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The adventures of Forced Companions Daycare

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The adventures of Forced Companions Daycare

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07.26.2012 , 09:59 PM | #101
Seeing "I could have planned this better." from Quinn every time one of his plans blows up makes me laugh hysterically every time. Oh, SW Story.
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07.27.2012 , 05:12 AM | #102
So, did I mention that when I start a particular pastime, I engage in it obsessively and close to full-time until inspiration runs out?

You ladies (and gents!) are wonderful.

Quote: Originally Posted by Mirdthestrill View Post
Raaargh! Broonmark is nearly elegant in his simplicity. Nearly. I hated him in game, but I've been getting downright fond of him in fanfic. It is worth noting that "Raaargh!" is actually one of his on-click responses.

Quote: Originally Posted by epicfear View Post
but i see you have yet to bring humorously adorable pain to the ship droids. I would have expected that to have been your first priority.
I've considered it once or twice, but haven't found a good approach yet. Honestly, Bowdaar is all the unpaid labor we need, so they're not necessary there...oh, an idea just came to mind. I'll have to let it percolate.

Silly ships' droids.

Quote: Originally Posted by MilaniGrey View Post
Seeing "I could have planned this better." from Quinn every time one of his plans blows up makes me laugh hysterically every time.
The possibilities of a young, mostly-unformed "tactical genius" testing his tiny tiny limits? Endless. I'm glad you enjoy his incompetence as much as I do My next post was written before you even made note of this...
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07.27.2012 , 05:16 AM | #103
Fire drill suggestion brought to you by Crezelle!

On FRIDAYS, FCD is staffed by KHEM VAL and SCORPIO.

