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Community Q&A Blog Discussion: July 6th, 2012

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Community Q&A Blog Discussion: July 6th, 2012
First BioWare Post First BioWare Post

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07.06.2012 , 02:15 PM | #1 This is the last staff post in this thread.  
Hello everyone,

Please discuss this week's Community Q&A blog in this thread!
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07.06.2012 , 03:17 PM | #2
Quote: Originally Posted by CourtneyWoods View Post
Hello everyone,

Please discuss this week's Community Q&A blog in this thread!
Incoming rage.

Not from me though. I actually appreciate reading some of the feedback on where the development team is at. I just want to see more actual information of things to come and have something to be excited about rather than the "SOON.TM" pr line.

Telling us information about what's to come has it's negatives and positives but hearing our opinions on that information BEFORE you waste precious resources//time on it is absolutely more important. It's really the only thing that will keep this game on the radar for those that have left and keep those that are subbed actually subbed. Your policy on "not releasing information unless you're sure of it" has -hurt - this game and anyone that has left would acknowledge that. Games that take a lot of internal information // feedback based on what the development team asked of the community will always be more accepted and adored than anything else.

What you guys did a few months ago by asking the community what we wanted to see in the "new" space content is a prime example of the "right way". Talking// listening to your community is one thing... ACTING on what is the vastly accepted change for the future is yet to be seen. ((character slots // Space // Dynamic events etcetc.))

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07.06.2012 , 03:28 PM | #3
Nice info about why BW made come of the class changes. I do wish that more FAQ was answered weekly, though! - Character Armory and More | Guild: The Army of Light

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07.06.2012 , 03:35 PM | #4
It seems like the Q&As have been getting shorter and shorter lately. I hope that just means Bioware is busy. I know there have been lots of other questions I'd love to see the answers to (why are re-modding costs SO HIGH?!) I was happy to see some comment on Tank companions b/c if you ask anybody but a Healer about their Tank companions, they'll probably tell you they're worthless.

On the topic of new species, I would give my left arm for playable Togruta. I want to roll a Togruta Sentinel badly.
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07.06.2012 , 03:54 PM | #5
"Austin: Resolve is meant to put a lid on effects that take control away from you, the player. It's meant to limit the effectiveness of chain stuns, sleeps, and knockbacks. However, it is not meant to impact the ranged and melee (kiting and anti-kiting) balance of the game. This was a very deliberate measure taken to separate these two different aspects of control. I won't say that we won't limit the "chainability" of roots in the future, but given the amount of skills and abilities that break and cleanse roots and snares at the moment, it's not something we're very concerned about. Of course, we will be keeping an eye on how ranked warzone teams use the tools they have."

Soz but maybe thats ok for some of the classes like assasin and sorc's which the devs seem to love so much but my sentinals a nightmare in pvp, stun stun stun, some of the stuns can last ages.. With no way to break out of it.

Before you say resolve... it has a 2min cool down...... Now think about how many times in say a hut ball or voidstar you can spawn and die in those 2mins. if you use it thats it 2mins and you basically getting chain stunned.

If im playing hutt ball i just have to never use resolve just incase i get to make a break for the goal line, and get hit but 5 diff stun affects and then a punt into the fire just for jollys. They have enough time to aim and take a run up im stunned for so long, 3 points sentinal in the fire.

Everyones so fixated on sents power which tbh is rubbish at lvl 50 and a PITA to get any where near enough expertise to make pvp enjoyable.. They often forget that we have zero funky moves to do anything with, the only thing we can rely on is the power and tbh im half battle master with my biggest hit only ever being 2k and about 200 dmg a sec.

I have lots more fun on my sage or guardian alt.. i mean the guardian not having to channel force stasis for a start, verses sentinals stun which does nothing as 95% are immune or have a full resolve bar. verses the guadians slow down move which effects ALL and helps the team out loads more than sents limp no affect stun.

Guardians moves i can activate while being near a target, same as sentinal in pve.. but sentinal in pvp the moment the enenmy is even slightly on you you have to move to get off the next shot. and if your watchmen spec you need lots of little small moves to build up the damage, they only have to move slightly on you and you gotta keep moving and click a hundread buttons. Yet guardians not got the issue they could switch behind me and i can still activate the moves just like sent in pve. In fact i find im bring my sents constant moving and pace on to my guardian always keeping target in front and its so over kill and not needed, guardians a breeze by comparison.

I suffer through boring defeats just to get the daily, being battered around like a cat toy by players with war hero. already, so that maybe some day i get the privialage of cuasing the same pain to some other poor suspecting guy in recruit or battlemaster gear thinking he has a chance.

everyone says pvps good till lvl49.. maybe we could learn from that.. find which ever dev come up with expertise and kick him square in the nuts.

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07.06.2012 , 04:35 PM | #6
bw seems to be picking lame questions to answer like repeatedly answering the same questions and doing it just as vaguely as the last time or answering questions by saying they have no answer. And ignoring questions people keep asking about tank damage reductions or character re-customization or chairs that work or any other number of quality of life things.

Why waste time with a Q&A if you are not going to actually provide answers to questions? Especially when you are selecting the questions. Please stop answering the same questions and especially stop providing the same answer as before, maybe provide a Q&A Sticky in the forum so people can see all previous questions.

Aus_Jedi's Avatar

07.06.2012 , 04:36 PM | #7
Wow, the last 2 Q&A Post they have had has been a bit disappointing. Communication has gone downhill. Hope things pick up soon.

Rikeryo's Avatar

07.06.2012 , 06:00 PM | #8
people are still reading this? couldn't care less, bioware's dodging all criticism / questions about stuff that actually matters anyways!
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07.06.2012 , 06:39 PM | #9
Clymene: Are there any plans to buff companion tanks? Currently they are barely any better at survivability than dps companions, especially poor Xalek, and don't hold aggro very well.

Austin: I'll bring up the issue with the rest of the team and see if increased survivability and threat is something we can afford to give them. Without me revisiting our goals for what tank companions should do, off the top of my head, it certainly sounds like they could use some adjustments. Thanks for raising this issue.

Are you *********** kidding me?! If they can "afford" to give it to them!? Are we playing the same game Bioware!? Xalek can't tank for ****! Kaliyo folds faster than a paper plate! T7 is USELESS! Were 8 months in and people have resorted to using DPS companions to tank for them because the tank ones can't do the job properly!

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07.06.2012 , 07:19 PM | #10
I liked the question that asked about new playable species' if the Cathar are popular, which ones can we expect to see and such.

Answer: We look for pros and cons!
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