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LFG Feed Back


07.13.2012 , 04:04 PM | #1

It has to be the most frustrating thing when you are involved in a Flash Point and a party member quits/leaves. You as an individual have a potential guild member to come to your aide rather than waiting for the que to take it's time to find people.

THE LFG system under any circumstance does not allow you to add people you know.

Your Friends List
Your Guild Member List

are completely useless to you in the LFG finder.

It always fails to add people.

The notion that you can only click and que the LFG finder again for random people is the worst ever.

It can not be that hard to configure and allow us too add FRIENDS AND GUILD MEMBERS to our Que in Mid Flash Point when we need a bit of assistance and rescueing.

I really hope this gets fixed because honestly I am inches away to returning to blizzard and canceling my monthly with these ridiculous issues that should not be happening.

To exclude our Friends List and Guild Members from Queing with Us in a FLASHPOINT that is already involved is insanity.

Whoever thought up the idea to exclude your friends and guilds in mid flashpoint needs a swift kick in the behind.

A very frustrated customer

Notannos's Avatar

07.13.2012 , 04:37 PM | #2

We appreciate your feedback and suggestions in regards to our Group Finder tool. Currently we have a few threads of discussion where players are giving us their feedback specifically on the Group Finder.

To help us consolidate discussion and allow you to join discussion with other community members, please feel free to join the following threads.

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