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Jedi Knight vs Jedi Consular story (underrated?)

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Jedi Knight vs Jedi Consular story (underrated?)

DomiSotto's Avatar

03.28.2014 , 06:49 AM | #41
As to the topic at hand, just imagine how the story could've been had they combined the two Jedi stories. As in a single Jedi focused story that takes the best elements from both stories and ditched the stuff that didn't work, or heck keep all of it so that the player could have that many more class missions through the game. I also feel like the same thing could be applied to the the Warrior/Inquisitor storylines as well.
Like Adaliaya, I play Female Consular in tandem with my husband's Male Sentinel, and it works well. However, my Revan is a female (and Carth was adamant about it in KOTOR2), as well as the Exile. I do not see much of the resemblance to either in the Jedi Consular, because both KOTOR1 and in particular KOTOR2 leaned towards mature characters, their story being that of dealing with the sins of the past and either reaffirming or rebuilding self. The SWTOR story is the traditional Coming of Age, the young, fresh power star, from the blank slate.

I have both male and female JK made, but I have no plans for a male Consular. It takes too long to get Tharan. Nadia is nice, but not enough to suffer Qyzen.

I would not mind a tandem of SW/SI with my husband (me playing as a male SI this time, because Ashara >>>> Andronikos), but he is leaning towards IA, so I guess I will have to play a Space Nun to his James Bond eventually.

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03.28.2014 , 07:24 PM | #42
Quote: Originally Posted by DomiSotto View Post
I would not mind a tandem of SW/SI with my husband (me playing as a male SI this time, because Ashara >>>> Andronikos), but he is leaning towards IA, so I guess I will have to play a Space Nun to his James Bond eventually.
Aww, Domi, Andry's cute! I promise! Human, yes, but still adorable in his gruff way.

I understand the Consular story gets better in Act II and Act III, but I'm just having difficulty getting to that point. Honestly, Qyzen is rough. I don't hate him, but I think I like every other first companion better then him. No, you're not stuck with him as long as you're stuck with, say, Kaliyo (I like her, but I understand everyone who is horribly sick of her by the time you get Vector, especially LS agents), but his garrbled alien grunts and clicks just irritate me.

And there are only so many masters you can save before you get weary of the whole deal.

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04.02.2014 , 07:53 AM | #43
(Waves) At this point I am lowering my expectations of a male RI companion to 'not a doormat' (sigh).

Jedi Consular story starting with Alderaan is great, and even the coolness of the Smuggler's Act I conclusion sequence paled compared to the moment when Zenith shot and Tharan squealed on Balmorra. Master Quinly Dur may have frowned, but I, the player, royally enjoyed myself.

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04.16.2014 , 09:23 AM | #44
And, by now, Jedi Consular story and character are my favorite of the lot I have played so far, beating out the Smuggler. If you rolled a Consular, and going tired of the Master Healing Qyzen-laiden stretch, STICK to it! Once you get past Nar Shadda, you suddenly go from the worst cast to the best cast, and from the boring plot to the thrilling plot. Basically, I think, minimizing the time on Coriscant and Taris is the way to go. The best times I had in the game was with the Consular on Balmorra.

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06.21.2014 , 10:00 PM | #45
I haven't finished either story as of yet, I just came back to the game after a long break. The one thing I would like to see would be for some of the companions to be able to be shared. I like the consular play wise, but like the guardian companions so much more.

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06.22.2014 , 10:51 AM | #46
Quote: Originally Posted by FabulousDoctor View Post
The female Consular and Female Inquisitor voices have one thing I really enjoy - a lot of their options make them come off as very naive and well intentioned people. The Inquisitor can basically be 'yes mommy thank you' when dealing with Zash, and the Consular is very 'oh no bad things are happening stop bad thigns D:'

It makes them very entertaining, and I certainly never found the Consular dull or emotionless.
The female body types irk me, so I haven't really played them at all. Anyone who hasn't tried the male inquisitor really should, though. The voice acting is superb and really funny. The acting for the male consular is rather bland, especially when compared to the rest of the voice acting in the game which is of very high quality.. I liked the story a lot though. It's kind of the opposite of the smuggler, where the story is extremely weak, but the acting makes it enjoyable.

I think we do the stories a disservice by comparing them directly, though. Each one offers a different focus and explores the game world in a different way. Regarding the's actually best, imo, when you don't focus on being LS, per se, but on making choices that achieve your goals, either lightside or darkside. It makes the choices much more difficult and makes the character very interesting.

Regarding dying a lot as consular, mentioned in a previous post....this sounds like a gear problem. As a healer, you should be able to get through pretty much anything. I'm guessing that either you, companion, or both aren't adequately geared. It may be that companion doesn't have enough juice to hold aggro and stay alive or it may be that your heals aren't big enough to keep him alive.

Some people leave companions in green gear, but I don't find that workable, myself. I like to be able to solo heroics and green geared companions don't cut it for that. This is especially true if you're dying a lot. That's a gear and/or rotation issue. If you don't have a cybertech and an artificer, make them so you can put both of you in orange gear and fill it up with blue inserts. Gear to level and make new ones when you find yourself dying again. Make sure you and Qyzen have up to date weapons, offhand, ear and implants, as well. Get the best relics you can, although if you aren't lightside or ds, that can be an issue. Don't go pure crit as you want your non crit heals to be decent, not just your crits. If you aren't sending Qyzen in first, do that, although if you're properly geared, that's unnecessary. Also, go to Dulfy or Noxxic and read about rotations.

Also, make sure you're fully buffed going into tough fights. If you don't have all the class buffs yourself, you can always ask people.