SCORPIO: Khem Val. You favor tough love for the children, correct?
KHEM VAL: Certainly. We must cultivate their skills without tolerating weakness.
SCORPIO: Excellent. I have an idea for a mostly constructive exercise that will separate the weak from the strong.
KHEM VAL: Since we lack the proving grounds of Yn and Chabosh, I am willing to see your proposed exercise.
SCORPIO walks over and sets the curtains on fire.
SCORPIO: Fire drill, children. I recommend evacuating.
BABY QUINN: I’m not certain that meets the formal definition of a drill.
SCORPIO: Perhaps you would like to stay and debate the point. I don’t mind. I am fireproof beyond the temperatures this particular conflagration will reach.
KHEM VAL: SCORPIO. I am not fireproof.
SCORPIO: I am certain you will adapt to the…SCORPIO looks up at the lines of flame rapidly radiating across the walls and ceiling…developing situation.
KHEM VAL growls and stalks out.
At this point BABY GUSS is trying to hide in the kitchen sink, BABIES JORGAN, TALOS, and QUINN are in the playroom, along with BABIES VECTOR, XALEK, and KIRA, who had been engaged in a fruitless mediation exercise relating to the finer points of whether punching people with the Force is okay.
BABY QUINN takes a look around and heads to the kitchen, where he proceeds to rummage around in the cupboards, ignoring BABY GUSS.
BABY XALEK Force zaps BABY VECTOR, enough to keep BABY VECTOR from standing up.
BABY VECTOR: What was that for? We had nearly come to an understanding!
BABY XALEK: What I understand is that Sith hate meddling hippies. Take that, 'diplomat.'
BABY XALEK strolls out the door that isn’t on fire.
BABY KIRA: I’ve got you, Vector.
BABY VECTOR: We appreciate your help.
BABY KIRA: You realize there’s only one of you, right?
BABY KIRA: Never mind.
BABY KIRA helps BABY VECTOR out the door.
BABY TALOS is curled up by a table, gibbering in terror.
BABY TALOS: Wwwbbbleeheblebwwwwwagh
BABY JORGAN, hesitating: Wow. Time’s limited here, but…wow. I’ve never seen someone actually gibber before.
SCORPIO observes intently.
BABY JORGAN: Anyway, let’s not get set on fire.
SCORPIO subtly radiates disappointment.
BABY JORGAN scoops BABY TALOS up, avoids some falling cinders, and runs him out to the lawn. At some point BABY QUINN has come out there; he is standing by KHEM VAL, BABY XALEK, and BABY KIRA. BABY VECTOR is sitting nearby.
BABY KIRA: We got anyone else in there?
BABY JORGAN: Just the one. I’m on it.
BABY JORGAN bounds back inside. The building at this point is one large raging fire. Suddenly an explosion blows out one wall.
BABY TALOS squeaks and curls up tighter.
BABY KIRA: What was that?
BABY QUINN: Oh, that. When I saw the fire, I saw the opportunity to use Pierce’s own not-so-secret detonite stash against him. I placed it in his cubby hole. The fire by itself might not destroy his favorite lunchbox, but you can bet that detonation will.
BABY KIRA: Quinn, everybody’s lunchbox just got destroyed. Including yours. The limited-edition Glory to the Empire molded-neutronium stamped-by-the-Minister-of-War one?
BABY QUINN’s jaw drops.
BABY QUINN: You’re right. I was too busy rehearsing my victory monologue to get my own lunchbox out of harm's way.
BABY KIRA: Boom. Gone. But hey, at least Pierce lost the lunchbox he was probably going to convert into an explosive device next week anyway!
BABY QUINN: I could probably have planned this better.
BABY JORGAN emerges from the building, prodding a dripping-wet BABY GUSS in front of him.
BABY GUSS: Why did you interrupt my terror? I probably would’ve been fine in the sink! Running out was scary!
BABY JORGAN: You’ll be alive to thank me later, and that’s what counts.
KHEM VAL: Jorgan, if you continue helping the other children cheat on their tests, they will never learn anything.
BABY JORGAN: With respect, sir, if they die in a fire, they still won’t ever learn anything.
SCORPIO strolls out of the collapsing inferno.
SCORPIO: Congratulations, children. None of you failed today. Though some of you came close.
KHEM VAL: That was an interesting lesson plan, but you have now deprived our daycare center of its building.
SCORPIO: It can be rebuilt over the weekend. That’s what we have Bowdaar for.
KHEM VAL: You will not have input into the new building’s floor plan or wiring arrangements.
SCORPIO: I see. It is simultaneously refreshing and frustrating that you are smarter than Teeseven.
KHEM VAL: You may not have realized this, but stupid people didn’t survive serving Tulak Hord.
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07.27.2012 , 06:38 AM | #104
Club house idea courtesy of iamthehoyden!

There's a lot of explosions lately. Um, not really sure what that's about, I just write as inspiration goes.

On MONDAYS, FCD is staffed by T7-01 and KHEM VAL.

