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Class Feedback

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08.27.2012 , 04:16 PM | #131
How do I perceive the class in comparison to others?

I play a 32/7/2 Healing Sage. The only thing that keeps Healing sage viable is Force Armour and Salvation. Essentially only the HoT skills are viable Rejuvenate/Healing Trance/Salvation. I'd guess that the majority of healing sages do not use Benevolence because it uses waaaay too much force power and use Deliverence only when all other healing skills are on cooldown because it has waaay too long a cast time.
Worst of all is the fact that Sages are extremely static, only one weak heal can be used whilst moving (rejuvenate) and others are easily interruptable because of the channeling/cast times, whilst they also having paper thin defenses and are the only healing class that have to lose health in order to regain force.

Don't even get me started on the suckiest looking gear ever!

How do others perceive sage healers? Probably much the same as above.
Poor defenses, static, good area healing, poor to average single target healing.
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09.04.2012 , 09:36 AM | #132
1. How do you think your Sage spec is perceived by other classes?

I still hear periodic rumbling about how overpowered we are, though that target seems to have mostly swayed towards gunslingers lately. I have 32/7/2 heal spec'd sage that I have played since pre-launch.

2. How do you perceive your own spec?

The gear looks ridiculous. If I could do without the set bonus, I would dump the credits into moving mods, but I can't. My main complaints with the class are 1) that too many fights require the entire group to be mobile and my only instant cast heal is a small HoT with a long cool down, 2) healing multiple targets that either cannot stand in my AoE heal or that the AoE heal cannot keep up with the damage for is nearly impossible since 1.2--the cooldowns + cast times are simply too long, which is an issue since there are a huge number of fights in which the bosses have no aggro table or drop the aggro table, and finally 3) unlike the other two healing classes, there is no good way to regenerate force. The changes to Noble Sacrifice in 1.2 make it useless in fights in which the healer is taking damage (3rd boss in Lost Island, for example). It also makes having high endurance (which the campaign gear stacks like crazy), a liability as Noble Sacrifice takes a percentage of your health, not a flat amount. I can end up hurting myself more than the boss can, and the linked ability to have it not cost health never seems to work.

For *most* fights though, I love my sage. There is a lot of utility inherent in the class and it is easier to play than the other two healing classes (which I also actively play).

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09.04.2012 , 10:19 PM | #133
It's obvious that Bioware either didnt read through this thread or simply ignored all of it.

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09.05.2012 , 09:19 AM | #134
Quote: Originally Posted by MidichIorian View Post
It's obvious that Bioware either didnt read through this thread or simply ignored all of it.
No way. They totally read this thread. They just ignored 99% of it.

The only change they made which you could consider to be based upon the thread feedback is that we now get Force Mend, which (provided the numbers aren't truly puny) will negate a good deal of the Noble Sacrifice health loss.

It's like an admission they did it wrong, without actually admitting it or trying to just revert the ill conceived changes. Lol.
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09.05.2012 , 05:08 PM | #135
Quote: Originally Posted by MidichIorian View Post
It's obvious that Bioware either didnt read through this thread or simply ignored all of it.
I came back here to reread several posts made in this thread. Guess what? They are gone.

My original reply to this thread - Gone

Aurojiin & XtremJedi both replied to this thread as well, their replies are also GONE.

So are replies from other players who have been very active posters, and were playing since before the 1.2 patch.

The gist of what the deleted posts said was this...

1) our escape mechanic (force speed) doesn't work because...
a) the CD for gap closers is the same length, so it only helps Juggs/Maras build rage
b) speed gets wasted by incidental AoE roots/stuns that were not even targeted at us.
c) we can't use speed to escape an Operative before we die
~we get lower CD, heals can spec for root immunity, and reduced ranges on the stun of 4/16 AC's

2) AC design is bad because we have no mobility while casting, but must kite to survive in 1v1 PvP
a) we can't self heal at all while kiting if dps specced, Rejuvenate with a 6 second CD isn't enough for heal specs
b) our bubble has a lockout debuff longer than our lifespan in 1v1 PvP
~we get a new mobile cast self heal, being FREE just makes it ICE CREAM

3) Healing tree design is bad
a) egress talent is useless
b) too many talents that improve Noble Sacrifice & nothing else, when we're being encouraged not to use Noble Sac
c) no options about how to spend 30 points just to get our AoE heal
~valiance talent is changed to make new self heal even better for healers to compensate for horrible dps, egress changed to make it an asset.

4) TK tree design is bad
a) Kinetic collapse is only a liability because of the way the resolve mechanic works
b) mental alacrity is useless because of how much alacrity is on gear, but no other place to put the points
~changes to both of these talents to improve them for Pve, if not PvP, broad change to resolve system.

5) Balance is the only viable sage spec for PvP
~heals & Tk specs got buffed !

6) Roll back the 1.2 changes to Conveyance & Resplendence
~ We were split on this, because before 1.2 the resource mechanic for healers was straight up broken. The self heal is a partial roll back that lets sages basically spam Noble Sac at a reduced frequency

7) force wave doesn't work because other players simply walk out of range during the long animation, step back in, and then beat us to death for not letting them leap to us after we tried to force speed away.
~turned into an instant, problem solved.... They're seling it to the other AC's as a nerf, but HEY I'll take my buffs however I can get them !!

They deleted almost all the posts that...
1) Identified specific problems
2) Explained how those problems had wrecked 2/3 of the AC for PvP
3) Suggested non game breaking solutions for those problems
4) Did the above, and were posted before whatever date it was that it happened on

~They not only read this forum, they're acting on it in a BIG way, by pretty much giving the deleted posters everything we were in agreement about~

I have no idea why they deleted the posts that they did, beyond preventing players from linking to them in future posts.
That is a good enough reason for me though.
I wouldn't want to read "GAWD ur an idiot!! BW listens to my ideas cause I know what I'm writing about, L2P !"
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