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End game canon for your character?

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End game canon for your character?

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07.21.2012 , 10:00 PM | #21
Darth Nox is currently trying to solidify her power. After securing an alliance with Darth Marr, the two have been able to manipulate the council to serve their purposes. Knowing her enemies are everywhere, her base of operations is constantly moving with her fleet. She has also been testing the effectiveness of the Silencers on asteroids, and plans to move the trials to a planet's surface.

Khem Val: Works as her personal enforcer, whose main task is to weaken her enemies power bases, so they can't hope to attack her without completely destroying them.

Andy & Talos: She has given her pirate full control of her Fury class fighter, coupled with Talos Drelik and an elite outfit of commandos search for dangerous relics, and force apparitions strong in the darkside.

Ashara: Still maintains her stubborn adherence to a perversion of the lightside, while staying loyal to Darth Nox. Darth Nox uses her as an agent to attempt to bring padawans to her cause. She is also the maintains control of Nox's Vanguard (first ones into the fray) forces.

Xalek: Her loyal apprentice has been given charge of Darth Nox's small, but growing spy network. He has been placed in charge of expanding her spy network, with goal to one day rival that of Darth Baras.

Ashara is really the only who stays in her fleet, because she is the one Darth Nox has the least amount of faith in. Although her skill set is perfect for a Vanguard, being able to charge in and cause as much havoc as possible.
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07.21.2012 , 11:00 PM | #22
My knight is still waiting and training for the day the Emperor returns, currently doing spec ops to keep vigilant and benefit the republic. Only Rusk left to go join Havoc squad. However , he did come across HK-51. Doc temporarily left but came back because of boredom. T7 insists on being my Knight's life companion. Kira finally had the secret marriage with my Knight after hinting it much later on. C2-N2 was scent to be scrapped after framing HK on the attempted assassination of my Knight.
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07.22.2012 , 12:15 PM | #23
My two agents:


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07.25.2012 , 03:15 AM | #24
Now for my Sith Inquisitorretconned a bit))

SI: After joining the Dark Council she eventually makes the decision to actually bring Zash back. With the help of artifacts Talos helps her discover as well as from new Nar Shaddaa underground contacts like the Veil she is able to fashion a new body for her master and use her force ghost capturing abilities to put Zash inside. Zash, of course tries to turn against her soon after but my SI beats her down easily. Instead of finishing her though she admits her true feelings for her. After this they become true friends and even more. Eventually my SI is able to acquire a mansion, land and the title of duchess from House Thul down on Alderaan due to services against Organa, Ulgo and the Black Hive Cluster. She and Zash move together into this mansion and enjoy a fairly easy and decadent life of social climbing, gathering and attending extravagant balls. Still reports to the Dark Council and keeps Zash's situation a secret.

Khem Val: Is abandoned by my SI after a fight with a formidable enemy and buried under rubble. She uses her force ghost stealing ability to take Zash's spirit and leaves Khem Val for dead under the rubble. She never liked the hideous monster much anyway. However he is eventually discovered by my Sith Warrior who invites him into his warmongering horde.

Adronikos Revel: Eventually driven out by man-hating SI who gets sick of his advances. Realizes she is close to killing him so goes to run off and do Underworld stuff where he meets my BH and Smuggler and enjoys a more profitable career there.

Talos Drellik: Despite her hatred of men, Talos might have been the one person she might have opened up to if he tried hard enough. Never summosn the courage to ask her out though. He instead decides to channel his feelings into helping my SI with her Zash project finding her the lore and artifacts she needed to complete it. Still remians loyal to them after they move to Alderaan and keeps their secret. Returns to studies on Dromund Kaas but often distracted by memories of his times wit them.

Ashara Zavros: Eventually dominated by both my SI and Zash and becomes their plaything.

Xalek: After my Inquisitor moves into her Aldaraanian mansion with Zash, Xalek is dismissed from service and he goes to join my SW's warmongering horde as well.

2V-R8 - Becomes a dutiful butler in my SI's mansion.

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07.25.2012 , 02:25 PM | #25
My Inquisitor end, is also a Jedi Consular beginning, since i plan to push his light side conversion.