BABY PIERCE and BABY TANNO VIK are poring over an enormous poster of something or other.
BABY GUSS: Whatcha doing?
BABY PIERCE: Casing the clubhouse out in the yard. Me ‘n’ a hand-picked team are gonna take it.
BABY GUSS looks outside to the unbroken smooth grass of the yard.
BABY GUSS: Um…what clubhouse?
BABY PIERCE: Bowdaar’s supposed to put it together by this afternoon. These are the blueprints I got a copy of. Got it all planned out. Once they’ve built it, I’m gonna storm it. Then it’ll belong to me an’ the Empire! But mostly me.
BABY GUSS: That sounds awfully violent. Couldn’t you just…I don’t know…walk in, like you’re allowed to do, and play in it?
BABY PIERCE: Well, then I wouldn’t get to storm it. What part of this is difficult to understand?
BABY AKAAVI walks by.
BABY PIERCE: Hey, Akaavi. If I give you my peanut butter and nerf sandwich will you come help us storm the clubhouse?
BABY AKAAVI: What clubhouse?
BABY PIERCE: The one they’re building today.
BABY AKAAVI: Who's the team?
BABY PIERCE: There's me, and I've hired Vik to be our demolitions expert.
BABY AKAAVI: I thought you were a demolitions expert.
BABY PIERCE: I am. But you can never have too many demolitions experts.
BABY AKAAVI: That seems sound. Who will oppose us?
BABY PIERCE: The usual, I expect. Rusk, Jorgan, Corso, Elara.
BABY AKAAVI: Of those, only Jorgan is a credible threat, and I find punching kittens somewhat distasteful. There is no honor to be had in this battle. Good luck to you, but I will not participate.
BABY TANNO VIK: We’re gonna be outnumbered two to one here, Pierce.
BABY PIERCE: No problem. I’ve got a brand new eight-man squad of Imperial Shock Trooper action figures.
BABY TANNO VIK: I’m a little skeptical.
BABY PIERCE: I’ve also got a pocket full of detonite.
BABY TANNO VIK: Now we’re talking.
YOUNG BOWDAAR: Now I must labor at building, for I AM A SLAVE.
T7-01: T7 = help // clubhouse = great
KHEM VAL presides over shenanigans indoors while BOWDAAR and T7-01 build. In time, T7-01 comes back inside.
T7-01: Children = enjoy playhouse
BABY RUSK: Republic, go go go!
BABIES RUSK, JORGAN, ELARA, and CORSO charge across the yard to take possession. M1-4X hurries alongside.
BABY PIERCE: I give you amateurs ten minutes. Then I’ll show you how the Empire gets things done.
BABY TANNO VIK: The Empire and mercenaries.
BABY PIERCE: Yeah, and mercenaries.
Ten minutes later, as promised, BABY PIERCE and BABY TANNO VIK start their charge. BABY PIERCE is carrying his squad of action figures.
BABY JORGAN, watching from one of the turrets at the walls: Forex, go! Rusk and I will get the guns going.
M1-4X: For the Republic!
M1-4X opens fire on BABY PIERCE. Most of his darts fall uselessly, but a few hit BABY PIERCE’s Imperial Shock Trooper action figures.
BABY PIERCE: We’re taking heavy fire. Hurry it up.
