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Class Feedback

Hyperlobic's Avatar

07.21.2012 , 01:06 AM | #101
1. How do you think your Sorcerer spec is perceived by other classes?

I think other classes see us as easy targets in PVP. We're an easy kill, have little to no mobility, have little to no real utility outside of spamming AOE in Voidstar and pulling players in Huttball. We're more common in PVE environments where some builds bring more utility in set-piece, story-driven content.

2. How do you perceive your own spec?

I rolled a sorc due to the early problems with marauders (my first toon). I've also got a bounty hunter and an operative (stabby-stabby) and I can say I enjoy playing the sorc the most as it suits my playstyle. I see a lot I still don't like with my character, like I can steady DPS all day long but have almost zero real burst, have limited to no survivability when it really counts, things of that nature. Those are offset by the fact that, to me, I have better utility than most characters. At my gear level I can off-heal effectively, do lots of sustained damage, things of that nature. I think my number one complaint overall is basic survivability in PVP. Followed by allowing us more "bursty" damage.

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07.21.2012 , 02:02 AM | #102
1. How do you think your Sorcerer spec is perceived by other classes?

Free kill in PvP. Easy target to focus fire. Bubble is a joke. Poor sustained DPS.

2. How do you perceive your own spec?

Levelling up my sorc was a breeze, they are just champs at under level 50, PvE and PvP. Level 50 PvP was a rude shock. I love this class, but it's only barely viable. I only held a DPS spot because I had better gear than other DPSers in Raids.

Positives - Creeping Terror and Pull in Huttball.

Negatives - No burst in either DPS spec. Even Assassins in tank stance have better burst.
No defensive cooldowns
No ranged execute move
No way to gain decent damager reduction
No way to gain interrupt immunity
Far too squishy
Force speed far too easy to negate. Should remove impairing effects with talents.
31 talent points rather weak.
Madness tree has little synergy (cf Pyro tree in pyrotech). Dot spec with an instant whirlwind that breaks on damage. Parasitism is a joke. DoTs don't hit hard enough and easily purged, even Pyros get a talent that increases their DoT damage when target is under 30%. And anni marauders just laugh at how little our DoTs do compared to theirs.
DPS on the low side.
Pull doesn't work on hostiles (why not?)
You gave force shroud to Assassins.
Bubble should be a damage reflection shield too.
Whatever the damage metrics say, AOE damage is weak. We need proper 1v1 damage and burst for PvP. Just look at pyrotechs and maras, they have proper damage and proper tree synergy.

Then after all that, and the fact you make some classes "3 button- I win" machines and truly amazingly unbalanced in the hands of really skilled players, we're told to "L2P" by the devs. Insult to injury.

And lastly, my own perception is that this is a class that has gone through far too many nerfs.

Removed level 46 ability and didn't replace it.
Removed wrath CL proc.
Removed ranged execute (all the other DPS specs have an execute move)
Healing nerfed - cf Op/Scoundrel healers that are near impossible to kill with stealth, heals on the move and no loss of upper hand/tactical advantage when under 30%. Sorcs get a trickle heal.

(and worst of all you'll read this, and it isn't anything that hasn't been brought up in patch 1.2 and 1.3 when on PTS, and ignore it)

Rannox's Avatar

07.21.2012 , 02:17 AM | #103
1. How do you think your Sorcerer spec is perceived by other classes?
In PVP (Lighting spec): It's the EASIEST class to kill and has low dps output. If you get targeted, you can't escape, the only thing you can do is die.
I have a level 50 Marauder (Carnage build) and they can kite me for max 5 seconds before i kill them.
Marauder - force charge, force choke, 8 sec stun instant cast, crippling slash, saber throw, vicious throw
Sorcerer Lighting - 4 seconds stun instant cast... and force speed

2. How do you perceive your own spec?
In PVP (Lighting spec): I have 7 pieces of augmented WH and the others are BM. My hardest hitting spell crits for max 3200 damage with a casting time of 2 seconds -> easily interruptible. On the other hand i get hit for 6900 damage (instant cast) from other classes like Jedi Guardian.
The lighting spec is very weak - you have absolute NO MOBILITY and NO BURST damage.
Summary: The sorcerer lighting spec is a turret with light armor and low dps.

krarom's Avatar

07.21.2012 , 06:20 AM | #104
1. How do you think your Sorcerer spec is perceived by other classes?

Thanks for taking time to ask and collect opinions. My sorc fully augmented BM (i only pvp as dps) gear is an easy kill that only looks god on the scoreboard because we have been running around dotting people and aoe to prevent caps , But when discussing with god players everybody will easily take 150k marauder/jugg/PT damage then 200k sorc damage because the burstier damage is what counts in pvp. We can not put any real pressure on healers and in rateds we get targeted at once, stunned and killed . In pugs we often can stand and freecast because its most people just run around killing stuff (but i guess almost every class does god dmg when not being attacked and can freecast).

In general we are not welcome as dps (madness or light or hybrid) if a team could chose, they simply know that our class is weak. Offcourse a really god player is god in any team, but that same god player performs better with all other classes except mercenary dps. Mostly sorcerer is like the last guy chosen in the fotball team when all the god players were taken and nobody is left

I would like to have our dots tick at about doubble speed (maybe as a talent u spec for to be viable in pvp, while the dot lenght doesent matter in pve). Dots that tick around 20 sec is far to long the fight is over in half the time.

2. How do you perceive your own spec?

I have lvl50 BH merc and 50 sorc, i think sorcerer is a really fun class to play and dont have time to reroll class. I like its playstyle but would need more burst and survivability. Right know im trying different specs that all are focused around different hybrids that make me survive some extra seconds, at the same time gimping my dps even more.