Stranthi Kallig'do changed when he discovered his family heritage, and pursued the secrets of the force across the known galaxy in his struggles to the top. Once he defeated Thanaton, he realized he cared little more for the sith politics and policies. He had grown from a hate filled slave, trying to survive, into a strong power of the force, having let go of his petty anger long ago.
Having found a light, and kindred soul within Ashara, he continued on in his post. Trying to change the empire from within and secure a lasting peace.
He found resistance within and without, and turned more and more to his love for the force, and its secrets. Spending his time on various digs and excavations. It is during this time of relative inactivity that he learns his twin brother is alive, and a powerful Jedi Knight. He watches from afar, providing support through intermediarys along the way.
When his brothers actions become more blatant, and his support more overt, he comes into contact with his empire followers and his Brother.
Culminating in a half hearted battle with his twin, he realizes what the force was pushing him to all along, and relents.
Giving up his title and his past, Stranthi Kallig'do and his brother, have redeemed his family to the light side.
He resumes his training on Tython, while trying to overcome the doubts and prejudices that being a turncoat, and a "pureblood" bring.

Khem Vhal - Stranthi showed Khem that there was far more to this new world than before, and to let go of the past. While Khem was always there to grumble an annoyance, he was his most steadfast and loyal companion. He helped him cast out his former Master, ending her machinations for all time, and ensured his friends freedom once and for all. However in the end, Khem could not join him as he found redemption in the light side, at least not in service to the Jedi order. Instead he was given something no one had given him before. His own life and freedom. Stranthi released Khem from his service and wished his friend a good journey. Khem promised to discover the universe anew, and sate his hunger on any fools who dared to challenge him or the legacy of Kallig's Family.

Adronikos Revel - The pirate found a companion in this unique Sith Lord. He found himself appreciating the life, and enjoyed piloting the ship around the galaxy for Stranthi and Talos to dig up something on a far off planet. With the exception of Xalek(who just gave him the creeps) he found himself oddly attached to the crew and friends around him. When Stranthi broke from the Empire, it was Revels piloting that brought him safely to the battle with his brother. Stranthi gave him the ship as a parting gift, and Revel returned to the stars.

Talos Drellik - He became almost a mentor to the Sith Lord, which was a strange turn of events for the former Reclamation Service member. He was used to Sith being far and above his rank, and found it quite out of place to hold lengthy intellectual discussions with a Sith Lord who treated him as an equal and even came to him for advice.
Together he and Stranthi discovered much about the Empires past, and secrets of the force. It was he who pushed the Sith Lord into a more intellectual application of the force, which led to his redemption. Talos found it hard to decide his own fate however. He was "retired" from the Reclamation service, but he could never truly see himself living within the republic itself after all these years. He chose to become a chroniciller, and he set down to record the discoverys and secrets unearthed by himself and Stranthi. He settled on a long lost planet with some of their finds, and had Revel erase all records of the hyperspace route used. He found the idea of himself becoming a secret for future generations to find, quite fitting.

Ashara Zavros - She was the light, which flamed and brought Stranthi to redemption. From their first encounter to the last, she ensured he was never without kindness and pushed him to change the empire for the better.
Falling in love seemed natural, and though she wished to wait for marriage until such a time as there was peace and a way to ask the Jedi Council, she never saw it. She was killed by Xalek in a final act of desperation, and through her death saved Stranthi from succumbing to the dark side, which was Xaleks intention. She forgave both him and her love in her final moments, and gave him the strength to face his brother and to join the Jedi.

Xalek - He took his masters "betrayal" the hardest. He had become his apprentice and knew his power, but could not understand his fascination with the Light, and how it seemed to give him strength. Near the end, he put a desperate plan into motion, to bring his master back to the Dark Side. This was borne from fear of betrayal and abandonment, and when he slew Ashara he knew it had failed. Seeing the peace on her face, and his masters conviction, he knew he was mistaken. But he could never turn completely to the light.
Realizing his masters power base would be destroyed and everyone connected to him hunt down for this betrayal, he opted to stay behind. In one last glorious tribute, he wished to give his life in battle to ensure his own masters safety, and in some small measure make amends for his actions. It is said, when agents of the empire did track him down that he slew 2 dozen sith before the imperial forces decided to take more drastic measures. His position was bombarded from orbit for a full 5 minutes before the fleet declared him dead, and left the smoking ruins he was hiding in behind. Even now, his name is whispered in fear and secret, as a vengeful ghost/shadow.

