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Class Feedback

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07.17.2012 , 05:53 AM | #21
From a PVP POV

1. How do you think your Marauder spec is perceived by other classes?
It is perceived as one of the best DPS class which have the survivability of a full geared Tank when the defensive CD are up.

2. How do you perceive your own spec?
I perceive it as an unbalanced and overpowered class due to the defensive cooldowns. Undying rage need to be fixed and healing received reduced by 100% while active, this is obvious for many of us.
So i would say dps level is fine but survivability need to be reduced a bit for the sake of class balance.

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07.17.2012 , 07:02 AM | #22
Spec - Rage Marauder

1. The general perception seems to be that rage marauders are weaker than the Carnage or Annihilation trees. However the rage marauder is still considered overpowered compared to other DPS advanced class specs just not to the extent of the other 2 trees.

2. I feel very strong in PvP with this class. And while I can dish out a lot of damage, I am missing a defensive cooldown or 2 that would make me even stronger due to only being level 27 at this point. At this point I die very quickly when focused as I should. I need to get the other defensive cooldowns to see if they will increase my survivability beyond what it acceptable for the damage output I can generate.
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07.17.2012 , 07:05 AM | #23
I play a Annihilation marauder.

1. How do you think your Marauder spec is perceived by other classes?
In PvP, I think we're perceived as overpowered. This is mainly due to our self/group healing and cooldowns. This is specifically true in warzones as when pared with a pocket healer, A Marauder is near unstoppable. Even solo a Marauder is pretty hard to take down in a 1v1 fight, 2v1 they're still difficult but not impossible. All this coupled with their interupt potential, makes them a difficult target to take down, however they should be a high priority target for any Warzone group.

In PvE, Again, we're perceived as overpowered. No other class in the game provides the same amount of cooldowns and utility with none of the trade off's. With our cooldowns, we're able to save a raid in the event of a tank death with cooldowns. Predation for kiting, our damage reducing cooldowns coupled with undying rage make marauders one of the most valuable classes after tanks and healers to have inside a raid group, You can also pretty much guarantee that a Marauder will be 2nd on threat after a tank. With these cooldowns, marauders can tank for up to 30 seconds or more before having to force camo to avoid death and hopefully drop agro to yet another marauder. All of this coupled with on demand group healing, movement speed buffs, damage and healing buffs make marauders one of the most desirable classes in any raid group.

2. How do you perceive your own spec?
Overpowered. but not by as much as people say.

Our self healing needs a nerf, currently its 1% of our/group members health. how about nerfing it to 25% of the bleed tick damage? or make the healing only proc from saber ward or rupture ticks, not both.

Reduce the chance of rupture procing from Viscious slash/Annihilate.

Make bloodthirst a raid wide cooldown but make the ability cause a debuff on anyone effected. This will prevent moving people around the groups mid fight to stack bloodthirsts and then move back into more beneficial groups for healing.
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07.17.2012 , 07:16 AM | #24
Combat/Carnage(Yes I have a 50 sent and mara)
1) We are seen as op by most due to our defensive cooldowns. But we would be severly up without them.
2) I see my spec as very balanced. I would like to see precision slash have charges instead of a set duration but that is the only complaint I have.
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07.17.2012 , 11:29 AM | #25
1. How do you think your Marauder spec is perceived by other classes?
Don't mess with me 1v1; if I am seen heading solo to a wz node, people call for help, and 2vs me is often not enough.

2. How do you perceive your own spec?
Very fun if I am alert for cooldowns, know when I'm being focused, follow others' cooldowns. I feel a little squishy without defensive cooldowns available but even then I can usually just leap away and get out of the mess I got myself into.

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07.17.2012 , 02:13 PM | #26
1. How do you think your Marauder spec is perceived by other classes?
PvP: Well, Marauder is the strongest PvP class probably. Good damage, amazing survivability, amazing Utility. Powertech is the only class who can outdps a Marauder. And yes, Marauder need a nerf.
2. How do you perceive your own spec?
All speccs are well made and fun. Marauder is pretty much perfect. Cloak of Pain needs a nerf though. Udying Rage and Camouflage is good and both fun to use but Cloak of Pain is boring to use and buffs us to the level of a tank specced class in tankyness (~40% absorb for kinetic (with armor) and co and 20% absorb for internal damage is too much for a class who has Camouflage and Undying Rage.)

