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Class Feedback

Mystyfan's Avatar

08.16.2012 , 03:13 PM | #121
PVE concealment
1. How do you think your Operative spec is perceived by other classes? Ops runs always
prefer warriors for melee dps... nuff' said

2. How do you perceive your own spec? since this spec is very reminiscent of a combat/assas rogue in WoW (which was my main ) here are my observation of this class:

1. need gap closer
2. since most MMOs tend NOT to separate PVP from PVE thereby screwing over PvE ppl when you buff/nerf classes for balance of pvp, you need to add some sort of ability/buff that only effects dmg on droid/beasts as a work around to you bending over backwards to PvP QQers... Some of us concealment ops actually pve ya know So when I have to work twice as hard as a marauder who is just face rolling and getting several k more then me in dmg and is getting top priority in melee slots, it makes me and other ops in the same position embittered.

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08.21.2012 , 11:07 AM | #122
1. How do you think your Operative spec is perceived by other classes?
2. How do you perceive your own spec?

1. I am concealment and I pvp for the most part.
I think we're looked at as the limping class in WZ's. I've seen rants and forums that suggest as end game PVE
you're better off going with a different class.

2. I have fun with it simply because I have accepted i don't do the big damage my powertech does or my warrior. I
watched my numbers and it saddens me that we as a class have such a poor showing. When i get good heals
I tend to do better, but that's the same for anyone. I don't know what it was like pre nerf but it must have been

I also believe if you can play an operative well you can play any other class easily. Make us less clunky and give
us a gap closer.
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08.21.2012 , 10:59 PM | #123
Concealment Operative and Lethality. Others usually dismiss my class as being frail and not putting out enough dps.

I feel class is squishy and lacking damage and survivability compared to other melee dps
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11.20.2012 , 08:33 PM | #124
1. How do you think your Operative spec is perceived by other classes?
2. How do you perceive your own spec?

1. The DPS of an operative is sub-par to any other DPS class. Not worth a spot in an operation or in warzones. The healing they do is comparable to other healing AC's.

2. From 1-49 I had a blast with my Concealment Op it was my intention to keep him DPS all the way, however once I hit 50, PVP became a chore and so did PVE for that matter. It is to easy to kite an operative. I thought the DPS was decent until I leveled up my Powertech and my Marauder to 50. My Powertech has always been a tank however the DPS I can do with that toon is higher than an Op fully spec'ed in dps. Compared to my Marauder the DPS of an Op is laughable. I stopped playing my Operative for quite a while for these reasons. I came back to try the healing and I think that that is the only enjoyable spec for this class. I also have a level 50 sage healer, and I think that they are very balanced. The sage has big spike heals but the HoT's and TA's make the Op an entertaining healer to play.

Please give concealment a buff, we need either higher burst or a speed buff of some sort, also the energy management is really an issue since the cost of the skills were increased. This was my favorite toon until I realized that every other DPS class is better hands down. If it was the only stealth class I might be able to swallow that but being as though Assassins can stealth have better survive-ability and better DPS I think Ops need some attention. Until then the only time I will use my Op for anything is to heal.

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11.23.2012 , 02:57 PM | #125
1. How do you think your Operative spec is perceived by other classes?
2. How do you perceive your own spec?

1. I think all the dps operatives are experiencing the same thing. Being sidelined in both PVP and PVE due to the lack of utility we provide in the arena. What we do, other classes do better. I do PVP most of the time and for rated teams, they just rather not waste a slot for an OPS DPS. Our burst/crits are pitiful compared to the numbers doled out by other classes. With my operative fully geared and remodded, my almost full wh/not remodded smash jugg does more dmg than my operative ever can. Assassins have better survivability, energy regeneration, bursts and a finishing move. Only good thing we bring is our flashbang but with other classes aoe CC's and the introduction of grenades, they can pretty much live without us.

2. DPS operatives are in desperate need for a buff. While we've been gimped awhile back, it was still somewhat tolerable until all other classes received a buff. A 6 second increase in movement speed is not a game changer nor does it address any of the core issue plaguing the concealment operative. Sorry to say but if nothing is done for this class soon, they'll be a dead breed that no one cares about (unless you're a healer). What we lack in utility, we made up for in high dmg until the nerf came. I can barely get 5k crits although I'm fully remodded while my friends talk about their 7-8k crit AOE smashes. Our defensive cooldowns cannot compare to the other classes. Basically we're squishy, can't burst out high enough numbers, have relatively poor energy regeneration and lacking the utility the other classes have.

Shipwright's Avatar

12.02.2012 , 04:20 PM | #126
Seriously, the nerfs were too much.

Op is perceived as only a healer; nobody at all wants an Op for dps. They have a good point too.

