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Class Feedback

Kalyee's Avatar

08.21.2012 , 09:03 PM | #131
I am a level 40 full gunnery skilled commando.
I started playing this toon about one month ago.

I posted a forum thread recently "Commando in PVP" and received the responses to quit, give up, start over as a smuggler. I really enjoy my trooper and don't have the time to start over. I will not give up on him. Bioware can make this class usable and competitive to the other classes with some good input from the players who also love their commando.

1.How do you think your Shadow spec is perceived by other classes?
This class is not good in a 1 vs 1 combat. Always have to allocate another to guard a point. I can see how this class will not be favorable in the ranked warzones because it is easy to interrupt and shutdown. (Told to re-roll as stated above)

2. How do you perceive your own spec?
Difficult to keep melee class at a distance. Once in melee range it is easy to interrupt and kill us.
As I haven't played ranked warzones yet, I have heard that my class are not welcomed which is discouraging.
Wish I had a little more dps in flashpoints and a way to keep the mobs off my ranged dps class,

I have learned that if you complain about a problem, you should be ready to provide a solution.

Here are my suggestions:

1. Allow pulse cannon to be fired while moving to allow more mobility at close combat. Similar to the Bounty Hunter flame thrower.

2. Allow concussion charge to have a root. Many times I have knocked back a Jedi to only have him right back on me. The root allows some ability to counter the melee ability to close quickly to its target. A 3 sec root would be nice with a 25% 3 sec slow after root broken.

3. Make full auto be uninterpretable like the Jedi Guardian master strike. This is one of our key skills, but any hit will cause it to stop and makes it pointless to use unless at range. (Also maybe give the full auto a little more damage as well)

4. Allow stock strike to have an interrupt similar to the Jedi Guardian force kick.

5. Up the protection of defensive shield to give the commando gunnery spec some survivability in those tight moments.

Lastly, I don't play a combat medic, but have seen them in warzones. Get rid of the green beam. I just says to all around "Here I am Kill me please".

I am glad to see a post that may bring some change to this class to make it more capable in the game.

Thank you

flyersfan's Avatar

08.24.2012 , 03:28 PM | #132
I play a Combat Medic.

Quote: Originally Posted by CommunitySupport View Post
1. How do you think your Commando spec is perceived by other classes?

I feel like I am looked down upon as the bottom of the barrel of healers. Without many of the AoE healing abilities that the Sawbones Smugglers and Seers have, I have to work a bit harder to keep everyone afloat at one time. Bosses with powerful AoE attacks are something that Combat Medics truly fear. In PvE, that's a big problem sometimes.

In PvP, it's not as much of a factor, but the giant green beam can really hurt me. It instantly makes me a target and there's not real way to hide it or be sneaky about it unless I'm 3 metres or less from my target.

Quote: Originally Posted by CommunitySupport View Post
2. How do you perceive your own spec?

I enjoy the gameplay and the look (other than the assault cannon, which I do not use).

In PvE, I feel like I can generally do just fine. As mentioned before, it certainly seems like I have to work harder than some of the other classes. One of my best friends in-game plays a Sawbones and she can throw up her kolto packs to heal people over time while she focuses on other targets, which is something that I can't do. Seers clearly have the advantage with Salvation, which heals a great deal of people at once. I'd certainly like to be able to have either HoT abilities or more AoE heals. My suggestion would be to give Kolto Bomb a HoT in addition to the Kolto Residue that it leaves on the targets.

In PvP, I can put up the numbers, but I can usually get outshined by a good Sawbones that stays consistent with just throwing out those kolto probes on anyone that walks by. It may not be the biggest heal, but it certainly gives them a bit of an advantage, especially in Huttball where the Smuggler can lose line of sight and still be healing someone. In matches like Novare Coast, Voidstar, and Alderaan, Seers have an incredible advantage over me by being able to throw down a giant healing circle near the target (door, turret, or bunker) and rack up good healing points that way. I can throw out a bunch of Kolto Bombs, but I don't feel like it gives me the numbers that Salvation gives Seers. I will admit that Kolto Residue does make my Kolto Bomb a pretty good utility for the team since it increases their healing received from any healer.

All in all, I think we need some adjustments to put us more on par with everyone else. A few tweaks to some of our existing abilities would be very helpful, especially some kind of HoT from Kolto Bomb.

DenitharPurloin's Avatar

08.27.2012 , 12:29 AM | #133
PvE Gunnery 5/31/5 in the trees.

1 & 2 - We are nice in PvE and garbage is PvP

That is all

Bleeters's Avatar

08.27.2012 , 09:24 AM | #134
I suppose I might as well pitch in, even if it's a bit late. I'm a gunnery spec PvE commando with the standard 5/31/5 build.

1. How do you think your Commando spec is perceived by other classes?

Aside from being rejected/booted from a Lost Island HM group a couple of times a while back on the basis I lacked an interrupt, just fine. I'd say we're still somewhat regarded as two-button facerollers, but that's still got some truth in it. Damage wise, I don't think we're perceived as any less viable than other classes.

2. How do you perceive your own spec?

The little smuggler who couldn't: I feel like commandos were intended to be akin to gunslingers and snipers, in the sense that they'd set up in a largely fixed position and do their best damage whilst stationary, whilst being able to keep enemies at range. Since I haven't done any PvP in a while I won't comment on that, but for PvE I feel like we just lack versatility compared to other classes. Utility wise, there isn't really anything we bring that others can't do better and the lack of an interrupt personally makes me feel like a liability whenever I'm doing content that requires one, which is quite frequently.