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Class Feedback

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07.21.2012 , 09:00 AM | #101
Feedback based mostly on gunnery spec

Quote: Originally Posted by CommunitySupport View Post
1. How do you think your Commando spec is perceived by other classes?
In PvP looked at as a easy kill to many classes due to lack of real utility
As medic, average healing but can be quite difficult to take down although scoundrel/op are much harder

In PvE great damage and as many fights are so anti melee, often a favoured class for DPS, but the lack of any real interrupt is a joke
As medic, the last choice due to a pathetic AoE / less single target dmg than other healer classes

Quote: Originally Posted by CommunitySupport View Post
2. How do you perceive your own spec?
In PvP, I agree with many I have spoken to about the plus/minus sides of commando, I do feel less versatile than many other classes in PvP which imo could be easily fixed and hopefully someday will, I still enjoy my class in PvP but can understand why other classes currently would be more favoured for a (ranked) premade

In PvE I really enjoy my class, I think there could be more variation in viable rotations though, we do huge AoE and great single target damage

I wont comment on healer/assault spec as I very rarely play them

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07.21.2012 , 09:14 AM | #102
Speaking strictly as a Commando healer in PvE...

1. Perceived by most to be not as efficient at healing in PvE as a Sage healer is.

2. I would like to have an area heal that is stronger and would effect eight people instead of the four we currently have. I definately would like an interrupt so I could be more valuable to the team. The only way I can participate in Denova is if the other healer on our team is a Sage and we work together to overcome the handicaps my profession has. I am afraid that most changes and stats (past and future) may affect PvP more then PvE which may hurt medics that only do PvE?

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07.21.2012 , 09:17 AM | #103

1. How do you think your Commando spec is perceived by other classes?
I've heard from multiple players that gunnery commandos are weak and that their dps is very low compared to other classes.
2. How do you perceive your own spec?
I have the highest rDPS in my guild, getting almost as high as our watchman sentinel in some fights (EC HM).
Lack of interrupt is weird seeing as how we are the ONLY advanced class without one.

PS: after reading multiple posts; what happened to the no more than 2-3 sentences/question?

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07.21.2012 , 10:02 AM | #104
Gunnery- PVP

How do you think your Commando spec is perceived by other classes?
-- No defensive cool downs, easy to kill. Easy to avoid damage (LOS, leap, push, pull, stun, interrupt, immunity to tech, or just immunity to damage period). Interrupt grav round (no high impact bolt to worry about), interrupt full auto (long cooldown, stop grav round it can't refresh), demo round (defensive cooldown to avoid damage, long cooldown, weak damage with no grav round stacks).

How do you perceive your own spec?
-- Exposed. We have no defensive cool downs to speak of and our abilities require us to be in the open and stationary. Our damage is easily avoided by every other class. Way too dependent on a LONG cast ability (grav round) for it's debuf/proc.

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07.21.2012 , 02:22 PM | #105
Damage is too low for Ranged dd. They promised to fix it but still not fixed

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07.21.2012 , 02:36 PM | #106
1. How do you think your Commando spec is perceived by other classes?
I have not have any bad experiences caused by my advanced class. I play medic, levelled as one, played all HM flashpoints and story mode EV, and I never PvP. I believe I am seen as a healer than contributes to the group and to the completion of the content played.

2. How do you perceive your own spec?
A challenge to squeeze out the maximum heals needed, especially in ops and HM FP when the encounter mechanics forces one to move a lot around and still heal (Lost Island for example). The challenges have increased a lot when I passed lvl 50 and started doing HM, but I presume that is to be expected, I still haven't encountered PvE content that is unplayable because of my advanced class. Because of the ammunition/moving while healing challenges, completing content is very rewarding :-)

As a side note, please be aware the bias in the answers you recieve in this feedback thread. Receiving feedback only from players who read the forums, and decide to reply, may give a skewered result from your "survey". Making changes on the class based solely on these answers may not be changes that benefit the advanced class in a positive way for all the players.

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07.22.2012 , 12:02 AM | #107

1. A joke, a free kill, hopefully not in my warzone team and definatly not on my ranked warzone team.

2. People often compare assault commandos with assault vanguards, and while the playstyles differ, they do share the same skill tree, so the perception I have is that my class is a vanguard retarded cousin. Severely lacking in utility compared to any other class.

Now I know that comparing a assault commando with a assault vanguard is a bad idea specially when vanguards are viewed as one of the most op classes atm, but we share the same base class and the same skill tree, so we can clearly see why the potential of one advanced class is bigger.

Commandos have a aoe knockback, vanguards have a aoe stun - which one is better depends on the sittuation so lets call it a tie

VG (and pretty much every class) can interrupt, commandos...??

VG have a pull, commandos...??