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07.21.2012 , 09:29 AM | #105

1. How do you think your Sorcerer spec is perceived by other classes?
Best group healer ever due to Revivification being a lot better than the silly 4 player heals from mercenary and operative.
2. How do you perceive your own spec?
I didn't like it so I stopped playing. Prefer the easier to handle ammo and energy regen from commando/scoundrel.

Jaspless's Avatar

07.21.2012 , 05:53 PM | #106
1. How do you think your Sorcerer spec is perceived by other classes?

Lightning - Turret mode, easy to kill. Useless in PVP, no burst damage, and can easily be shut down against other advanced classes.

Madness - Same as Lightning, plus our 31-point talent is useless.

2. How do you perceive your own spec?

Lightning - The most interesting class to play, but has too many procs. DPS is lacking compared to other advanced classes. Our hardest hitting abilities (Thundering Blast & Chain Lighting) do not hit as hard as other regularly used abilities from other classes, and our utility is not that great for PVE/PVP.

*If you increase the damage for Thundering Blast substantially, while making it an instant ability, then make a talent that every Lighting Strike reduces the CD of Polarity Shift by a few seconds; that would be a good start to making Sorcerers more fun. Also, you could change Conduction to work on Lightning Strike instead of Forked Lightning. I enjoyed the class when the game first launched, but it's become extremely boring.

Another Idea for all classes, is using a visual on-screen alert for certain procs, so it's easier to see instead of staring at the little icons. Not all procs, but the main ones. Or you could make an option in the preferences to allow certain visuals for all procs, and give us the option to turn on/off what we want. That would be awesome.
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07.21.2012 , 06:56 PM | #107
I play madness spec full augmented WH sorc. I only play PVP.

1. How do you think your Sorcerer spec is perceived by other classes?

We are perceived as weak DPS that's an easy kill. Also that we are useless to have in rated WZ due to PT are far better DPS and mara are better DPS with more survivability.

2. How do you perceive your own spec?

Fun to play with a decent skill cap to play successfully. We are kiting machines when it comes to single target. although, single target DPS is severely lacking when compared to other classes. Little to no burst for either DPS sorc spec. Pyro PT is our hard counter due to the inability to kite them.

Have 50 marauder I use for rated due to no one wanting sorc DPS. Also have 50 op heals for rated as they are far better for PVP heals. Sorc is just not good enuff for a rated team as other classes can do our role better. I believe we are still viable. But it is still optimal to have a PT or mara instead of sorc DPS, and op instead of sorc heals. This makes getting on a decent rated team near impossible.
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07.22.2012 , 01:55 AM | #108
1. How do you think your Sorcerer spec is perceived by other classes?
Free kill. A joke. Sad pathetic excuse of a class that is not worth the space in pvp. But what does it matter you won't change a thing.

2. One thing i would like to see is death field changed to single target that affects two extra targets within 8 meters of affected target. That clicking on the ground crap to use it is retarded. The same thing goes with force storm. Maybe add in an ability that can proc a ward based off a certain % when we are hit to make us a bit less squishy in pvp. Not a hard thing to fix tbh.

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07.22.2012 , 10:03 AM | #109
I play 2 specs in PvP (I dont PvE). 50 aug WH sorc. I spent about 70% of time in spec 1 and 30% of time in spec 2. Before 1.2 I was full heal spec.

Spec 1: Lightning/Madness Hybrid

1. How do you think your spec is perceived by other classes?

This spec is an annoyance to other classes, I do moderate damage, have a lot of cc but am incredibly squishy. Initially Im thought of as a free kill and get 3/4 melees on me instantly, a few bubble stuns later and Im viewed as ignorable and not a high threat target. Other sorcs will instead be the main target.

2. How do you perceive your own spec?

Doesnt do big damage, doesnt have much durability. But at least there are some tools for survival (which other sorc specs totally miss). Certainly seems wrong that I have to spend the entire game kiting but still do a lot less damage than classes that have massively better survivability. The spec takes lot more thought to play than other classes Ive played in PvP, this seems to be common for sorc specs tho.

Spec 2: Corruption/Lightning Hybrid (cant go full corruption as not pvp viable).

1. How do you think your spec is perceived by other classes?

Other classes immediately notice me as a healer. This means I get a constant trail of 2/3 melee tailing me. The only reason this spec is viable (over full corruption) is the extra cc from the lightning cross. If a determined melee player decides to kill me, they will. They know this, I know this, anything I do just delays the inevitable as they know I simply cant heal/mitigate enough of their damage and that my ability to kite is too limited to genuinely get away. Best I can hope it delay enough so they get bored and switch targets.

2. How do you perceive your own spec?

Annoying. I dont feel like I have the tools to do my job. If I kite, I cant heal. If I dont kite I get melted crazily fast. I feel like Im forced to go hybrid (losing the aoe heal) as the extra cc is the only way healing as a sorc is viable. When left alone I can put out silly numbers for healing (almost comparable to full corruption) however its only bad teams who leave a sorc alone. The moment focus happens (and people have realised you cant leave sorcs alone) my healing is destroyed. I have 1 (2 if you count the tiny heal from purge) heal I can cast on the move, the healing from this is a joke and wont even negate damage from 1 melee hit. Everything other heal is a self root usually with an animation that shouts "interrupt me". It seems that the class is intentionally designed to be easy to shut down as there is nothing you can really do whilst kiting but you cant take damage either. Honestly, it sucks. Apologies for overun on this comment but too much wrong to list in 3 sentences.
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07.22.2012 , 06:00 PM | #110
Hopefully BioWare notices how OP Mara's are and how underpowered Sorcs are, and they make the needed changes! PLEASE!
If Tetris has taught me anything, it's that mistakes will pile up, and accomplishments disappear.