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all servers off line but my friends are on them

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all servers off line but my friends are on them

Tiilly's Avatar

07.08.2012 , 03:01 PM | #1
when I log into swtor all the servers show as unavailable but my friends are online and playing on them !?

CarthSeverus's Avatar

07.08.2012 , 03:04 PM | #2
You are not alone.Right before i got booted,had multiple players on my server say that the servers were crashing,then i went down.Hopefully we get some word on this issue.
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BeastBubba's Avatar

07.08.2012 , 03:04 PM | #3
Same here I had to run an errand so I shut my PC down. And now when I try to log in it says all servers are down. However my wife is still on her toon doing her class quest on Hoth atm... ***!?!?!