VG have a 100% reliable way to apply the plasma cell dot which makes the snare 100% reliable, commandos have a 16% chance. This not only makes kitting completly random, but reduces our damage because our dot uptime is lower.

(btw, only the 1st 2 ticks of the plasma cell dot are applying the snare, the last tick doesn't, and for some reason you can't have the plasma cell dot in more then 1 target, is this working as intended? I don't see any restriction on the ability tooltip)

VG can reset HiB with instant melee abilities (which is fine ofc since they are mostly a melee class), commandos need to cast for it, so while reseting HiB with Full Auto kinda works since it procs instantly and you can keep running (and lose the dmg of Full Auto), reseting it via charged bolts is often not possible because I'm rarelly allowed to free cast, and even if you DO get a charged bolt off, it's only a 45% reset chance, so might aswell not bother.

Not to mention that even in the remote scenario that you are able to free cast charged bolts, it does laughable damage, and will only get you into ammo problems.

VG can taunt and aoe taunt, commandos..??

VG can guard, but this rarelly used by a assault VG, so I won't go there.

VG get a 25% crit buff for 15 secs on 2 min CD, commandos get 1 instant ability on 2 min CD...

commandos have ranged attacks, and so do VGs.
As assault the skills you use mostly are hammer shot, assault plastique, incendiary round, full auto and HiB, they are available to both classes and all have 30m range on both classes for some reason.

Commandos do have charged bolts (good luck with that) and plasma grenade which has a ridiculous ammo cost and a considerable cooldown, it should be either instant or have the ammo cost and cooldown greatly reduced either passively or baked into some talent.

Commandos have the ability to heal, and VG don't, something is definatly better than nothing, but the ability to heal is greatly overestimated, you will never be able to get a heal off while being attacked, and if you try, and for some reason don't get interrupted, the damage you take while casting the heal without pushback talents will always be greater then the heal you cast. (it might work vs a gunnery commando )
And when looking for a player for a ranked WZ team, if the team wants heals, they will get, you know, a healer.

Commandos have a 8 sec mez, with 1 min CD and 2 secs cast time, instantly "trinketed" or cleansed by any healer, VG don't have a "long" term mez.

In conclusion:
Given the same player skill and gear, a commando brings nothing to a team that isn't done better by other classes.

Random thoughts

(applies to commandos only, not VGs )

Assault plastique shouldn't lock sticky grenade, it should work like this:
You cast AP
AP detonates after 3-4 seconds
After AP detonates you can cast sticky grenade

Degauss should remove AND provide movement impairing immunity for the shield duration, or at least some of it.

Move the "Reflexive shield" talent to the 4th tier, so we can chose between it and "Rapid Recharge"

Adrenaline Rush is abysmal, a 3 min CD that heals you for 15%...over 10 seconds?

Swap "Weapon calibrations" with "Field training"
Make "Field training" a 2 point talent with 2%/4% crit OR revert it to it's original form, a 3 point talent with 2%/4%/6% crit and reduce "Target Lock" to 2 points for 15%/30%.

There's a lot more, but I'm tired so I'll end it here.
Thanks for reading,


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07.22.2012 , 09:33 AM | #108
Another idea for the commando, make him\her more stealthy (stealth and Hide-in-plain sight) and sniper\assassin like. This way he\she can stealth up and still deliver huge amounts of PvP damage and snipe lower level mobs. Troopers are special forces and should be designed as such. Vanguards are heavily assault soldiers as they are now and Commandos are stealthy snipers. Commando keep the heavy armor or they can have medium armor and their stealth derives from a cloaking device (or make Mercs this way and Commands can stealth up due to skill). In addition, to be more realistic, Vanguards should get the Heavy Assault Cannon and the Commandos should get the Blaster Rifle. Besides, the republic should have a sniper and they don't. Even the good guys have snipers and even HK-51s... ;-)

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07.22.2012 , 10:38 AM | #109
Combat Medic/Bodyguard (I have both in raids)

1) Healing is subpar and needs to be paired with a sage/sorc so they can carry the LOW output. Most wonder why a healing aim user does not re-spec to DPS. My Pub guild's raid leader would rather take a tionese geared sawbones than my rakata medic on nightmare modes.

2) Before 1.2 I felt like a decent healer, and supercharged made me able to multi-target heal during those idiot moments. Post 1.2 I can keep up a good group but, one player that does not pay attention and it is over. Re-speccing and gearing for DPS is a pain, but less painfull than leveling yet annother 50.

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07.22.2012 , 12:07 PM | #110
Assault for PvP:

1. How do you think your Commando spec is perceived by other classes?
Useless. A dps commando has less utility and less damage output than any other dps class and is perceived as a waste of space.

2. How do you perceive your own spec?
Weak. It upsets me that a vanguard can have an almost identical spec to me but do more damagae even though they have worse gear.