Too many situational/conditional/position requirements on too many abilitites, ( especially the strongest ones). Only usable from stealth, from behind, on incapacitated target, unusable on Gold elite or above, high energy costs; stealth basically broken ( in FPs and operations, stealthed Op is seen at 30 meters or MORE by champs and even regular golds), inability to exit combat with Cloaking Screen reliably even when all DoTs etc are removed from the Operative and/or Operative's enemy, no gap closer ( no, stealth is not a gap closer as you can rarely use it and then are seen anyway by aforementioned enemies). The class relies so heavily on stealth yet it can be rarely used and is often ineffective/not working.

Reduced damage on attacks, increased cooldowns, high energy cost, too many situational/conditional/position requirements on too many abilitites; a greatly weakened class.

The most fun play style, the coolest AC in game ( along with Scoundrel, which is similarly ruined), but really.....I am very let down by it all, and do not do too much in game any more, but return hoping to find some improvements to the Operative.

Healing is very good and I fully expect it to be ruined as well.

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07.16.2013 , 06:24 AM | #127

1. How do you think your Operative spec is perceived by other classes?
Almost every Patch the forums are crying out that I am Nerf'd for PVP; sadly they generally get their wishies granted.
Pve; Someone always asks why I didn't pick a Sniper as my Advance Class or the Healing tree.

2. How do you perceive your own spec?
Honestly there are not many of us around, well none that are well known on my server, the Spec requires a real creative approach & player, as I have to Squeeze every ounce of Utility to maintain the required lvl of DPS.
*The Learning Curve is Massive compared to other classes/specs.

PvP: I am playing the player/class alot more then I would be on my other toons as every moment is life or death in an instance, due to survivability (*Glass Cannon)

PvE: I wouldn't mind if I was rewarded alittle more on my other dps abilities as having to stand behind the boss/target all the time to maintain an acceptible DPS level can be problematic.
(40% contribution of my total dps*single target = Backstab; Stacking with the tank can be Extremely Costly).

Food for Thought: A talent that allowed me to use vanish every 15-20 seconds so that I may use Hidden Strike more often would be Great! (*to counter Stealth Rez abuse, it applies a CD to Revive of 1 min)?

Additionally (*requiring the above suggestion aswell) a small Movement increase/buff comming out of stealth (6 seconds) would go along way in closing some of those distances in PVP

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07.16.2013 , 07:21 PM | #128
PvE point of View

1. How do you think your Operative spec is perceived by other classes?
2. How do you perceive your own spec?

1. Depending on who you say is other classes, if i run random pugs, random people complain because they doesnt know what they saying, the usual Hate against operatives for no apparent reason, same thing people are posting here... in a real raid Parsing, and with real performance, everyone shut up when they see my numbers, never had a single complain.

2. By far the most Overpowered Mdps Class atm, highest number... probably highest Burst, Sustaine, / Dots / under 30% medium power execute... Stealth rez, 100% threat drop, Heals, Range and Melee dps... perfect atm, the only thing is, if you intend to do more fights like Styrak NiM... give us leg shot, we cant be more useless there -.-...

1- Same above

2- even with speed boost, and higher burst, the fight really lack some aspect that makes lethality OP, the dots for movement, the extra range... even if dummy parse almost as high, really hard to perform well with it in ops compared to lethality, too much RNG with collateral dmg proc.

1- usually people like OP healers, no complains.

2- they are good overall, theres really small changes i would add to it, maybe Kolto infusion should give armor buff or small 10% absorb shield on target, kind of like Merc Proactive medicine... or have Nanotech giving a 3% healing boost like Mercs, think even if good, a mix of 2 op healers together lose some good / most of the good buffs from other healer classes.
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07.17.2013 , 01:24 PM | #129
1. How do you think your Operative spec is perceived by other classes?
Concealment (PvP only opinion) - Solid offence but damage mitigation is poor. I think others know that if they don't let us go back into stealth after a kill we can't take much damage and will be forced to roll (exfiltrate) away. Roots, snares and stuns to finish us off. The roll is where the core of our defence is.

2. How do you perceive your own spec?
Concealment (PvP only opinion) - Solid damage capability. Solid defence becasue of roll (exfiltrate). Roll spam has gotten me out plenty of bad situations. Plenty of crowd control.

Lordmird's Avatar

07.17.2013 , 04:21 PM | #130
1. How do you think your Operative spec is perceived by other classes?

1. Hmmm. Others often call the Operative Healing tree overpowered. I disagree. We need more HoTs and more instants.

2. How do you perceive your own spec?

2. My Healing tree is really underpowered. My survivability is really low. My only useful instant is Surgical Probe, which I can't spam fast enough due to GCD.
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