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(L,F&E Interlude) Wild Things

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07.06.2012 , 05:51 AM | #1
>>In Dantooine's Jedi Academies Med Bay<<


The word echoed off the plain, bright walls of a small med room, silken sheets spilling off the shoulders of a young blue eyed female, revealing soft white skin beneath, where a shirt would have been, was now a tightly wrapped bandage hiding a ghastly looking wound beneath. A wound that would of coasted the young corillian jedi her life had Arik Vandar been a moment later in his rescue mission, a fact, indeed the only fact that the boy wasn't serving on some agri corp by now.

“M'lady, please lie down, your going to open your wounds more if you don't rest.”

A soft, motherly voice cooed out of the synthesizers of a nanny droid. It's spindly, yet agile arm's resting on her good shoulder in an attempt to coax her back down to the pillows beneath. Ahrissa submitted to the droids promptings, but continued on with the discussion at hand, her voice sounded agitated

“What do you mean the council is sending me off on another mission?” She inquired “I just got back from my previous one! And need I remind you how big of a disaster that was?!” Her voice was rising, causing some of the battle weary soldiers in the other beds to roll their heads her way in an attempt to see what was going on. Jedi hardly ever rose their voice.

An old graying women in green and brown robes shook her head with a soft but understanding sigh “I know child, but this wont be near as stressing, In fact, why not consider this as a vacation?”

Ahrissa sighed and raised an arm over her eyes to shield out the light “Depends” she muttered “Do I get to lounge on sandy beaches, and bask under the sun?” she had a mocking air about her, since when did Jedi ever get vacations?

“Something along those lines” The old Jedi Master informed with a kind smile “The queen mother of Naboo has inquired aid from the Jedi. She needs someone to watch after her daughter...”

Ahrissa raised the arm from her eyes, wide blue orbs staring up at the old Master in confusion “Wait.. The Queen of Naboo has a Daughter?” The Jedi nodded at her old student with confirmation before continuing in her soft, slow, sage like voice

“The girl has had a very difficult past, and needs protection, she also needs a friend Ahrissa, she is only nine years old and...”

Again Ahrissa shot up in bed with wide eyes “Are you serious!?!” She growled, raising a hand to push the nanny droid away, who had immediately came to her side in an attempt to calm the Jedi down “Your telling me the council is asking me to baby sit a CHILD!?!” quite simply, Ahrissa sounded insulted. She was training to become a weapons Master, a fighter, not a nurse maid for some prissy, over dressed princess. The old Master however folded her arms and narrowed her eyes, her voice becoming very firm

“Ahrissa!” she hissed warningly, everything in the room went eerily silent, Ahrissa sitting under the gray eyes of her late Master like some poor animal caught in headlights. Just as suddenly as the air thickened, it relaxed, and everyone in the room hurried to do something other then watching the two Jedi, pretending not to be there. Ahrissa gave a cross between a sigh and a growl before flopping back down on the bed, allowing the nanny droid to do it's job

“I don't know whats come over you child” The old Mother was saying “your usually so proper and not so outwardly spoken” her gray eyes hardened “It does not become you” she warned with a waive of her finger before gathering up her robe from the back of the bed sides chair, her wrinkled old hands smoothing out the fabric as if it were a precious item “The council has made their decision. You are perfect for the job, considering your current condition you are fit for nothing else. The Queen Mother will be expecting you in four days.”

Ahrissa sighed in silent, but reluctant defeat, what was she to do...really? When the council said did so without question.

“Oh... 'Rissa...” the old mother purred gently “Do try and stay out of trouble this time. You have a very important responsibility on your hands now, I'm sure I don't need to tell you that....failure is not an option. Full detail of your mission is already downloaded to your pad” she informed nodding to Ahrissa's things on the bed side table “May the force be with you my child” The wise old Jedi Master said before taking her leave with a motherly wave of her hand.

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07.06.2012 , 05:51 AM | #2
>> Three Days Later - On Naboo <<

A small citizen's cruiser settled down at Naboo's space station. Ahrissa was grateful to finally be landed and did her best to grind her teeth and remain calm while the citizens slowly...oh so slowly...filed out of the cruiser and went on with their happy lives. Once Ahrissa was admitted from the cruiser, she finally breathed. Ever since her experience on Felucia she had promised herself never to fly on citizen cruisers again, at least...until her mission required her arrival to remain...anonymous, and the Masters at the academy had refused to give her one of the schools fighters, all thanks to one of the personal nanny droid that suggested she not do any flying any time soon. Medical Droids were worse then Jedi Masters sometimes.

