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Can't Log into Launcher

lfmox's Avatar

07.17.2012 , 05:37 AM | #1

I had to take a break from SWTOR for a while because I was very busy, and I ended up not logging in for a few months. I logged into the website a few weeks ago to use the free transfer service.
The other night, I tried logging into the client and to allow for the launcher to update etc, but the launcher wouldn't accept my password. I went to the website and changed it, but the launcher continued to tell me that my information was wrong. It will only let me sign into my account to play the game if I answer my security question.

I've been asked to contact the Account and Billing Customer Services, but I was wondering if there was another way to fix it before I did ring them up, saving me some time.

I have tried to repair the launcher but it doesn't allow me and I have also considered reinstalling the client, but this will take a lot of time and it is something I am hoping to avoid.

Thank you in advance.

Dave_Robbens's Avatar

07.17.2012 , 05:46 AM | #2
hi getting the same problem here the launcher says its updaing for a second or two the dissappears and gives you the error you can only run one instance of the program and closes
the severs are up according to the main page but cannot get lhe launcher up let alone log in

pleas fix this

also can you fix the dissconnects as I:confused am still being plagued by this error 9000 issue tried numerous fixes from customer support
none have met any successat all I still get dumped out about every 20 mins
had this issue since february

needs fixing

Please sort this out guys

lfmox's Avatar

07.17.2012 , 05:49 AM | #3
I don't believe we are having the same issue, my launcher is literally just telling me after I type in my account information, "The email address, account, password or security key you have entered is incorrect. Please confirm your login or contact us."
I am having no error numbers come up or any error messages and nor is my client closing, sorry.

MasterJooblie's Avatar

07.17.2012 , 05:56 AM | #4
I'm having the same issue.

I was trying to fix the crash to desktops and so downloaded the game installer as instructions set by CS. After running it (right after tonight's maintenance), it won't let me log into game. Although obviously the website is verifying my account details are correct, so must be something is with the launcher?

My first instinct was the same as yours, to run the fixlauncher but no luck either.

LexiCazam's Avatar

07.17.2012 , 06:18 AM | #5

Hi folks,

Sorry for the inconvenience this is causing you! There is an active discussion thread on the various launcher issues today, so we are closing this thread and asking you to please post your issues in the thread below. We're trying to consolidate the issues so our Customer Service representatives can better assist you.

Launcher won't open