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PvP build w/ Jet Charge HELP

seegullz's Avatar

07.09.2012 , 10:14 PM | #1
Hello fellow gamers,
just came back after, well a few months and everything is way different. What would be a good PVP build with jet charge. If its not possible, any other suggestions would be amazing!
Actually, if you could tell me all the currently good builds that would be amazing!
At least the Harbinger isn't dead!
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Alconos's Avatar

07.09.2012 , 11:27 PM | #2
This is the build I use on my vanguard(exactly the same since were mirrored), it works very well in pvp, since you haven't played in so long I suggest making sure you charge people more often so you can put in 2 free flame sweeps, this also helps with reserving and cooling your heat.

IMO it provides maximum survivability and moderate sustained dps, you'll be able to provide extra AOE and you should be able to solo most classes 1v1 depending on cooldowns and the situation etc.
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