Ahrissa raised hands to lower the light green hood from shading her stark blue eyes as she blinked up at the bright, noon sun. It's rays shining down on the city of Naboo while dancing off of her golden hair. In a lot of ways, Ahrissa looked like royalty, even when dressed in commoners clothing, her posture and demanding prescience was enough to make many scramble out of her way as she picked up her small shoulder bag and made her way outside the space station, but even in her commanding appearance, her smile made those around her feel at peace, returning her smile with a nod and don of their hats before continuing on their merry day. In reality however, Ahrissa never didn't know much about her past, if she were royalty or just a common corillian... all she knew were painful memories best left for other times, and not on missions for the Jedi Council.

“Jedi Ahrissa?”

A small Rakata stood a bit in the shadows as she looked the young woman over, her trained eyes not missing the bandages that barely showed though the clothing. Ahrissa had to raise a slight brow, she had never seen one of this women's species before, still, she sensed no ill intent coming from the stranger, and seemed to be strong in the force. She also felt that this, was her contact "You made good time." Her odd voice had a few people looking at her, but the robes and the lightsaber hanging from her belt convinced them all to quickly mind their own business. Ahrissa smiled and nodded at a passing citizen before stepping towards the shadows, the way she moved and acted, one would think she were simply looking for shade while she surveyed her surroundings, much like any new comer would, looking for directions "I came as soon as requested" She said in a respectful, business like manner followed by a slight bow.

"Let me make this perfectly clear..." Nolikas stated as soon as Ahrissa was close enough to hear her quiet voice. "This is a delicate situation. You have proven you can handle delicate though. But..." She looked at Ahrissa and seemed to see far more than skin deep. "You injuries are healing." It wasn't a question. Ahrissa blinked and raised a brow before sighing softly, with a slight smirk, she knew her injuries would come to question eventually "your a healer...” she confirmed, by the Rakta's confident affirmation of her current health status. “I should of known Master would send me to a healer" she mused kindly, her Master would never fully send her out on a dangerous mission half broken. Ahrissa nodded and raised a hand to her injured shoulder, brushing it with a finger. Under her robes she had bruises on her ribs and some black and blue shone on her right cheek, but they seemed to not be bother her, or she was just that good at hiding pain "Ive had worse really” Ahrissa smiled, what Jedi didn't come back without a few bruises? “I'll live.” she said nonchalantly “ As to the the file" she nodded to the streets "Perhaps some place more...private, would be in order?" she offered with a friendly smile. Nolikas returned the nod and led the way to a private speeder. the man in front wore civilian clothes but his look, and stance screamed military to anyone with eyes, let alone the Force. Nolikas opened the door and climbed in, leaving enough space for Ahrissa to follow.

After she was settled, Nolikas nodded to the other Jedi. "You have questions. This speeder is about as secure as anything in Republic space at the moment. And Captain Carlin swept it for bugs before we left." Ahrissa was well aware of the protocols and precautions taken to secure royal affairs, having been a coordinator of many herself back on Alderaan. So it was no surprise when her own physical and force scans came up with nothing out of the ordinary as she settled into the speeder, the 'Captain' Carlin, shutting the door after her

"I must admit" The young Knight mentioned as she folded her hands neatly in her lap, one would think she were a politician more then a Jedi Knight striving for the weapons Master title. "I am a bit confused as to the specifics of this mission" she mused as she brushed a strand of golden hair behind her ear

"What are you confused about?" Nolikas asked as she nodded to the driver and he started them off.

"Well" Ahrissa's voice was soft, regal..."My Master mentioned something about a little girl needing protection" she smiled kindly "However the files states...other...motives as well. You...wish for me to spy on her?"

Noliaks looked a bit... concerned. "No, not spy... What do you know about the Bladeborn?"

Ahrissa leaned back and tapped a finger over her knuckles in thought, it was funny to have the Bladeborn mentioned so soon after the return from her previous mission "Not much really” She stated matter of factly “Ive...met one once” She trailed, she hardly doubted it wise to go off explaining that this particular Bladeborn was in company of a sith friend of hers, apprentice or no, not many Jedi took to kindly to those kinds of...alliances “though it was in passing and hardly worth the acquaintance of" She said with a friendly smile, best be vague for now

"well, it would seem that the princess was rescued from a particularly nasty Sith Lord by them. Then she spent time with them. She learned a few things from them, as one particularly repulsive character found out. She dropped him to the floor by clutching his privates."

