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End game canon for your character?

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End game canon for your character?

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07.09.2012 , 08:00 AM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by elliotcat View Post
Only got my smuggler to 50, but this is what I see:

Smuggler herself: Gets knocked up before fighting the Voidwolf, does it anyway. Takes over the fleet and runs her own semi-legit, semi-criminal empire. Fights with her mom a lot. Eventually goes corporate, starts a shipping business and gets super rich.

Corso: Tries to stop his wife from doing dangerous stuff. Fails.

Risha: Also goes corporate. Becomes a high-powered businesswoman and socialite. Becomes famous, like Oprah-famous. Everyone loves her and she can make anything popular.

Akaavi: Hangs out with smuggler and teaches her kids about Mandalorian stuff. Gets a boyfriend probably.

Guss: Joins the shipping company and makes a lot of money. Becomes a galactic playboy who is in all the tabloids, like John Gosselin.
what about the wookie?

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07.09.2012 , 08:18 AM | #12
Quote: Originally Posted by AhsokaTanorules View Post
Then by all means, come up with an ending where Mako and Blizz live and gault and Skadge die.
BH- Retires and lives peacefully at a small camp in Alderraan.

Mako-Joins the BH as his wife.

Torian- Continues to hunt, and eventually settles down as the new huntmaster.

Blizz-Lives with Mako and the BH.

Gault-Goes back to his old life and is killed by a hutt he double crossed.

Skadge-Killed by BH along with Tormen. (I hate him SOOOOOOOOOO much)
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07.09.2012 , 10:08 AM | #13
Quote: Originally Posted by Kaisernick View Post
what about the wookie?
Continue to be so boring I forget he exists, apparently.

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07.09.2012 , 11:20 AM | #14
I am too bored to get my SW to 50 atm... but here:

Sith Warrior: Upon gaining the position of Emperor's Wrath he devises a plan with his top apprentice, Jaesa Willsaam, to undermine the Dark Council and use them to his advantage to turn them into his obedient slaves until the Empire is weakened and he has no more use for them, in which then he will obliterate them and assume position as the Dark One. The Empire splits, one side under the Dark One, and the other the original Empire that aims to gain their society, control, and power back.

Jaesa Willsaam: After training extensively with her master, she is tasked to help him use to Dark Council to his advantage. She eventually is granted the title of Darth, and becomes Darth Ira upon the fulfillment of the mission. She is eventually killed in a space combat mission requiring Nova Squadron, the Dark One's most elite squadron, to secretly take control of an Imperial Dreadnought and use it to fire on the rest of the fleet, holding the moffs onboard hostage in order to keep the rest of the fleet from destroying their captured vessel. Upon boarding, the Squadron hastily took control with Jaesa leading, but were unprepared for the mass amount of Darths on the bridge, which quickly eliminated the sith assault, save for Jaesa, who fought valiantly until one of the Darths stabbed a lightsaber into her heart and dismembered her torso from her lower body. Fortunately the sith forces were able to disable the engines of the ship, causing the Dreadnought to plunge into the surface of Dromund Kaas while the rest of the Dark One's fleet fought the Imperials and forced them into a jump to lightspeed with a few remaining ships.

Quinn: Malavai Quinn is charged with Treason against the True Empire and executed after being sent on a mission to find the Imperial Rebellion's base and failed as a way to prove himself. He was personally mutilated by the Dark One and his remains were used as a warning to all that nobody should cross the Dark One.

Broonmark: After being given command of his own Assassin squad, he and his team are sent to Alderaan to eliminate all Nobles supplying/in affiliation with the Imperial Rebellion. The team succeeds and does not arouse much of a suspicion from the local population and goes out of their way to convert many nobles sided with the Republic to the True Empire, giving the True Empire more supplies for new weapons.

Pierce: Pierce is boosted up to the rank of General for his amazing services to the Empire and the Dark One. He is given command of a large squadron and is assigned to lead an army along with his squadron against the Imperial Rebellion's ground assault on Dromund Kaas (the one in which Jaesa died in space) and succeeds in defeating the Rebellion forces with not too many casualties and is able to take the Commander of the army hostage for "interrogation".

Vette: The Dark One forces her conversion to the dark side and is trained in the ways of the sith to replace Vette. She becomes exceptionally strong in the dark side of the force and soon becomes as cunning (and crazy) as Jaesa. Extreme corruption causes her eyes and skin to become red and is soon given control of her own Assassin squadron just like Broonmark. She begins recruiting more to become sith and serve under her master and eventually becomes a Dark Council member as a Lord and undergoes surgery to become enhanced with the best cybernetics to increase agility, strength, power, and intelligence.

