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How do you wanna die?

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07.28.2012 , 11:21 PM | #21
My Jedi knight and her padawan that I imagine she would have attained at some point where both walking along discussing how much the empire sucks, when they both trip and fall - impaling each other with the horns on their stupid Viking helmets.

My imperial agent with light side republic sympathies decided one day she finally had seen enough of the sith and their shenanigans, and flys to Korriban before calling HAVOC SQUAD and the trooper I shelved at lvl 30 and then they all storm into the sith academy and temple. Pew pew! Casualties are high, and MX that giant metal bastard with a heart of solid gold yells at the vile sith about the virtues of freedom and liberty while bravely taking several shots meant for my trooper and agent - encouraging the party to soldier on. The battle rages for hours, but our heroes are outnumbered and outgunned. *Eventually, only my agent, my trooper, and MX are still alive. The sith, realizing this, cautiously begin to close in in our doomed heroes. My agent and trooper open fire at the sith as they approach but there is too many, they will surely perish. Then, MX notices that the concrete pillars holding up the temple ceiling have been severely damaged during the day's fighting and comes up with a bold and desperate plan. A well aimed barrage of missiles could bring down the entire building, crushing the sith within. The three of them discuss the plan and solemly agree to it, knowing that although they will *likely be crushed as well ending the sith would be worth that sacrifice. As the sith begin to close in on their position, MX begins to play a recording of patriotic republic marching band music and then *fires the misses. The explosion and shockwave rudely shove the approaching sith to the floor, and the foreboding building collapses around them. The ship droids on the thunderclap and shadow have been waiting patiently all day preparing diet meal plans for their chunky passengers and increasing engine output by .0008% when all of a sudden they hear the thunderous roar of the demise of the sith. They step outside and see a pile of debri. There is no sign of our heroes. The end.

My bounty hunter never got over the disses Nemro the Hutt threw at him on hutta and decides to kill that fat slob. The hunter storms nemro's palace and easily dispatches the guards. He callouslly points his blaster at Nemro and pulls the trigger. The shot is absorbed by Nemro's belly fat or possibly his thigh fat - these details have been lost to history and all we can do is speculate based on the only eyewitness testimony, that of torian cadera who was so shaken by what happened nextt that for the rest of his life he could not recall the events in his mind for more than a few minutes without uncontrollably projectile vomiting. Anyway, being such an unshakable ****** and realizing it would take a very long time for his puny blaster to penetrate the girth- the bounty hunter grabs torian's electro staff, backs up a few meters, and charges headlong full sprint at Nemro before diving into the hutt's gaping maw while screeching like an enraged lunatic. The massive Hutt is thrown into the wall behind him as his puny t-Rex arms flail wildly. Shortly thereafter, Nemro's eyes close and his giant body collapses on the floor at torian's feet. Torian, lacking the knowledge that this decision would scar his mind In a deep and painful way climbs inside Nemro to save his friend. Feeling around in the dark and Terrible place, he feels the heel of a worn boot. With several mighty tugs, torian and the bounty hunter are free from nemro's corpse. Unfortunately, the bounty hunter had passed away. Either by drowning in Nemro juice or by being crushed to death by Nemro's girth we will never know. His fate was to choke Nemro to death in the most unnesacarily violent way possible - exactly the same the way he did everything else his entire life.

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08.02.2012 , 11:38 PM | #22
My Bounty Hunter died accidentally ticking off Blizz!


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08.10.2012 , 03:01 PM | #23
Denki did not die. And will never die. He is one with the Force and the Force is one with him.
Alpha Empire Sith Sorcerer The Bastion

"What's the matter, afraid of a little lightning?"

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08.11.2012 , 02:43 PM | #24
I'll bite-

Xyrias - Sith Warrior - Was slain after a fatal arguement with fellow Sith Balarak Jaster. Balarak consumes Xyrias' power, further enhancing his own formidable abilities. Xyrias died unknown and unmourned towards the twilight years of the Imperial and Republic war.

Tahrl Kiergos - Jedi Knight - Reaches the vaunted rank of Jedi Master. Dies at the ripe old age of 86, quietly, in his sleep. His descendants would go on to thrive well into the Galactic Civil War era.

