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[Armortech] Arms, Armour and Augments......O MY!!!!

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[Armortech] Arms, Armour and Augments......O MY!!!!

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07.16.2012 , 05:40 AM | #1
Ok, I realize I am fairly new to SWTOR but trying to make heads or tails of crafting has given me a headache.
1. How to level up in Amrortech? I am stuck at 62 and it does not seem to rise at all. I am crafting everything I can but nothing.

2.Does companion crafting help your level? Also how do you get cooler stuff when it is SO expensive or hard to find metals? Does crafting raise the level or what?

3. How do you make Augment kits? And then after that putting augments into an item? I did one item (green) with a level one augment but nothing more. I tried everything I had and even tho' it said it would do it, well, it did not.
What is the proper way to do augments? Are they only one slot per item? level driven etc. And when an augment is in the item, what do you add to it for the slot?

4. And when crafting, what levels of stuff help you to learn new things? I have a bunch of greens, Some blues and a few purples.

BTW, I have scaveging and underworld trading. I am a level 31 Trooper.

If there are some good sites for how too's that will work too. Crafting and Augments for Dummies..(LoL)

Thank you all for ANY help!!

Cheers, DonK

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07.16.2012 , 06:45 AM | #2
1. You level up armormech by crafting items, most likely you have out skilled your current items, you can tell if you've out leveled it if the color of the small dot, or number of how many you can make, is grey, but not the actual text of the item. Simply go to the crew skill trainer for armormech to buy new, higher level schematics

2. When you send companions on scavenging, or underworld trading, the skill level will go up for whichever one you sent them on. When you get your level high enough, the mission name will turn grey, indicating that it will no longer give experience. As to the money issues, it's a good idea to go to planets and scavenge the materials if you can't send your companions on missions.

3a. You get the augment kit schematics from your trainer when your armormech level is high enough.

3b. To put an augment into an item, you go to a modification table ( which you can find in the crew skills section of fleet, and possibly on your ship) pay some credits, and give your augment kit and it will put an augment slot of the corresponding level. You can find which level of slot you need by looking on the augment.

3c. Look above to see how to do it, and yes, only one slot for one augment per item

4. It depends on how new the item is, stuff that is closer to your armormech level will give less experience, and vice versa. Blues have a higher level than greens, and purple higher than blues. I believe that blues are 5 points higher than greens, and purples 5 more than greens

Not sure about sites, though.

Glad to have helped

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07.16.2012 , 07:42 AM | #3
You can improve schematics you know by reverse-engineering them. You craft a green, reverse-engineer it, and have a chance to get a blue schematic of the same item. You craft a blue, reverse-engineer it, and have a chance to get a purple schematic. The prefix on schematics tells you what bonus stats the REd schematic got; there's a guide to it here.
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07.16.2012 , 07:52 AM | #4
Just to clarify a bit, you DONT get augment schematics from your trainer - -

They come from Slicing Missions and can be bought on the GTN for really cheap actually.
But the other info is very good.
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