a worthless, disloyal slave. Even DS Jaesa isn't dark enough for him and he would have probably sent her on a suicide mission already.

My SI thinks Khem Val and Xalek are hideous monsters ((they would have done better under my SW)). Adronikos is a chauvinistic pig who would have probably provoked her into killing him by now. Talos is a wimp but he knows to keep his head low and provide info well enough so she would tolerate him for that. Ashara with her defiance would have probably invited my Inquisitor to simply mentally destroy her and enslave her against her will.

Finally my agent. Kaliyo is her opposite in amny ways but viewed as an interesting conundrum to broaden her horizons. She is romancing Vector (he is honorable and the bug thing does not turn her off)) and finds Lokin useful enough. I have not gotten Scorpio or Temple to join me yet.

In short though, since I am a lore freak I do try to max all characters affection to see what the lore is like.

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08.12.2012 , 05:28 PM | #24
My Jedi Knight is an open minded person who is willing to accept all opinions,like most jedi do.So I get along with most of my companions just fine
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08.12.2012 , 10:33 PM | #25
My trooper dislikes Tanno but his skills are needed for the mission and now she's gotten used to having someone rougher on her crew.

My bounty hunter would never, ever allow a bully like Skadge to be near her much less part of her crew and I have no idea what purpose keeping him alive was supposed to serve.
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