Mark Shepherd - Trooper - During a rash assault by the Republic on a fortified Imperial world, the tides turned swiftly, with the Republic suffering a humiliating string of losses. As Republic forces began to withdraw against the overwhelming force of the Empire Mark and his squad worked in tangent with others in a rearguard action. Ultimately, they remained behind, entrenched against Imperial forces. After having held out against all odds for two days, Mark and the other Republic survivers were bombed from orbit, obliterated in a storm of superheated plasma.
"Weakling! You will never reach your potential if you falter at the slightest obstacle. Beyond that wall lies your destiny. Beyond that wall lies the full power of the dark side. If you do not have the strength to reach it, then you do not deserve to become a Sith sorcerer!"

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08.12.2012 , 09:04 PM | #25
Knight: A a former Sith turned Jedi the Knight experienced many traumatic events which eventually took a toll on his mental stability. Suffering from past physical and mental abuse as a child, survivor's guilt from the War, and the constant reminder of the life he stole from the woman who had turned him to wards the Jedi Order he was driven insane and left known space. He was never seen again..

Sith Inquisitor: Dies of old age, surrounded by his many wives and children on his homeworld of Rattatak.

Consular: Fate is currently unknown

Warrior: Despite the defeat of the Sith Empire and the loss of the Cold War the Sith Warrior continued to bring death and ruin upon the Jedi Order, until he was finally cornered and killed on a no name world deep in the Outer Rim.

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08.12.2012 , 10:08 PM | #26
Smuggler - Unable to give up his hatred of the empire, my smuggler set out from Debrillion after many years as consort to Queen Risha. He took his personal fleet and all his resources in his criminal empire and set on a personal war against the imperial forces, using merciless tactics that the republic would never use and the empire never expected from their enemies. After razing several worlds and devastating the imperial fleet his allies would abandon him in his crazed ambitions and as an old man, he would make one last gambit strike against some of his worst enemies in the empire, just him and his ship, taking down as many as he could before death finally took him.

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08.13.2012 , 08:55 PM | #27
Bounty hunter,Deadly cannon:he was a great warrior in the galaxy, killed the unbeatable, took all kind of contracts for any money. but, after many years of hunting, with all the glory and respect he bought himself a nice peacefull house on the planet tatooine, he protected it well and enjoyed all the money he collected in different ways. one day, he met a young padawan girl in the local cantina, surprisingly she never knew of him,he offered her a drink and she agreed.
years later, deadlycannon married the young padawan female that was called Sirena, she ran away from the Jedi order and hid in tatooine with him.they had a son that they called Braga.
braga wasn't gifted with the wisdom and physical power of his father, neither with the force of his mother. he was the farmer of his parents house.
one day, when braga was 25 years old, and deadly cannon 67. he went to sell his wopma wanga crops in the nearest bazaar. he never came back, deadlycannon told sirena to take care of the house and promised her that he'll return with their suddenly lost son.
he was searching, for hours. he even went to the republic base(which he didnt like much).
he decided to try and slice into the cams in the city, and then he found braga, his lost son. he was shocked by what he saw, 3 republic troopers took his son to the dune sea because he insulted them for stealing his crops.
they threw mines all over the area and forced braga to run through them. they were betting,laughing.
with huge anger, deadlycannon went back to his house, he told his wife about the sad news, but he told her something else,there will be revenge.
braga was the last most important thing for deadlycannon to keep, and now he has nothing to lose.
deadlycannon took his old dusted armor,both of his blasters and the old robe of his wife to pretend he's a jedi.
he knew these troopers, he saw them once in the republic base,so he took his speeder and drove right into that direction.
when he arrived,his anger grew more and more inside his chest, he managed to sneak into the command center but then he was noticed by one of the recruits, the boy shouted:"its deadlycannon! its deadlycannon!"
then the massacare began.
deadlycannon started shooting the first lines of the security troopers,threw few granades to the entrance door where more troopers were entering,he started to run straight to the room where the troopers were.
he ran so fast and so unsafe, that he step on a trap that these troopers put right in the entrance,both of his legs were blown,he was lying half-dead in the corner of the room,staring at these troopers,then he said quietly:"for honor and my son" and then he hit the button on his wrist and a huge explosion happened. this was the fall of the glorious and honorable Deadlycannon.

