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Group Finder Bug Fixes

MercilessFir's Avatar

07.11.2012 , 09:53 PM | #1
Recently, patch 1.3.1 fixed issues with the group finder and Flashpoints in the players quest log. Can someone confirm the fix is working and you do not have to remove the Flashpoint from your quest log.

Also, last weekend I queued for planetary Heroics as Tank on Voss and the queue never poped. I removed the heroics from my quest log and the queue did not pop. Does the group finder work for planetary heroics?

Thanks in advance,
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07.12.2012 , 05:46 AM | #2
Greetings Merciless Fir!

There have also been numerous fixes in Game Update 1.3.2 to Group Finder which you can find in our patch notes. Additionally, there was the following fix regarding planetary travel:

Groups formed for Planetary Destinations no longer see a "Travel" dialog when clicking the Group Finder button.
We wanted to refer you to the following post by Development Director, Antonia Phillips that explains more about the Group Finder as a whole which you can find in our Developer Tracker as well as the thread: [Feedback] Group Finder :

Quote: Originally Posted by AntoniaPhillips
So, some of you may have seen my posts in the forums and might have been wondering, “Who is this person?” Well, here it is! My name is Antonia “Toni” Phillips; I’m an industry veteran who has been working on SWTOR for the last two years, most recently with the Group Finder team.

A solid Group Finder system is very important to us and we have been keeping a close eye on the forums and your feedback. We are evaluating all of the feedback from the PTS and I wanted to take a moment to respond to the most popular topics we’ve seen.

Thanks for all the responses and keep it coming!

Shuttling to Starting Location:
One of the issues most commonly noted is that you are not returned to your original location when you end/exit a Flashpoint or Operation.

This is not a bug; let me explain that a little bit better!

In the game today, without the Group Finder, when you exit a Flashpoint or Operation you are NOT shuttled back to your original location - you're taken to the entrance.

Although this is currently how the Flashpoint and Operation exit technology functions, we understand the importance of modifying this functionality, especially for the Group Finder. We already have a plan to provide this as soon as possible. The moment we know what update this can be included with, we will let you know!

Tiers of Flashpoints:
What is the difference between Tier 1 and Tier 2 Flashpoints, you ask? Difficulty! Tier 2 Flashpoints are more difficult than Tier 1 and we felt that it wouldn’t be a good experience to place undergeared players into groups where they couldn’t meaningfully perform their assigned role. To support this, Tier 2 Flashpoints will be disabled by default and must be actively enabled through the Group Finder filters. Although there is only a single selection (Lost Island) for Tier 2 right now, there will be more in the future.

In addition, Tier 1 and Tier 2 Flashpoints share the same Group Finder daily reward mission. As we gather feedback when this feature goes live we will be making changes to the reward structure as needed.

Gear Score:
While we may never implement a “Gear Score” system, we understand the need to correctly match players with appropriate content. We also understand the need to match groups with a high chance for success. We are currently evaluating several ideas to improve this.

Ignore lists and Group Finder:
Quick Tip: if you place a player on your ignore list you will never be matched in a Group Finder group with that player. Although we have a loading screen tip already implemented for this option, we realize that we will need to more clearly communicate this.

Advanced Classes and Roles:
The roles that you are allowed to queue for in Group Finder are based on your Advanced Class and not your skill point allocation. For example, if you are a Jedi Sage you can queue for both Damage and Healing. We know that this option launches in advance of multi-speccing. However, once you launch Group Finder you can limit yourself to a specific role if you so choose.

Queuing Order:
Group Finder attempts to place you into a group by evaluating potential group matches in a specific order. This order is matched to the in-game order displayed in the Group Finder window. For example, at level 50, Group Finder will first check if you can form a valid Operation, and if not, it will then check Hard Mode Flashpoints, and so on. The specifics:
  • At level 50 this will be in the following order: Story Mode Operations, Hard Mode Flashpoints Tier 1, Hard Mode Flashpoints Tier 2, Flashpoints, Planetary Destinations
  • Under level 50 this will be in the following order: Flashpoints, Planetary Destinations

Planetary Destinations:
You want more content controls for Planetary Destinations and so do we! We know that planetary destinations are an area of improvement for Group Finder in future releases, and we're looking at more options, like adding directly selectable Heroic Missions and world bosses.

As we form our plan for future improvements, one of the pieces we need the most is your feedback. We are in the process of evaluating potential designs for player-set group size and specific mission queuing, among many others.

What do you want to see?
We hope this helps answers some of your questions on the Group Finder feature! Have a great day!