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07.25.2012 , 03:23 PM | #26
Sith Inquisitor:
After killing Darth Thanaton and gaining her name Darth Nox she has Khem Val lead a purge eliminating all of Thanatons supporters where ever they are or selling them into slavery. She marries Talos and they have 3 children, force sensitive twins and one non-force sensitive a few years later. She trains her twins in the force, her son follows the path of the Sith Warrior while her daughter in her mothers footsteps follows the Inquisitor's path. Both eventually become Darths, and her daughter replaces her on the Council after her death. Her youngest son was taken to the Mandalorians for training and won the great hunt. When Mandalore died he was recomended to take Mandalore's place but refused and stated "I can best serve as a simple warrior from behind the seens, not from in the spotlight." Ashara finally accepts the offer to be Darth Nox's True apprentice and does very well in her training as well as enshuring that any and all threats to her masters power are eliminated. She completes her training and becomes a Sith Lord in her own right( by killing Darth Ravage who compeleted her Sith Training) she even helps in the training of her old masters children. As well as taking on her own apprentice. Nox continued to serve on the Dark Council and was very successful in keeping her position and eliminating rivals with ease (doing so in such a way that no one could prove that she arranged their downfall). She eventually filled the leadership vacuum after the death of the Emperor at the hands of the Jedi. Khem Val after purging Thanatons followers continues to serve his master faithfully. Andranikos stayed with Nox and her husband taking the odd Bounty Hunting job from time to time. As well as taking charge of her spy network which ended up surpasing Darth Bara's. Xalek tried to usurpt his master's position but was found out by Nox's son and when he confronted his master he was killed and his body was displayed as a warning to others to show the punishment for going up against Darth Nox and her family.
Jedi Knight
After Her defeat of the Sith Emporer the council elevates her to the rank of Jedi Master. she continued to serve the Jedi Order with courage and honor training many apprentices. Dispite the rules of the Order she marries Doc and had a Daughter, Even though she and her family return to Voss and are welcomed with open arms Doc is able to continue his research and experimentation. Kira Carsen continues to stay by the Knights side even after reaching the Rank of Jedi Knight herself dispite her connection to the Sith Emperor. She helps train her former masters daughter, and eventually becomes her master's equal in Lightsaber combat and in the Force. She stays with her former master because in her own words "She is the only true friend i have ever really known and she was there when I needed her". Kira eventually trains other apprentices from Voss's Force-Sensitive population in the ways of the Jedi. T7 continued to serve at his masters side as well as helping doc with his research and keeping Doc's lab running smoothly. Scourge returned to Sith Space but did not rejoin the Sith Order. Instead he hunted down those still loyal to the Emperor personally so that his people could fix the mistakes created by the Emperor and to enshure that the man never returned in any way, shape or form. His current where abouts are unknown. The soldier who joined the Knight remained in the military and eventually was promoted to command of his own unit which served with distinction against the remaining sith and during its Pirate surpression missions. The Droid assigned as cartaker for her ship remain with his master. Watching over his master's daughter when she, Kira or Doc all had to be away on missions, along with T7 keeping her ship upgraded and running. The Knights daughter eventually becomes a Jedi Knight and served the Order just as couageously as her mother did and eventually becomes a member of the Jedi High Council( She also marries and has children to keep the Bloodline going).
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07.25.2012 , 04:57 PM | #27
Imperial Agent:

Kaliyo committed suicide when she realized how annoying, disgusting, repulsive she is.
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07.25.2012 , 05:00 PM | #28
The warrior
he lives on his ship and works for the hand whenever they need him. He is very successful, and he has a good life. He actually learns a new secret to the force and uses it to make him and jaesa no longer age. they can only die by unnatural causes like mirder or falling off a cliif. Tulan'kol (my warrior) and his wife jaesa have children who also stop ageing after they are fully developed. The rest off the companios eventually die off since they are not force sensitive and can't use the force trick. The couple's 6 children become very accomplished. The children are kinda apart in age, but they stop aging physically so they look the same age after a while. They have children of their own, so the legacy of tulan'kol and jaesa are around for a long time. tulan and jaesa locked away the secret of the force power so no jedi can use it. The council found out about it, and charged the two sith with keeping the secret of the anti aging so no jedi can use it. They can teach the trick only to those they deem worthy. The trick still stays with their decendants, but a lot of them are eventually killed off for various reasons and ways. Tulan and Jaesa have manged to survive, secretly creating a new order after the original sith's downfall. They are still alive to this day, living secretly, making their order but no aligned with the empire or republic. Very few people know their secret, and their secret order is made up of people who have the anti aging force in their blood. they teach the trick to their students after they pass their trials. They have secret plans in the works, and, if they are carefull, they can be around more many many many more years to come

