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End game canon for your character?

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End game canon for your character?

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09.21.2012 , 02:59 AM | #61
My bounty hunter (before I started RPing him and my Agent as Trandoshan) retired to a nice farm on Dantooine with Mako as his wife and Blizz. Torian came along and being studying combative techniques under the bounty hunter. Gault parades around the galaxy doing God knows what and comes around to visit/hide every once in a while.

Skadge was shot dead on Balmorra by an automated turret for trying to get on my ship exactly like I told him not to.

After I started RPing him as Trandoshan, he and his sister made a contractual agreement with the Sith Lord Darth Masma to perform jobs around the galaxy for her. I don't RP my class story because on Ebon Hawk that's a no-no.
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09.22.2012 , 02:05 PM | #62
Bounty Hunter - Temnazzar Knaves reject's Tormen's offer of retainer and continues to take jobs and contracts, focusing less on the mounting strife between the Empire and the Republic and more on "worthy" targets like rampaging beasts and local warlords. He pokes his nose in the dealings of his brother and son as the mood strikes him, maintaining no permanent residence other than "the old bucket", a highly customized Mantis.

Mako - Stays on with Temnazzar as his Second, because someone has to be responsible, and marries Torian for much the same reason. Eventually has the 'bucket registered as "Braeden's Revenge" but never succeeds in convincing the boss to take down that carbonite wall-hanging in the loading bay.

Gault - Remains with the crew for a few months following the Battle of Corellia but eventually departs for Nar Shadaa and ends up in the employment of the Hutt Cartel. Occasionally contacts Temnazzar with inside job offers or leads on his next big con.

Torian - Remains with Temnazzar and Mako, assisting the boss in the field while Mako runs the tech from behind the scenes. Attempts teaching Temnazzar to cook, fortunately his eyebrows grow back.

Blizz - Stays with the crew as Chief Engineer, because no one has any idea how his modifications to the ship work. Gets to see all sorts of exciting new places and meets interesting new people, even though some of them are mean but Boss usually shoots them.

Skadge - Killed in action on Corellia.

2V-R8 - Sacrificed for parts by Blizz after a particularly dicey chase involving a stolen freighter and an asteroid field.
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09.22.2012 , 05:59 PM | #63
my gunslinger Lorhin continues employment as a Republic Privateer after the Voidwolf is defeated, eagerly making profits with every job she takes. within reason, of course. she ends up running many co-op missions alongside Master Shylar (my guardian), the famed jedi who killed the Emperor, and the two become close friends. from time to time, Lorhin also makes deliveries for her sister Sashel (my sawbones) who started her own medical business for the underworld. eventually, Lorhin and her husband Corso have a baby boy, to the amusement of the rest of her crew. Akaavi and Bowdaar take it upon themselves to train junior in the art of fighting, while Risha and Guss learn him the business ways of the underworld. his father makes sure he knows how to treat woman, and his mother makes sure he knows how to fire a blaster by the age of two. the boy is often left in the care of C2-N2 at home on the ranch on Dantooine when the rest of the crew is out on a mission.
Lorhin - Sharpshooter Gunslinger
Sashel - Sawbones Scoundrel

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09.26.2012 , 04:36 PM | #64
Finally won the game with all 8 classes. So for my Trooper:

Trooper: Even though she was intrumental in saving the Republic from Rakton, her behavior during her assignments brings her character into question especially after assassinating Zian in the Council and other acts of brutality and murder committed during her tenure as leader of havoc Squad. Publicly she is court-martialed from Havoc Squad. Secretly she is sent by General Garza to track down Lord Scourge who had left my Jedi Knight after the fights with the Emperor. However when she encounters Scourge she is soundly defeated. However, Scourge chooses not to kill her, seeing within her a potential for violence and death that could make her an ultimate soldier. Even though she is not Force Sensitive, she is able to draw upon an inner survivalist power that makes her stronger than usual and able to survive in most types of environment unscathed (similar to what Master Sav and the Hailstorm Bortherhood were able to accomplish). Together Scourge and my Trooper set off across the galaxy to destroy undesirables in their own brutal way and eventually become lovers.

Aric Jorgen: Insisted on following my Trooper on her mission to go after Scourge even though the two did not like each other. Is killed by Scourge.

Elara Dorne: Since she was promoted ahead of Jorgen, she becomes the de facto leader of Havoc Squad after Jorgan and my Trooper disappear. Eventually becomes Colonel and one of Garza's favorite commanders. Gets married much later in life.

M14X: At my Trooper's insistence, Garza finally promotes him to lieutenant and he even becomes cognizant enough to train new memebrs of Havoc Squad.

Tanno Vik: Eventually becomes court-martialled for his behavior and returns to his digs on Nar Shadaa hiring out his deadly skills to mercenary interests. However, years later, my Trooper contacts him during her tenure with Scourge and often enlists his help in secret.

Yuun: Stays with Dorne's crew and becomes something of an adviser.

C2N2: Helps Dorne around the office.

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09.26.2012 , 04:53 PM | #65
And my Agent:

Agent: As a member of Imperial Intelligence her faith started to become shaken in the Empire as she continued to witness Sith brutality. After the conflict with the Star Cabal, the Sith deem her too dangerous to live and try to do away with her. With help from some of her friends she manages to escape and hides in the underworld for some time as a pit fighter. Is eventually contacted by Kothe and convinced to finally join Republic SIS where she becomes good friends with Saber and the others. Does have a child with Vector who she is forced to look after when she surfaces in the Republic.