Great, look what you did to me now, I feel like writing fan fic now.
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07.10.2012 , 03:53 PM | #15
Quote: Originally Posted by Mutive View Post
I'm pretty sure that both of my agents are wandering around, looking lost and really confused.

Heh, this is largely the case for Livia as well,

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07.10.2012 , 04:04 PM | #16
Quote: Originally Posted by Sacrmeno View Post
BH- Retires and lives peacefully at a small camp in Alderraan.

Mako-Joins the BH as his wife.

Torian- Continues to hunt, and eventually settles down as the new huntmaster.

Blizz-Lives with Mako and the BH.

Gault-Goes back to his old life and is killed by a hutt he double crossed.

Skadge-Killed by BH along with Tormen. (I hate him SOOOOOOOOOO much)
I really like that.

I got -2096 affection to Skadge in one conversation.
waiting for ...

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07.11.2012 , 02:31 AM | #17
OK here is my Smuggler who just completed ehr story.

Smuggler - At the end she orders the Voidwolf's fleet to make the surprise pirate attack against both the Republic and the Empire pretty much severing her ties with the Republic. She gathers the likes of Rogun, Ivory, Darmas and the 3 Voidwolf admirals around her and begins her new criminal empire becoming a queen of the underworld. Her main headquarters is a seedy nightclub in Nar Shadaa. Establishes some fruitful alliances with many criminal powers including the ones my BH and Skadge roll with. Has flings with my BH and Adronikos Revel even. Develops a nasty spice addiction later on.
Corso - Even though my smuggler and him fool around a lot, he eventually gets fed up with her amorality while she refuses to settle down with him not wanting to be tied to one man. He eventually leaves her and returns to Ord Mantell though he eventually settles down with a nice Miaralan woman and takes her to that ranch he bought in Dantooine. Meanwhile my smuggler continues to use Corso's cousin as a spice pipeline.
Bowdaar - Kept around as a bodyguard and enforcer in her club headquarters.
Risha - My smuggler and her become like sisters and eventually, my smuggler finances Risha's return to Dubrillon where she becomes queen. With my smuggler's underworld backing, few wish to thwart her. Occasionally takes a break from life of royalty to run off with my smuggler and get into some trouble, misadventures and one night stands with random guys. Eventually bears an illegitimate heir.
Akaavi Spar - First assists my smuggler as an enforcer. Then joins Risha as an honor guard in her house. Particularly instrumental in keeping Risha's adventures with my smuggler a secret. Has flings with my BH during her enforcer days.
Guss Tuno - Never forgives him entirely for the fiasco on Hoth. At first takes him on as an errand boy then eventually assigns him a dubious courier assignment to a very dangerous area of Coruscant. Gets jumped and killed by my BH, Skadge and several other thugs.
C2N2 - Risha takes him on as a butler and servant in her Dubrillon estate.

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07.11.2012 , 06:24 AM | #18
I changed up my characters canon a bit because the server swap took my original name.

Bounty Hunter:

Sith Inquisitor:
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07.11.2012 , 06:30 AM | #19
Quote: Originally Posted by Celacia View Post
Heh, this is largely the case for Livia as well,
Now that was clever of them. I'm fairly sure that my version of the Phantom is getting rattier and rattier. (Although probably Lokin has a few investments that he occasionally draws out of to try to spruce the place up a bit.) I see both agents as becoming incredibly depressed. Probably spending a lot of time staring out the window and refusing to eat. (Probably Vector keeps trying to cheer them up/push food in front of them, though, when he's not occupied with the Song of the Universe.)

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07.21.2012 , 06:36 PM | #20
Bounty Hunter (himself): Goes back to his home planet of Kashyyyk to save the Wookies from slavers
Mako: Joins her husband on his noble quest and provides technical and moral support where needed
Blizz: Also joins the Bounty Hunter on his quest and meets a little female Jawa on Kashyyyk. They live happily ever after
Gault: After refusing to exploit the Wookies, Gault was killed in a standoff with the Bounty Hunter
Skadge: Left the Bounty Hunter because he was "boring"

Imperial Agent(himself): Works to make a large pool of contacts to help him with future Empire needs
Kalliyo: After the standoff with the Wheezer, the romance with Temple, and lots of other stuff she confronts the Agent which results with her shot square between the eyes
Vector: Helps the Agent by providing Imperial Diplomatic Service and Killik Hive contacts
Lokin: Helps the Agent by giving access to his own spynet
Ensign Temple: Assists her husband in any way she can including Chiss Ascendancy contacts and emotional support
SCORPIO: The Agent realized that she was too much of a threat, even with the restraining codes, and deactivated her and put her in a melter, therefor ending the threat

That's as far as I've gotten character story-wise.
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