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Investigation, No Demand or Incentive for this C.S.

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Investigation, No Demand or Incentive for this C.S.

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07.10.2012 , 08:07 AM | #1
First off the first 26 PAGES of searching string Mission Disc on my server yeilds nothing except Investigation and Diplo missions, Obviously these missions nor the mats the yield any real value.

BW: What are you plans to make these 2 Profs actually have an incentive at all to taking them. Diplo isnt quite as bad as investigation, as money can still be made off the grade 1-6 items

(EDIT) By removing the need to use Scav mats to craft Armstech Items ESPEC Augments would most defn raise the value of the Blues and Purples of any of the ivestigation grades 1-6. Perhaps this was something that was "Overlooked", and perhaps it's something that needs looked back into.

The Grade 6 Mats (On my server PotF)
Ultrachrome - 900per (Investigation)

Radioactive Paste - 7k (Diplo)

Primeval Artifact Frags - 950 (Arch) <== Also a green item
Upari Crystal - 600 (Arch) <== Also Green

Red Goo - (Bio) 900 <== Green

Zal Alloy - Scav <== Green 1125
Durasteel-Scav<==Green 400

Advanced Neural Augmentors (Slicing) - 19.5 (which as of recent has seen a dramatic price drop)

Corusca Gem (TH) 2750

Mandalorian Iron 4.5k (UWT)
Denebrillan star 900 (UWT)