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10.12.2012 , 11:17 AM | #28
Quote: Originally Posted by Queen_Ultima View Post
Interesting topic (half thought it was IRL ). Best I could think of:
My Inquisitor, Amitalya: Killed by my Knight (her own sister) in combat.
My Knight, Aurelia: Old age, on Alderaan.
Smuggler, Edala: Crushed to death by male strippers on Nar Shadaa... Or an engine core explosion while she's fixing it, either works.
lmao the "Crushed to death by male strippers" thing cracked me up!

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10.12.2012 , 11:34 AM | #29
This sounds like fun. Here are mine:

Binjiro Burnstar (Jedi Guardian and my main): Eventually retires to a life of teaching at the Jedi Acadmy with his wife Kira. Fathers two sons with of which is born with out force senstivity and leaves to become a bounty hunter. He is killed when a ship transporting a group of new Padawans is attacked by the Empire. He manages to get them all to an escape pod before being struck down. Kira soon after retries completely from the Jedi way of life to raise their other son.

Zelma Burnstar ((A human/alien hybrid born with out eyes and Binjiro's sister..a Jedi Counsular)) : Becomes a member of the council and over sees part of her brother's youngest son's Jedi training. She passes away from old age.

Tyera ((my alien smuggler)): She gathers quite a large fortune for herself which she uses to buy a large amount of land where she settles down and raises a family. She starts running smuggling jobs later on, having grown a bit bored of a normal life. She is eventually killed in a cantaina fire fight.

Ka-l ((my Trooper and Tyera's brother)) After a glorious carrer in the Republic military he takes on a job as an instructor and eventually retires to live out the rest of his life in peace.


Tresee: ((Sith Warrior, Human)): Having never liked Sith politics and a follower of Revan, Tresee eventually becomes quite powerful and eventually moves herself away from the Sith and the Empire. She begins to take on and train her own apprentinces along with Vette and Jessa and her other crew memebers at her side. Her activites and defiance soon gain the wrong kind of attention from the Dark council, who send one of their most powerful Sith to take care of her. She is killed after an empic battle with the sith scorceror Arahan.

Arahan ((Sith Scorceror, Rakkitti)): He grows to become a very powerful Sith, enjoying his new role as a Darth in the Empire. After going on to become something of a legend having trained dozens of apprentinces, he is eventually struck down by one of his young acyoltes who desires Arahan's power.

Rafe Burnstar (( Human Bounty Hunter and son of Binjiro)): The oldest of Binjiro and Kira's sons, Rafe was born a non force sesitive. His anger over this eventually drives him to leave his parents and younger brother. After a year of romaning the galaxy he becomes a bounty hunter. Though Rafe hates the Empire he often finds himself working for them ...if only for the credits. He goes on to have many adventures with his crew mates. After the death of his father at the hands of the Empire while protecting a group of Padawans...Rafe begins to question the life that he has chosen. He then chooses to settle down with Makio and begin a family of his own, one of his children, a girl, is found to be force sensitive and when she is of age he takes her to the Jedi acdemy. In his later years he often visits his mother and his brother who's gone on to follow in their parent's footsteps. He and his children all attend the funerals of his mother and of his aunt Zelma. At some point later Rafe is killed when an old rivial comes to settle an old score.

Yoka-Ta (( Chiss Imperial Agent.)) : She goes on to become a highly ranked agent. While on a undercover mission her cover is blown and she is killed.

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02.21.2013 , 05:53 PM | #30
I really enjoyed all these "endings". For Major Sarvid Helos, he was sent to Dromund Kaas in an attempt to organize a slave revolt. Sarvid and members of his "Razor" squad managed to flee to the Dark Temple when the revolt was ended by Imperial forces. Communications with Sarvid ceased after 4 days in the temple. A recovery mission was later sent and recently discovered Republic documents indicate some members of Razor had been found. Who the were and their condition remain classified. All further attempts to recover additional members of the squad had been called off and deemed "unjustifiably dangerous".