Kaliyo: The two of them had always butted heads since forced to run together. My agent was always honorable and dutiful while Kaliyo was always confrontational. Eventually Kaliyo's abrasive attitude convinced my agent to look inside herself and realize she had to start thinking outside the box and become her own person. When she is finally forced to flee Intelligence after a death attempt is amde on her, Kaliyo helps her slip into the underworld and also particpates with her in the underground pit fighting. Together along with Scorpio they become a formidable female fighting team. Goes back to do her own thing when my Agent is hired by the Republic, but occasionally visits and becomes a "cool aunt" to the kids.

Vector: The two fo them fell in love. My Agent had always been more intrigued than repulsed by his Kilik nature. Together they have child. When my Agent is attacked by her own people, Vector supposedly sacrifices his life ((disperses into an insect swarm as he is mortally injured)) and their child is lost too. However eyars later, when my Agent joins the SIS, she encoutners a young child with Kilik eyes who claims to be her daughter and seems to wield extraordinary powers. Occasionally has strong dreams of Vector which seems to raise the question whether he is truly gone or not, or simply rejoined the Hive and is unable to return to her right away.

Eckard Lokin: Lokin supposedly is lost during the attempt no my agent. The last my Agent sees of him is transforming into a Rakhghoul and attacking her assailants. Years later though, in the SIS, she starts to receive mysterious emails that often give ehr critical intel and is written in a familiar hand...

Raina Temple: Temple began to elarn a lot from my Agent. Unfortunately she never learned to become her own person. Refuses to believe the Empire would just throw them away. As a result is killed during the attack on my Agent.

Scorpio: Hated my Agent at first but began to respect and like her for her fighting skills and heart. My Agent also admired Scorpio for her deadly fighting skills and would spar with her often and learn much. She too survives and helps my Agent fight their way free of the death attempt on her and joins her and Kaliyo in the underworld fighting pits. Chooses to stay though after my Agent goes to the SIS. Is still tearing up opponents left and right to this day.

2VR8: Thanks to her cybertech skills, my Agent actually was able to upgrade him to fighting status. Since she was also respectful of him, he actually develops a feeling of loyalty to her not simply born of fear. When the attempt on her life occurs, he is particularly intrumental in saving her and others involved. Slays many of her assailants and as he goes down, self destructs taking many more with him and providing the cover the others need to disappear without a tarce.

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09.26.2012 , 06:39 PM | #66
I like threads like this. Puts more love behinde the character you played than any of those cookie cutter players do.

My main character is derived off of an old SW d20 character of the same name. I simply took from this game to convert it to my already existing character's story.

After the events of the JK story my JK would leave and head to a remote galaxy where he would face off against his arch nemesis. The rise and fall of my JK continued from that. Wish I still had the website I ran on him all those years ago.

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04.24.2015 , 09:20 AM | #67
My Sage, Murron-Rha, refuses to reitre and continues to travel the galaxy, fight for it and help those in need. She also studies medicine and archaeology, discovering ancient relics. She also becomes a prominent figure in politics, being one of the most trusted people of Nadia Grell, who later becomes a Jedi and continues to serve as a senator of Sarkhai. They still sometimes go on missions together, even though Nadia is not her padawan any longer.
Then, she stays in contact with Zenith, who, like Nadia, continues to serve as a politician, yet also sees her quite often. She helps him rebuild Balmorra, which is still scarred from the Imperial invasion, but slowly rebuilding. Although they do not always agree on what is best for the planet, ultimately they manage to reach the common ground( like they always did).
Qyzen stayed with her and continued to travel the galaxy with her. Occasionally they go to Tython to visit a good friend of them both, Murron-Rha's master Yuon Par, who is right now alive and well.
Lt. Felix Iresso( AN: Not romanced 'cause he seems boring to me.) eventually got a promotion for his good service alongside the Barsenthor and got reassigned, against all odds. Although he protested at first, Murron-Rha persuaded him to accept the promotion and move on. He later married a comrade of his, and had a family with her. He and the Barsenthor stayed good friends, and she still occasionally visits him.
Tharan and Holiday eventually returned to Nar Shaddaa and continued their business, which has been going really well. Like everyone Iresso, they still keep contact with the Barsenthor and see her whenever she has the time to visit them.
HK-51, of course, stayed with her, and they still hunt down dangerous criminals together.

Darth__Reaver's Avatar

04.24.2015 , 10:07 AM | #68
Runi Nasst- kill some sith who force choked him. Now he chills and does push-ups on his ship till he got a call to help with some empire stuff. Runi loves being Runi so he decided to take the job. Now he is bored cause the job is done and he is waiting for some new stuff to do.

Edit: crap is this after the stories? Maybe I should read the OP

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04.24.2015 , 03:46 PM | #69
Bounty Hunter - After killing the Supreme Chancellor and delivering his remains to Darth Tormen, he became less involved with the Empire - his service to/with the Empire was more a product of circumstance than intention. The few figures in the Empire he did develop at least a respect for (Darth Lachris, Darth Malgus, Darth Tormen) were out of the picture, and he was left with less of a reason to continue any intentional affiliations. He sat on the sidelines while Malgus's Rebellion, the Dread Conflict, and the Revanite Crisis occurred (though he was a Revanite for a time and even encountered Revan on the Foundry with the individual who would eventually become Darth Imperius).
It's also just him and Mako (who herself had to force her way into his partnership, which then developed). Gault was killed on Tatooine and both he and his decoy were delivered, Blizz was left to his fate on Hoth, Torian remained with his clan, and Skadge was killed in an ensuing firefight with Republic forces on Belsavis after unveiling his supply stash to the Hunter (who quickly escaped the scene, leaving Skadge to die).

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04.24.2015 , 03:54 PM | #70
my main SW plans to change the empire from within by deposing the old despots on the dark council for a far more civil and morally acceptable leadership, he plans to do this when Darth Marr is out of the picture, especially during the chaos when darths are vying for power.