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07.17.2012 , 03:17 PM | #27
1. I feel others view a marauder as the inspiring warrior. Judging by the class design I feel this is what you aimed for since we are buffers as well as dps. From a role playing perspective it would make sense, in a war seeing a dual wieldling sith cut through enemy after enemy would make you fight harder and follow them around ( which is why I think a lot of ppl dps the same targets I do). I think a lot of people think I'm op, because I melt people really fast, but I'm also very squishy and have played since beta so I don't think they consider this in their judgement. Based off of carnage.

Annihilation is more survivability, but it carriers the same effect. Often I would go down to 1k-500 hp and survive through it destroy my enemies and continue to cut people down. I feel like this is another inspiring note as to why they are buffers.

2. Like I said previously I feel like we're the closest thing to battle meditation there is. For me they are the most awesome class, the amount of depth involved in playing a marauder properly keeps me always excited and on my toes. For me to truly play a marauder properly I have to wisely use my unleash, ccs, and buffs. I feel like we have a lot of strong cooldowns because of many of the evidence I pointed out earlier in this script. Being such a crucial part of the team means people will always try to kill you, and people are ALWAYS trying to kill me. I've always got 1 or 2 people on me so having these cool downs makes it bare-able taking that kind of focus. I feel like with many of your classes you wanted them to feel powerful and I really like how you implemented that feeling for each class. Some people think these things should be scaled down, but if that happened it wouldn't feel like we were playing Sith and Jedi now would it? Beings with the power to tip the scales in a hyperspace war where everything is just about calculated except for their unpredictability and power. As a side note, I really like how you've balanced everything and I think the structure is awesome, everyone has their role and from my experience it all worksout perfectly, though I would like to point out many people who scream things are op can hardly play their classes properly. For example they don't use every skill as intended, suchas heals or slows dots etc. I think it'd be a good idea to go ahead and find a way to give these people tips. Such as kiting.
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07.17.2012 , 08:39 PM | #28
1) I feel other classes are ok with us in PVE as we're a consistent source of dps and provide some group benefits as well as not being the standard "melee liability" some games make mirror classes out to be. As for PVP I can only assume we are annoying but able to be dealt with. Everyone is going to have a different opinion based balance vs their specific class and how likely a marauder is to pick them out of a group.

2) I'm pretty happy with the class as a whole. I've played all 3 specs (mostly in PVP) and find each to have their own fun play styles. You have your pick in pve or pvp really between sustained, single target burst and multi target burst dps and its not form some stupid cool down top tier talent (ok a little but compared to other classes/games it doesn't define the class). I loved skyrimming it up as carnage spec, void star doors or nailing a group of base cappers in novare coast for 3-5 k each and the set it and forget it attitude that comes with annihilation is great as well.

This might seem strange on an MMO forum of someone saying good job but well, good job on the sith marauder class as a whole. Having limited beta experience I can honestly say its not really what I expected from the class but I'm glad it turned out the way it did. Obviously if I were to nitpick i could point out a thing or two I was less then thrilled with but they are very minor compared to the level of fun I have had in both pve and pvp playing this game.

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07.18.2012 , 12:12 AM | #29
1. Marauders are generally perceived as overpowered and have great burst damage in the Carnage spec. However I do not feel there is a need to change anything in the Annihilation spec since most of the newer PvE content seems to favor ranged damage dealers.
2, Personally I use the annihilation spec since I do mostly PvE content in the game. I would say the Carnage spec is a little overpowered because of the combination of burst damage and defensive cool-downs that they have in PvP situations

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07.18.2012 , 12:32 AM | #30
Before I respond to relevant points, let me just say - PvP is what I play pretty much every day since 13th December. I've played nearly all the classes and decided to stick with Marauder. I'm also decent at PvP and very rarely lose 1v1 if such a thing occurs in a warzone, unless I'm on 30% hp and even then not always. My point of view will be purely PvP oriented.