BABY TANNO VIK peels off for reasons unknown. BABY PIERCE reaches the bright blue plastoid gate.
BABY CORSO: This gate’s gonna hold!
BABY PIERCE winds up and punches through the gate.
BABY CORSO: …We have at least thirty seconds before he tears out the rest of it. Jorgan, Rusk, we’re gonna need that artillery faster.
BABY RUSK, calling down from where he is assembling a dart gun turret: Line up my squad by the gate. They’ll hold him for a bit.
BABY CORSO complies.
BABY PIERCE: Punching goes kinda slow. Time for alternate tactics.
About ten seconds later, the front gate explodes in a shower of brightly colored plastoid. Little shards tear up BABY RUSK’s entire squad. BABY CORSO, in a rare fit of intelligence, turns around to let his jacket absorb the worst of the blast.
BABY PIERCE, tossing his action figures inside: And the gate’s down! Go go go!
KHEM VAL: Truly, this fortress is as bitterly contested as the strongholds of Yn and Chabosh.
BABY TANNO VIK’s activities are finally revealed as one wall of the clubhouse blows up. The explosion singes BABY JORGAN’s fur and sends plastoid shards lancing through the remains of both BABY RUSK’s stuffed animals and BABY PIERCE’s action figures.
BABY ELARA produces an enormous medpac and gets to work bandaging BABY JORGAN.
BABY TANNO VIK: I do believe we’re in.
BABY CORSO: Forex! A little help?
M1-4X, sheepishly: Tanno Vik seems to have glued my leg to the wall out here. I can’t get around to help anybody.
BABY PIERCE physically carries BABY CORSO out of the clubhouse and drops him. BABY TANNO VIK pokes both BABY ELARA and BABY JORGAN until they limp out. BABY RUSK wrestles BABY TANNO VIK to the ground and succeeds in stunning him with a stock strike from an outsize toy assault cannon, but then BABY PIERCE picks up BABY RUSK and kicks him out. BABY PIERCE proceeds to climb to one of the turret towers, raise the Imperial colors, and grin down at the bruised Republic forces.
BABY PIERCE: Ha! How’s it feel losing your squad again, genius?
BABY RUSK: You lost your squad, too.
BABY PIERCE looks down at BABY TANNO VIK’s supine form amidst the shredded remnants of the Imperial Shock Trooper action figures.
BABY RUSK: Don’t see why you pick on me for this stuff. You’re just as bad.
BABY PIERCE: Not really. See, I lost my squad taking a brilliant strategic objective against nigh-insurmountable odds, and you lost your squad failing to stand in one place for a five-minute stretch.
BABY ELARA walks back in via the broken clubhouse door.
BABY ELARA: I’m not sure you can hold this objective, Pierce.
BABY PIERCE: Eh, the fun part’s over anyway. Maybe I’ll storm it again tomorrow.
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07.27.2012 , 06:53 AM | #105
This Tuesday, many thanks to kabeone for the original image of Doc with scribbled-on-facial hair…and iamthehoyden for the painting day idea!


