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Class Feedback

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07.16.2012 , 06:06 PM | #21
Watchman spec.

1. How others perceive Sentinels.

They perceive it as a OP class.

1. How I perceive it.
I perceive Sentinels as Over-Powerd class, especially Watchman spec.
Sadly most people doesn't know how to play Sentinels, that's why they don't notice how OP they are.
But, WHY most of people changed to Guardians/Juggernauts and Sentinels/Marauders from they original characters?

You know, people who plays Sentinel or changed from other character to play Sentinel says that Sentinels aren't OP, because other people still kills them.

But it's not a matter of being killed that means that class is not OP, it's the way you die
and here, it just that most Sentinels doesn't know how to play!
and it just that people found a way to kill the Sentinels/Marauders, which is:

To Kill Sentinel/Marauder, 1 vs 1.
1. it must be BAD Sentinel/Marauder.
or if not
2. You stun him, slow him and not let him hit you EVEN once for 4-5 seconds.
That also means not to let him jump you!!!

3.Then you can pound him for around 4 seconds, and again run away. from him.

4. In the end he probably would be less health than you,
You either stunn him before he uses the 99% damage reduction and kill him.
or damage him , and stunn him at the same time when he uses 99% damage reduction!!

5. But it still comes to, if you got MedPack on you or your healer comes to heal you (if its good Mar/Sen),
Because AT The END, Sentinel poped the 99% damage reduction!!!! and you wait eternity while your DOTED then
you die by the DOTS, while waiting!
and he got healed by his DOTS and goes to kill another helpless guy!

If it would have been of course good Sentinel/Marauder, most of them don't know how to play so of course I (WE) kill them.

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07.16.2012 , 06:52 PM | #22
Quote: Originally Posted by CommunitySupport View Post

1. How do you think your Sentinel spec is perceived by other classes?
2. How do you perceive your own spec?
1. Combat spec is perceived by most others as being inferior to Watchman in sustained damage output for PvE.

2. I enjoy playing Combat spec, but I perceive it as incapable of performing up to its potential due to bugs in the Opportune Attack (does not increase damage) and Saber Storm (does not increase Ataru critical damage) talents. It is a difficult spec to play, being very dependent on procs and with the UI providing zero help (hotkey overlays, other visible feedback) in keeping track of them.
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07.16.2012 , 07:09 PM | #23
1) Very overpowered dps that everyone agrees needs a nerf.

2) Horrible class that I absolutely hated in pvp so much that I deleted a lvl 23 and rerolled guardian. Waiting for skills to build up to use was definitely not my game.
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07.16.2012 , 07:17 PM | #24

1. How do you think your Sentinel spec is perceived by other classes?
Phenomenal dps and survivability. Difficult to play.

2. How do you perceive your own spec?
Extremely high dps and survivability ceiling. Massive slew of interrupts. Best melee class in PvE or PvP. However, there are a lot of abilities to balance, and it does require more skill than most classes.
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07.16.2012 , 07:37 PM | #25
1. How is your class percieved by others?

Coming from a pve perspective I think that others view the class as very useful to have in the ops group. They see inspiration as a very nice buff for the group. Our other dps love me for it too.

2. How I perceive my class?

Again, this is coming from a pve perspective. I have played watchmen spec since launch. I did dabble in combat when 1.2 hit but after a day of raiding I switched back to watchmen. I kinda felt that combat felt "clunky". I think that not only do I bring excellent dps to the group I also have great group utility for ops. I get the trickle heals everytime zen is up, I have the six second kick, and the aforementioned inspiration. I think that I take just a bit of pressure off the healers because I can reliably keep myself topped off on health.

I would really like to see a debuff filter on targets though. I think this applies to every dot based spec in the game. Yesterday my guild ran nightmare pilgrim and I think we had 4 watchmen sents in the op group. It is very hard to keep track of my own cauterize and overload saber stacks on target. Its not class breaking but its just one of those things that would make life easier for me.

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07.16.2012 , 07:51 PM | #26
Watchman Sentinel and have been focus as well

1. How do others perceive the class? Overpowered.

2. How do I perceive it? Not overpowered, we are a melee dps class. I can be shut down by good players. I like the flow of combat with the class, and the various cc abilities we have, its a lot of fun.
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07.16.2012 , 08:43 PM | #27
1. Many think Sentinels are OP PvP but love their DPS and utility in PvE.

2. I think Sentinels are just right aside from a few small technical issues. Once one understands how a Sentinel operates they can shut them done quickly so I find most peoples complaints of OPness to be a lack of understanding of the class.

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07.16.2012 , 09:42 PM | #28
I don't really play this character very often, and when I do it is only PvE dailies and HM FPs.

1. How do you think your Sentinel spec is perceived by other classes? - They seem happy with me, even in my poor gear.

2. How do you perceive your own spec? - Leveling, and at 50 I thought it was weak. Playing it again after a couple of months of playing other characters, getting used to the abilities and a greater skill in the game it seems a lot better. Downtime after fighting strongs or elites was annoying, but I think that was a gear issue. I've recently picked up a few new pieces and my damage has increased a lot, meaning the enemies die a lot quicker so less down time. It has made it a lot more fun to play

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07.16.2012 , 11:56 PM | #29
Quote: Originally Posted by CommunitySupport View Post

Here are the two questions that we’d like to ask (please only post about specific specs that you actively play, and don’t forget to tell us which one you’re talking about!):

1. How do you think your Sentinel spec is perceived by other classes?
Watchmen is seen as overpowered. The main concern is that the burns give it more uptime and mitigates the effect of CC more than any other Sentinel spec.

Combat is a burst heavy class with access to a lot of CC in the form of roots. I think this spec is seen as the "weaker" spec between Combat and Watchmen and Combat is a one trick pony with a dependence on Precision Strike and Master Strike.

Quote: Originally Posted by CommunitySupport View Post
2. How do you perceive your own spec?
The easiest spec of the Sentinel options. The burns are easy to apply and the close range leaps increase up time tremendously. It is far easier to apply Zen to burns than it is to use Zen in any other spec.

Combat is the hardest spec of the Sentinel options. This class is insanely complex and requires far more micromanagement than Watchmen or Focus does. The most annoying thing about this class is how often Master Strike gets stopped by either enemies stunning/mezzing/knocking me back/vanishing or even my own allies when they knock enemies out of my range.
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07.17.2012 , 12:58 AM | #30
1. How do you think your Sentinel spec is perceived by other classes?
Well, I find myself doing a little bit less dps than some other classes and jedi sentinels are said to have less dps than a jedi guardian.
2. How do you perceive your own spec?
I tried watchman up to level 40 and I frankly died too much, I then switched to combat and loved it. It is easier to survive in PVE/PVP with it.