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Wookiees, Lucas and YOU

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07.11.2012 , 10:43 PM | #1
Looking at the potential of Star Wars: The Old Republic, we dream about the different things we'd like to see added and we can of course see this with the multiple threads being created. We think about new worlds we want to explore and new species to play as. Perhaps one of the most requested yet debated topics on here is the inclusion of Wookiees as playable.

Now I'm all for seeing the walking carpets as playable and perhaps a majority of the players are as well, but concerns have been floating around about how they'd work in a game like SWTOR where every mission includes a full-dialogue cut-scene. The first concern is that whilst Humans, Miraluka, Chiss and Twi'lek are able to speak basic fluently, others like Rodians, Trandoshans and Wookiees either have trouble or aren't able to speak basic at all (Rodians and Trandoshans however have been known to speak basic). Few posters have acknowledged that they couldn't be bothered reading subtitles to enjoy a story. I'd hate to think of the trouble they have when reading a book but why take this choice away from the players who do want to play as a Wookiee and who don't mind reading subtitles.

Second concern is George Lucas and his policy of no Wookiee Jedi. Before this was instated, authors could have the freedom of creating Force-wielding Wookiees like Lowbacca. Originally Hanharr in KOTOR II was to have the option of being turned into a Dark Jedi like with the other companions but because of this policy the idea was declined. However SWTOR's predecessor Star Wars Galaxies, an MMO which gave players the freedom of creating and customizing their character, could allow the option of a character of any species and class, even a Wookiee Jedi.
In SWTOR, because the player's character's gender or species isn't anywhere established in any Star Wars material, it therefore makes it ambiguous but generally non-canon. This would mean creating a Wookiee Jedi or Sith character would be unltimately considered non-canon. As long as the developers don't introduce any Jedi Wookiee NPCs or Companions, then there should be no trouble introducing them as playable.

Third concern is romances with Wookiee characters. Now currently with the Smuggler Wookiee companion, you're unable to romance him. Like how there are currently restrictions to which companions you can pursure a relationship with depending on your gender, this can also apply to certain playable species however with further restrictions. I'd imagine Bowdaar being the only romancable option for female Wookiee players and who knows, maybe some of the other companions might have a soft spot for Wookiees, but of course like Wookiees and any other future playable species there'd be restrictions. Companion missions would still be intact but would end before a relationship can be pursued.

This thread isn't really a suggestion but more of a message to the developers. We acknowledge they wont be able to speak basic, we acknowledge there would be certain restrictions to dialogue choices and no romance options and we acknowledge that developing and implementing them would take some time. All of this would also apply to others like Rodians, Trandoshans, Kubaz and Selkath. Many people criticize about the lack of abnormal and extreme alien choices, if Wookiees were to become playable then we may see more interest towards the game. The sooner anyone does see this and the more we ask, then maybe the sooner they might start planning and implementing playable Wookies into the game.

Any other concerns which may've not been explored here, feel free to voice them in the thread.
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