Today KHEM VAL and LORD SCOURGE are overseeing painting.
BABY RISHA: Come over here, Bowdaar.
BABY RISHA: Yes, you are! And I know just the thing for you. I’ve already run out of paper sheets, so you’re just going to have to stand still for a while.
BABY RISHA raises a dripping purple paintbrush, smiles winningly, and gets to work.
KHEM VAL: Doc. You have not painted.
BABY DOC: Sure I have!
BABY DOC points at his new, somewhat runny facial hair.
KHEM VAL: Ah. So I see. You have a blue moustache and…and…I do not know what to call that abomination on your chin. Even the screaming barbarians at Yn and Chabosh did not paint such things.
BABY DOC: Pure genius, baby.
KHEM VAL: And this monstrosity is the sum total of the painting you have managed to do all morning.
BABY DOC: Once you’ve found perfection, I always say, don’t mess with it.
One table over…
BABY ANDRONIKOS: Whoa, whoa, Corso, hold on.
BABY CORSO, looking up from a densely detailed schematic sheet for a number of fanciful blasters: What?
BABY ANDRONIKOS: Are you seriously putting the dynamic cap action that close to the primary ion conduit? The leakage’ll kill you if you set that kind of blaster down for any length of time.
BABY CORSO: Nuh-uh. Look, the yellowy-orange here is Corellian resinite, top-notch dielectric. No way are we having charge problems with that.
BABY ANDRONIKOS: Or you could just reroute the whole –
BABY CORSO: No. No, see, I can’t extend a channel there, because if you look at the breakout of the outer handle like I drew over in this corner – see how that curve goes? Pure beauty.
BABY ANDRONIKOS: Oh, wow, you’re right, I like the lines of that.
BABY CORSO: So the dynamic cap’s just gonna have to fit, even if that means finding some unusual building materials.
BABY ANDRONIKOS: Expensive as all get out.
BABY CORSO: But worth it. Hey, weren’t you supposed to paint something?
BABY ANDRONIKOS points to a small arm tattoo of what appears to be a Jawa in power armor.
BABY ANDRONIKOS: I figured that was enough artistic expression for one day. They want more, they can just try to catch me.
Across the playroom…
LORD SCOURGE: Akaavi, I see you are drawing Mandalorian and Zabrak tattoos.
BABY AKAAVI: Yes. Here are the tattoos of my mother. And here are the tattoos of my father. And here are the tattoos of my next-door neighbor.
LORD SCOURGE: Admirable work. Have you considered an effort at more creative expression? Thinking, perhaps, outside the narrow bounds of the world from which you have come?
BABY AKAAVI considers.
BABY AKAAVI: I could paint the tattoos that my son or daughter would have, assuming I wed into my own clan. Alternately I could do the tattoos for a son or daughter of myself and a member of the clan of that strong warrior boy I met on vacation.
LORD SCOURGE: Your mind does not seem excessively open to expansion.
BABY AKAAVI: An expanded mind implies a smashed skull. I do not approve.
BABY DOC strolls over to where BABY RISHA has covered YOUNG BOWDAAR in an elaborate depiction of piles upon piles of cred sticks and gold and aurodium knickknacks. BABY DOC leans casually against YOUNG BOWDAAR as if he were, in fact, a wall.
BABY DOC: Hey there, beautiful. How’s it going?
BABY RISHA: What happened to your face?
BABY DOC: Inspiration. Love the mural, by the way. You paint that all yourself?
BABY RISHA: You dripped blue all over your shirt.
BABY DOC: So I didn’t have a mirror. Or much hand/non-eye coordination.
YOUNG BOWDAAR: I AM A SLAVE. Not a wall, you wretched poser.
BABY DOC, finally leaning away from YOUNG BOWDAAR: Whaaat?
BABY RISHA giggles.
And nearby…
LORD SCOURGE: Corso, your work is clumsy and random.
BABY CORSO: Hey, I would bet this month’s snack cookies that any one of these beauties could bulls-eye a thranta at a hundred meters and look good doin’ it, too.
KHEM VAL: Scourge, we’re supposed to be encouraging their creative thinking and hand/eye coordination. I think the blasters look fine.
LORD SCOURGE: Crude toys for sniveling fools.
KHEM VAL: These designs aren't crude. Some of those are remarkably sophisticated.
LORD SCOURGE: Khem, your favorite weapon is a very old stick with one edge sharpened. You’ll forgive me if I am skeptical of your ability to judge what is and is not crude.
KHEM VAL: Hmph. It was good enough for Tulak Hord. Corso, you should contact Czerka Weapons Division, if you haven't already. They would love to see your portfolio.
CORSO: I've thought about submitting a resume, but then I hard Czerka sells weapons to hurt people. I couldn't do that.
BABY RISHA: Hey! Mister Khem Val? I've run out of Bowdaar. Can I get some more drawing paper?
KHEM VAL: At once. We have no more in house; I'll go to the store and get some.
LORD SCOURGE: No, you won't. We need to oversee the children.
KHEM VAL: But Risha wants paper.
KHEM VAL: We have to do what Risha days.
LORD SCOURGE: Maybe you do.
KHEM VAL: Wait, you're not under the inexplicable compulsion to obey her in all things?
LORD SCOURGE: I've met worse mind control and shaken it off.
BABY RISHA: Mister Khem Val. Paper?
KHEM VAL: Yes, Risha. I will obtain paper for you.
KHEM VAL hurries out.
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07.27.2012 , 08:13 AM | #106
KHEM VAL: Wait, you're not under the inexplicable compulsion to obey her in all things?
Best line in the entire scenario.

