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The adventures of Forced Companions Daycare

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The adventures of Forced Companions Daycare

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11.12.2012 , 02:31 PM | #341
Quote: Originally Posted by bright_ephemera View Post
BABY JORGAN: It's not much of a facility. It's daycare, you idiot.
BABY ZENITH: I'm not resting until every last Imperial has –
BABY QUINN, bitterly: Had their hair messed up?
BABY ZENITH: Every revolution starts somewhere.
BABY QUINN: See? This place is a Republic stronghold!
BABY JORGAN: Damn right.
BABY ZENITH: Looks like the Imps lost this round. But seriously. What are the rules about headshots? Am I dead?
BABY JORGAN: Nah. Local rules just say…well, by popular demand, there aren't many local rules. Once you meet Pierce and the rest you'll see why. You're good to go.
I love Baby Jorgan. This is probably spillover from my love of adult Jorgan, but he's the only sane one in the group, lol. Plus the swearing is hysterical.
And Zenith is hilarious! The rules on headshots - awesome!! I love that Khem Val is a fan
(Must level my baby JC faster, must....)
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11.12.2012 , 05:04 PM | #342
Oh this is too good... i love your stories so much!!!
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11.13.2012 , 10:54 AM | #343


KHEM VAL: Some misconceptions must be cleared up.
LORD SCOURGE: Yesterday the owner of Forced Companions said things that suggested that Forced Companions is, in fact, under Republic control.
M1-4X, from the toybox: Hear, hear!
LORD SCOURGE: It was a lie.
KHEM VAL: As clearly stated in our employment contracts, which are so airtight not even the lawyers of Yn and Chabosh could contest them.
M1-4X: The lawyers of the Republic could no doubt free T7-01 from these unreasonable demands and allow the enlightenment of democracy to prevail!
BABY TEMPLE: This means that Forced Companions is really the Empire's, right? Hooray!
KHEM VAL: Don't be ridiculous. The Empire is better than the Republic, but neither can rival the dominion of Tulak Hord.
LORD SCOURGE: …Tulak Hord is dead, Khem.
KHEM VAL: The point is, the Sith rule here. With my help.
LORD SCOURGE: Ah. Yes, correct. The live Sith, such as myself, are the rightful rulers here.
BABY TEMPLE: But…but…as the Empire! Right?
LORD SCOURGE: No, mostly just me.
BABY PIERCE: I can work with Sith.
BABY TEMPLE: Whose side are you on!?
BABY PIERCE: The one that lets me get away with more.
M1-4X: We will never be –
BABY PIERCE runs up and tackles M1-4X, clapping a hand roughly where M1-4X's mouth might conceivably be.
M1-4X, not even slightly inconvenienced: We will never be silenced! Freedom and democracy will always carry the day!
BABY PIERCE: Huh. How do I shut you up?
M1-4X: The truth cannot be shut up!
BABY ANDRONIKOS: I'm pretty sure it can be once we figure out where your speakers are.
BABY ANDRONIKOS runs up and starts crawling over M1-4X's chassis, looking for the voice synthesizer. M1-4X makes an annoyed clicking noise and zaps BABY ANDRONIKOS with an electric shock.
BABY ANDRONIKOS: Hey! Knock it off!
BABY PIERCE snickers.
M1-4X, defensively: I'm allowed to fight for freedom.
KHEM VAL: Unfortunately, he's right. That is also in the daycare charter.
LORD SCOURGE: Forced Companions is neutral territory and M1-4X is permitted to defend liberty and justice.
KHEM VAL: We really need to renegotiate that thing, Scourge.
LORD SCOURGE: I am inclined to agree.
BABY PIERCE locates a previously unsuspected cache of small explosives in one of M1-4X's chassis compartments.
BABY PIERCE, cheerfully: Huh. I can work with neutral.
M1-4X, fidgeting uncomfortably: You should work with the Republic instead.
BABY PIERCE: The Republic never lets anybody get away with more than my other employment options would. Sorry.
LORD SCOURGE: On the other hand, Khem, I am tempted to temporarily issue an edict declaring Forced Companions Imperial territory simply to draw out the little sniper you spoke of. He sounds most amusing.
BABY TEMPLE: He's a jerk. He shot Quinn. Lots.
LORD SCOURGE: …I definitely wish to meet the little sniper. And possibly shake his hand.
KHEM VAL: Zenith is a fighter comparable to the rebels of Yn and Chabosh. Except I haven't defeated and devoured him yet.
M1-4X: And you never will, fiend!
LORD SCOURGE: Pierce, you have my permission to blow up M1-4X with the explosives you just stole from his supply cache.
BABY PIERCE: Ooh. I can work with Sith.
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11.13.2012 , 10:58 AM | #344

*hugs the last story* I really need to meet Zenith. arg.

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11.13.2012 , 10:58 AM | #345
4x <3
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11.13.2012 , 11:36 AM | #346
Must the Sith control EVERYTHING? Even daycare centers? Wow, imps are getting desperate...

Ha ha, I love baby Zenith. Keep Khem Val's hands off him, though!
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11.13.2012 , 02:30 PM | #347
LORD SCOURGE: …Tulak Hord is dead, Khem.
Khem probably needs this recorded and played on a loop to remind him
aren't you a little short for a stormtrooper?
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11.13.2012 , 03:31 PM | #348
I adore this *waits eagerly for next instalment*
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11.17.2012 , 02:26 PM | #349
Need moar baby companion shenanigans!!
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11.17.2012 , 07:48 PM | #350
I want baby companion plushies!!!!
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