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07.25.2012 , 05:04 PM | #29
My Jedi Knight:

After a long and hard war against the Sith Empire Vallius Starwynd managed to turn the tide at the battle of Corellia and then launched an attack against the Sith Homeworld of Dormuund Kaas. Defeating the Emperor in personal combat the Jedi Knight's dedication and courage did not waiver. Not tempted by the Emperor's words nor by the power of the Dark Side the Jedi Knight drove the darkness that was the Emperor back and vanquished him. After the battle the Jedi Knight returned to the Jedi Order as a Jedi Master and remained ever vigilant in his protection of the Republic.

T7 - After discovering Imperial Agents within the Senate T7 remained with the Jedi Knight and together the pair would continue to serve and protect the Republic from threats both internal and external.

Kira - Kira, already a Jedi Knight, would remain on the true path to becoming a Jedi Master. Though Vallius and Kira felt some tension no relationship between the two ever developed. After learning of the potential survival of the Sith Emperor the pair would continue to be prepared should that darkness ever rise again.

Sgt. Rusk - Rusk would be transferred to be a member of the Defender's crew at his own request. Serving with the Jedi Knight for many years. In his time there Rusk saved countless lives and protected the Republic from innumerable threats. He would eventually retire from the military service with the highest honors.

Doc - Doc saw a new purpose and calling with the Jedi Knight. He remained a companion to Vallius and the others who he saved the Galaxy with. Eventually Doc would release a (slightly exaggerated) tell-all book that would be made into a holodrama depicting his life and role as a member of Vallius' crew... He found his path to fame and glory at last.

Lord Scourge - Lord Scourge eventually left the Jedi Knight. Considering himself to no longer be Sith but absolutely not a Jedi the pureblood Sith made plans to eventually make good on his promise to the Jedi Knight. Should Vallius Starwynd ever have descendants he intended to turn those descendents to the Dark Side. As of the time of this writing there are no known offspring of Jedi Master Vallius Starwynd.

C2 - The ship droid remained with the ship for many years. After requiring repairs following an incident involving Lord Scourge's lightsaber and his neck plate the droid learned to never insinuate that the crew were getting quote, "A bit thick."
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07.25.2012 , 07:41 PM | #30
Now for my Sith Inquisitor:

SI: After joining the Dark Council she begins the plan to control the dark council, she starts to train multiple acolites in assination and deception calling them the league of shadow they gather more atrifictes of power and begin to infiltrate and undermine many of her fellow councils power, at the same time she begins to focus on the war, she sends her fleet to battle the republic at corellia to further devistate their loss using the superweapon on the shipyards there. her cult are used to sway the hutts to buy only from them, she then uses the cult to atempt to bring the hutts fully on the empires side but working for her, they agree and Talzon cripples her fellow council members from gaining supplys from hutt space.

This leads to Darth mar and her becoming allies as they work closer they begin a romance under Adronikos back the two eventually use their power to kill darth ravage.

she also meets the wrath and learn that he is her farther and vette is her mother, the three use their power to control the empire and shape it how they wish.

Khem Val: After being disposed of Zash Khem works with the leage of shadow, all who fail Talzon are sent to khem and are eaten by him, his power grows so much that he becomes free of his tie to me yet stays anyway beleiving that i am the future of the empire.

Adronikos Revel: is placed in charge of my ship and sent to deal with the hutts more directaly, eventually learns about darth mar and attacks him, the result gets his hand and eye cut off. Later him and Talzon realise that their marrige although they love each other are more than happy to fool around with others, when Talzon meets the wrath he sleeps with jessa a lot.

Talos Drellik: Is placed in charge of my artifice group he finds out more on my past learning about my farther and finds the armor of kallig,

Ashara Zavros: for a long time Talzon uses her as a symbol that even the jedi (not ones who have fallen but light) fear her so much that joining her is the only outcome. however then Talzon's fleet attacks the corellian shipyards she tries to warn them, thougth she fails Talzon has had enougth of her and tortures her to breaking point, she now has fallen and serves as her new apprentance.

Xalek: Rises to lord and placed in charge of my leage of shadows and trains new acolites.

2V-R8 - is stripped of parts hor her Hk-51