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07.27.2012 , 09:19 AM | #107
I started to read these while I was giving a test and had to be quiet. Then I choked on a giggle and realized I really need to wait, as hard as that was going to be. Thank you so much for taking my suggestions and doing marvelous things with them.

I love how Rusk's squad of toys keeps getting blown to smitherins, too funny!
aren't you a little short for a stormtrooper?
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07.28.2012 , 09:34 AM | #108
Quote: Originally Posted by MilaniGrey View Post
Best line in the entire scenario.

Inquisitor and some Warrior spoilers:
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07.28.2012 , 09:36 AM | #109
On WEDNESDAYS, FCD is staffed by T7-01 and SCORPIO.

SCORPIO: Children. I find myself thinking of the upgrades that will be required for my next iteration. I have learned a great deal of your species and interpersonal dynamics, and this will improve my programming; but other matters bear investigation before I finalize design schematics. Broonmark. Come here.
BABY BROONMARK shuffles up to sit in front of SCORPIO.
SCORPIO extends an electroprobe from her wrist and reaches out to BABY BROONMARK. A bright purple electrical arc jumps to BABY BROONMARK’s fur. BABY BROONMARK’s fur crackles, stands up, waves, and suddenly shoots a wildly disproportionate ball of lightning back at SCORPIO’s probe. A strong metallic tang fills the room.
SCORPIO: Fascinating.
SCORPIO tilts her head and considers.
SCORPIO: Children, please try to harm Broonmark.
Everybody is very quiet for a few seconds.
BABIES KALIYO, SKADGE, and PIERCE swarm BABY BROONMARK. BABY BROONMARK sits still while they flail against his voluminous fur.
BABY BROONMARK, stretching: Blllorp.
BABY ANDRONIKOS: And they’re not hurting him? That makes no sense. I’ve seen Skadge knock Broonmark over.
BABY AKAAVI: Only because Broonmark permitted Skadge into his fur to begin with. You remember, to guard him in Cops and Robbers?
BABY ASHARA, prepping a Force attack against BABY BROONMARK: I don’t want to hurt you…
BABY XALEK: You do. Admit it.
BABY ASHARA and BABY XALEK unleash little purple Force Lightning attacks. BABY XALEK’s is noticeably stronger. Both fizzle uselessly against BABY BROONMARK’s fur.
BABY XALEK: You’ll need to work on that.
BABY ASHARA, staring at BABY BROONMARK: So will you.
BABY CORSO carries M1-4X over and settles next to him, training his own toy dart blasters on BABY BROONMARK.
BABY CORSO: Pew pew!
The suction darts pass into BABY BROONMARK’s fur with no visible effect.
BABY KALIYO sets something just under the edge of BABY BROONMARK’s fur and grins.
BABY KALIYO: Thermal detonator away, fuzzball.
BABY KALIYO steps clear of the resulting explosion. The blast blackens, singes, and flattens BABY BROONMARK’s fur against his side, dramatically reducing his volume. The acrid smell of burnt fur starts rising.
BABY KALIYO, strolling in for a finishing punch: And that’s how it’s –
BABY BROONMARK’s singed fur rebounds, flinging BABY KALIYO across the room on its way to restoring its original, indestructible fluffiness.
BABY PIERCE hurriedly deactivates some small device he had just planted on BABY BROONMARK’s other side.
BABY CORSO: We’re out of ammo. Hey, Pierce, could you recover any of my darts from in there?
BABY PIERCE, flailing ineffectually at BABY BROONMARK: What do you think the answer to that is?
BABY CORSO: Well, could you nudge him over a few feet so Forex and I can get our darts when they fall out?
BABY PIERCE: What do you think the answer to that is?
BABY AKAAVI: It is time to end this.
BABY AKAAVI strides up and neatly punches BABY BROONMARK. Somehow the shot actually lands amidst all that fur. She whirls, elbows, jabs, kicks, and finally flips BABY BROONMARK over, setting her tiny armored boot on his stomach.
BABY KALIYO: I would pay good money to know how you did that.
BABY AKAAVI, nonchalantly: I am a warrior. You are amateurs.
BABY SKADGE, clenching his fists and starting toward BABY AKAAVI: Why, you tiny bratty…
BABY AKAAVI looks at him and subtly nudges BABY BROONMARK with her foot.
BABY SKADGE: You tiny bratty correct person. Hrmph.
BABY SKADGE takes a swing at BABY XALEK to demonstrate that he’s still a threatening kind of guy. BABY SKADGE’s fist impacts with BABY XALEK’s bone mask and BABY SKADGE growls furiously to cover what was definitely not a pained squeak.
SCORPIO: This has been most illuminating. I shall consider whether such fur would be a valuable addition to my next self-upgrade.
SCORPIO looks down at BABY AKAAVI.
SCORPIO: I shall consider you as well, child.
BABY AKAAVI: Bring it, Miss SCORPIO. Bring it.
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07.28.2012 , 09:58 AM | #110
Quote: Originally Posted by bright_ephemera View Post
BABY AKAAVI: Bring it, Miss SCORPIO. Bring it.
I'm debating on whether this or "This cookie will bring honor to my clan." is the best line ever. Either way Baby Akaavi is pheomenal. I kind of what to replace my sig line with these cause they're so ridiculously awesome.
aren't you a little short for a stormtrooper?
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