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A raider's look back on Tier 2 (warning long)

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A raider's look back on Tier 2 (warning long)

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07.09.2012 , 04:35 PM | #11
I don't disagree with anything OP posted, but PLEASE let fix the UI shortcomings. I mean no ready check...still...really???
Devs: Please make healing more interesting and fun by increasing options and meaningful decisions. Let a good healer be judged by the decisions they make, not who pressed the buttons in a certain order. Or which class has the most output.

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07.11.2012 , 07:12 PM | #12
Quote: Originally Posted by Tsillah View Post
Interesting thread with very few replies to it. I wonder if it might have something to do with the fact that aside from a few raiding guilds, the vast majority of players hasn't even set foot in EC story mode, myself included.

I still think that gear progression in this game makes no sense at all and doesn't encourage most players to continue with it. Part of the issue here is that endgame simply is not properly structured and actually keeps people from doing ops than get them excited about doing them. EV is pretty fun I think (now Soa isn't bugged anymore that is) and HM it's also pretty fun...if you can find a group of course. But as soon as it gets to KP there's already a further sifting taking place and EC beyond that it would seem.

I suppose it's good that the hardcore raiders have something to sink their teeth in but I think it would be healthier for the game and the long term population if there was more endgame for raiders who are not as organised as raiding guilds or generally for level 50s. Just my thoughts, but it seems that you represent a very small part of the population and one could argue that that's a sad fact by itself.
Right it is quite a sad state of affairs, as less and less people find the raiding activity fun and worthwhile, it almost becomes a waste of resources to devote so much development into new raiding content. My personal feelings have always been that raiding should be as inclusive, approachable and rewarding as possible, which is sadly a paradigm that I fear isn't too often shared by people in the "hard core" raiding arena. That's the precise reason why difficulty levels were institutionalized for raid content, and is honestly the only way "new blood" of significant number can ever be injected to this, let's face it; niche portion of the community. Let hard/heroic/nightmare be hard, but fact is without infusion of new raiders and the natural turnover that takes place among the "raider crowd" without good introductory/entry level raiding content the raiders will eventually run out; being insular in that way is a sure path to destruction in other words.

I also feel that the poor execution in terms of "building up" the content ingame had a little to do with the problem, the Operations aren't nearly visible enough to the semi-casual player, there's nothing to pique their interest into trying out the activity, contrast that to say, that giant MMO of crafts and warfare where the main villain of each content cycle harasses, interferes, monologues and otherwise impacts the player's online experience through cinematic or otherwise interaction building interest and narrative motivation for a player to experience the content. For a game where the story experience is such a core part of the overall gameplay it's absolutely perplexing, hell I'd go so far as say it's inexcusable, that the current state of affairs exists.

And finally when people do actually decide to wet their feet and jump into the pool, they're greeted by an experience that isn't nearly as "in-game" rewarding as it should have been. This was a major, fundamental gaffe they made in terms of T1 and how T1 gear was distributed. Tionese gear had no niche whatsoever (except arguably as companion hand-me-downs) getting the same loot in an Operation that was infinitely more easily obtained through running Flashpoint content, made the extra logistical hurdles involved with participating or worse running and leading an Operation so not worth it.

I just hope that they realize the shortcomings of their original design model and make the necessary adjustments to increase participation in an area which this game has so much potential waiting to be harnessed., if they just figure out the right notes to hit.