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Armoring Restrictions - Discriminating Droids?

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Armoring Restrictions - Discriminating Droids?

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07.16.2012 , 10:54 PM | #1
This thread is old and outdated, pls just let it die and don't necro it. Here's an updated one:

here's the original post if you Really wanna read it:

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07.31.2012 , 04:37 PM | #2
This thread raises a VERY important issue!


p.s. Might have sounded sarcastic, but this matter is no joke. As HK will be my favorite companion, I hope bioware fixes this issue.
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11.20.2012 , 06:43 PM | #3
And.... 3 months later... and nothing.

Furthoremore nothing sounding to be in the works!
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12.03.2012 , 04:44 AM | #4
Quote: Originally Posted by thegreebler View Post
And.... 3 months later... and nothing.

Furthoremore nothing sounding to be in the works!
Well to be fair they added 2 non-modifiable sets for droids: Tanking and DPS (first ever DPS set for droids). Both of them are mod level 65 (if they had mods) a.k.a 'Tier 6', so they are better than dread guard. Still not as good as adaptive armorings for droids like I suggested, but better than nothing I guess...

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12.03.2012 , 07:17 AM | #5
I strongly agree with the raised proposal. It would be way better to not to have to wait for special droid armor sets and be able to gear droids as easily as the humanoid companions pool.

Say NO to droid discrimination, the chiggers of the galaxy.
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12.03.2012 , 08:43 AM | #6
I agree. Adding end game gear sets is a nice start, but it would be so much easier to just make droid gear compatible with mods.

I think the problem is that droids have two core, two parts, and two motor gear slots instead of all different.

The best way to change this is to change the gear slots to primary / secondary core / parts / motors (or some other distinction). That way you could easily have parallel gear slots (primary core - chest, secondary motor - boots, etc.)
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02.14.2013 , 05:19 AM | #7
I agree, this is a stupid issue. I have some old operations armors I don't use but I could upgrade my droids on all of my chars, IF these dang armorings could be fitted. Yet another example of BW's "skilled coding"...
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04.11.2013 , 01:49 PM | #8
i hate meatbags myself and would like to make R8 superior to ghoulboy, even without the weapon ive been able to boost R8 significantly, yeah mando and assassin set are nice, but i want a healing droid set!

i love that frail piece of scrap metal, and also, a pink custom for R8 would be more suitable to his non-combatant state

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04.11.2013 , 01:59 PM | #9
Yeah stop the discrimination!

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04.11.2013 , 02:21 PM | #10
I was going to give M1-FX my old tionese armoring mods ( 2 of them ) and give 2 makeb armoring mods to my commando , so after taking them out and replacing them in my gloves and boots on my commando. I then couldn't place those 2 armoring mods into m1-fx and also couldn't even place in the 2 makeb armoring mods as I had placed them into the 2 empty slots on my commando. All 4 mods are now bound 2 to gloves and 2 to feet.

Please reconsider this.


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