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Top 5 Favorite SW Books

BrandonSM's Avatar

07.18.2012 , 11:11 AM | #1
Whats your top 5?


1. Shatterpoint
2. ROTS Novelization
3. Thrawn Trilogy
4. Darth Plageuis
5. Dark Lord Rise of Darth Vader

Also anything by Timothy Zahn or Mathew Stover seems to be awesome...
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DarthCalo's Avatar

07.18.2012 , 12:31 PM | #2
In no particular order

1. Red Harvest
2. TOR: Decieved
3. Republic Commando: Order 66
4. Death Troopers
5. Revenge of the Sith novel
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Rayla_Felana's Avatar

07.18.2012 , 02:14 PM | #3
Can I pick Tales of the Jedi? If so then:

1.Tales of the Jedi.
2.Tales of the Jedi.
3.Tales of the Jedi.
4.Tales of the Jedi.
5.Tales of the Jedi.

(Pick whichever ones you like, all of them are great.)

jtjohnson's Avatar

07.18.2012 , 02:29 PM | #4
1. I, Jedi
2. Dark Force Rising
3. Han Solos Revenge
4. Medstar 1: Battle Surgeons
4. Medstar 2: Jedi Healer

TheChervil's Avatar

07.18.2012 , 03:23 PM | #5
Difficult to split up books from a series, so I am just going to list those series as one choice.

1. The Thrawn Trilogy(series)
2. Bounty Hunter Wars (trilogy)
3. Tales from series (Cantina/Jabba's Palace/etc.) - loved the way they tied those into the background characters
4. Allegiance
5. Republic Commando (series by Traviss)

Lots of others that come close. I have been reading the SW books since they started publishing them (I was 6 when ANH came out) and loved the Han Solo books back then.
The X Wing series is always fun.
And I, Jedi is great, but I like anything with Coran Horn in it.

jtjohnson's Avatar

07.18.2012 , 04:07 PM | #6
Quote: Originally Posted by TheChervil View Post
5. Republic Commando (series by Traviss)
Just a friendly heads up, You're gonna catch a lot of flak for that around here.

DaWaffle's Avatar

07.18.2012 , 04:10 PM | #7
Let's see, in no particular order...

Luke Skywalker and the Shadows of Mindor
Death Star
ROTS novelisation
Republic Commando: Hard Contact

And uh... Those are the only ones I've read come to think of it. I enjoyed them all a lot anyway.

Kilikaa's Avatar

07.18.2012 , 04:22 PM | #8
Too many to choose from. I have read nearly every novel written, but here are five I love.

The Courtship of Princess Leia
X-Wing:Rogue Squadron (as well as the rest of that series)
Heir to the Empire (the entire trilogy to be honest )
New Jedi Order: Vector Prime
Allegiance (because Mara Jade is kriffing awesome!)

XTREDEN's Avatar

07.18.2012 , 06:45 PM | #9
I like a lot of them but I would have to go:

1) Thrawn Trilogy. This should be a movie. Who could play Thrawn though? Gary Oldman is my vote.
2) I, Jedi
3) Fatal Alliance.
4) Decieved (Just finished last night, short but I rather liked the Malgus story line)
5) Darth P.

Taking a break from SW stories and going to read Game of Thrones series and then Walking Dead.

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07.20.2012 , 04:30 AM | #10
Anything by Karen Traviss......especially the LotF books she did......

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