The quintessential 2-3 sentences I've highlight in bold for feedback.

1. People think Marauder class is overpowered. In my opinion, a decent player who plays PvP a lot can make any class seem overpowered and in need of a nerf. Ranged players don't realize how squishy we are, our most useful spec has little to no burst, if we get stunlocked we get torn to shreds since all our defenses are active. If DPS operatives were any more popular, we'd be in big trouble. Pyro's can kite us into oblivion with their never ending auto snare. I see Sages and Sorcerers trying to facetank me which is a very very bad idea. IMHO at equal gear level I could defeat most Marauders as any other class, some, like gunslingers/snipers, would have it much easier, some a bit harder but it's not a matter "I can't do anything marauders are OP". Yesterday I've met first Sentinel in a Warzone that was playing on my or possibly even higher level, he was using his abilities in the right time and not making mistakes while circle strafing and running through me all the time. I can understand how this can be confusing to people who don't come from a pvp background as it makes activating your abilites a lot more difficult. When you end up losing to a Marauder who self heals himself and you're dead and he's on 85% HP, yeah that could seem like a straight OP thing, this however can only happen if player is inexperienced and Marauder pops most of his defensive cd's.

2. Annihilation is very good 1v1 however doesn't provide much group utility, damage easily countered if the group has 2+ guarded healers as they have more spare gcd's and will purge your dots. This is my biggest gripe with Anni spec, purging makes you feel like you do no damage whatsoever. Carnage - ok for RWZs but easily countered by plethora of knockbacks, stuns = low uptime on target, short window for Gore doesn't help but I do understand why this is the case. Rage? Gimmicky spec useful once every blue moon in Voidstar but anywhere else other specs would come ahead, it does good damage only every 15 sec or so. Smash animation is slow and easily countered by someone who knows their stuff.

And now just my general feel of the class vs others, feel free to skip this one

Sorcerer - Madness 9 sec root for 2 sec, they slow and kite us, you get to him he sprints away, dots you into oblivion and runs away from you. His dots tick for craploads of damage and aside of going into Camouflage not much can be done to counter it.
Sorcerer - Lighting - turret spec, only dangerous in PvP if left alone
Assassin Darkness - (in)famous tank spec with dps gear, before the nerf they would outlast everyone, it seems to be more in line now, experienced player behind this class is very very dangerous
Assassin Deception - Hit hard, hit fast, when out of stealth this class can't facetank and stand toe to toe with us, if attacks from stealth it can tear you a new one very quickly
Pyro PT - Uh where do I start, this class has very low learning curve, you could put a monkey behind the keyboard and it would do very well. All attacks are instant, in reality thanks to CGC you're always snared. Dots have 100% armor penetration and every six seconds you get rail'ed for ridiculous amount. God of kiting and damage at the moment, two pyros on one team can put enough pressure on enemy healers by just spreading the dots it's insane. Best single target damage in game. Very good counter to Marauders.
Mercenary - you let them cast, they crit like a ^(*^*&%&^$%&$, if you can stick to them as Anni you'll probably win. Turret specs are easily countered in general thanks to 6sec interrupt.
Sniper - Hard counter to Marauders if played well for obvious reasons, was least played class in the game, I bet it's a lot more popular right now
Operative DPS - not many of them around, if they get you from stealth you might just wake up dead if there's anybody else from their team around. If this class ever gets a gap closer I might just consider going back to it (I have one at 50)
Juggernaut Vengeance- good defenses for a DPS spec, a lot of upfront damage but fully shut down with 90% accuracy debuff. If they have their defensive cd's up they will whoop your *** hard
Jugg Immortal - not many of them around and when you see them in full WH it's like 25k hp, they still do decent damage but fighting them feels like throwing rocks at mount everest.
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