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Regarding all the LI QQ....

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07.10.2012 , 06:08 PM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by RikHar View Post
I think your coments are unjustified.

Maybe you completed this quest. It doesn't mean others can't have problems with it. You said your team was well geared. It's not the same for each random group. You get all differently geared players in these group finder groups.

Personally, I've not done this as I'm gearing up for two different alts. it'll take double the time for me to so being it's two alts and not just one. But by the time I get there, I'll try to be well geared so to not have problems.

If you- and when I say you, I mean anyone who has done Lost Island or whatever quest is in question. If you've done it, instead of putting others down, use your time to try to help them by giving pointers instead of whinning yourself about them.

With all due respect- of course!
I main a mostly PVP geared Sorc Healer, and went through it with a couple of guildies, and a fresh 50 in Recuit gear. It's not too hard to do, you just need to know what to do in the fights. When I was in it, earlier that same day with a buch of over geared PUGers who didn't know the fight at all (neither did I at that point) we failed miserably. At that point in time, I only had a few peices of Battlemaster armor, some Tionesse, and was mostly in Champion gear. (I refused to lose all PVE capability in my PVP gear by getting recruit gear, and instead sold the token for 350k very happily)
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07.11.2012 , 02:51 AM | #12
from the several threads i have read about this, the general consensus is that groups who are over geared for the instance like it as it is. those that are gear appropriate are having a difficult time going through it. those that have already done it a lot and are taking gear appropriate alts through it like it also.

personally it is a wasted zone. the only reason to ever do it is to complete the speeder quest. no one is going to farm bh tokens from it as there are faster means. gear is pointless as bh chest is better and less a head ache to get. t1 zones can drop the same things. most people who can race through it already have better gear.

bioware needs to leave it as it is and not waste any time on it.

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07.11.2012 , 05:02 AM | #13
Greetings everyone!

We appreciate all constructive feedback, positive or negative, and would like to see it! While we know the community can be frustrating at times, we ask that you please keep the topics more towards the game than criticism towards community. Since we have a few threads on the various aspect regarding Lost Island, we are going to close this thread in the interest of discussion and ask that you please continue this discussion here:
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