"By all accounts she has a grip like a nexu trap..."

Ahrissa raised a brow, a slight smirk crossing her features though quickly vanishing as she controlled herself and her emotions "I see, so the girl is a fighter?" This sounded more up her ally, she was deeply concerned shed be baby sitting prissy princess's and attending tea parties. A child with a fighting spirit? She could handle that, and might even be good practice for a time when she herself would be able to teach weapons to younglings

Noliaks smiled slightly. "You could say that, if you had a gift for understatement. Teh Bladeborn actually seem more like Jedi in many ways than Sith. She won't wear gowns, she sneaks off to do what she wants, drives the guards crazy, let me tell you. And teh courtiers are terrified of her. Anything LESS like a typical princess, if those really exist, I don't think I have met..."

Ahrissa chuckled nostalgically "Sounds...familiar..." she mused, leaning back in her seat, remembering a time when she herself ran the Masters in circles at the academy and her...wild...ways. Her Master often blamed her graying hair on Ahrissa

"I thought it might." Nolikas grinned in her strange way. "Listen, Ahrissa, the girl has been through a lot. She barely remembers Naboo at all, and now she is the line of succession. How would YOU react?"

Ahrissa sighed and leaned forward with a slight frown, tapping finger tips together in thought "Honestly, id of ran away by now.” She looked up at the Rakata women “Fighters and Princess's don't exactly mesh in a day..." She then leaned back, all business like "I promise you, ill do what i can for the girl"

Noliak would have answered except her com chirped. She looked at it and then answered it. When she did her eyes went wide. "Great..." she muttered before closing connection and looking over at Ahrissa

"It seems Natahsa has slipped out of the Palace... If I were a princess on teh run, where would I go...?"

Ahrissa smiled, was it coincidence? "Master did always say I should keep my mouth shut" She then closed her eyes in thought, taking in a deep breath "Do you like to swim?"

Nolikas looked at Ahrissa and her eyes lit up as she smiled. "I can... You have an idea?"

Ahrissa grinned even wider "I might, though..." she became contemplative "Perhaps it is best if I go out to meet her alone for a time? She left to get some time alone...not necessarily to run away"

Nolikas nodded. "That might be best, I will take your bag up to the palace. But here..." She handed Ahrissa a secure comlink. Ahrissa nodded and with the force lifted the com from the Jedi's hands before taking it in hers and lifting her knuckles to rap on the window behind her "Driver, Ill be getting out now" Ahrissa then smiled at Nolikas "I'll have her home by tonight, then perhaps...I can speak with her Majesty concerning any further matters?"

The speeder slowed and stopped. Nolikas nodded and opened the door. "Be gentle with her, she is a good kid, just... confused..."

Ahrissa stepped a foot out of the speeder with a mischievous grin "Gentle? Do you honestly think the girl is that fragile?" with that Ahrissa left the speeder and raised her hood, stepping into the crowd as she reached out with the force, allowing it and her intuition to lead the way

"More than even she knows, more than even she knows..." Nolikas said to herself as she nodded to the driver to continue towards the palace.

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<Not too far from the palace>

Natasha sat, thinking. It was something she didn't get a chance to do very often. But this island in the middle of the lake was far enough away from the Palace that it would take a while for the guards who were no doubt now running around like scalded nerfs, to look this far out. And it had a high hill she could sit on and look from. As well as having cover and concealment. But she preferred the beach for some reason. She sighed as she sat. She wasn't sure if she could do this. Be a princess.

Ahrissa had found the girl long ago, watching from the main shore, even though she couldn't see the child, she knew she was there. After giving, what she felt was adequate time, Ahrissa dove into the cool, soothing waters and swam to the far side of the island, taking her time and just enjoying the relaxing water. It reminded her of the vacation she promised Arik before this mission, and it was also soothing to her injuries. Once she made it to the shore, she quite as she found her way around to where Natasha sat in contemplation. Picking up a handful of rock's Ahrissa stood at the waters edge and began skipping stones on the waters surface, waiting for the child to notice her

Natasha had heard the stranger come close. Female human, age, hard to say but not too young. Certainly not as young as she looked. The lightsaber at her belt proclaimed what she was. The stranger's skill at sneaking was impressive, but Natasha's training had been harsh as well. And one did not survive long as an inattentive student. Not amongst the Bladeborn. She glanced over at the woman skipping stones and sighed.

"Gonna drag me back by my hair Jedi?" Natasha's tone was whimsical but a bit sad.

Ahrissa paused in mid swing and turned to look at the girl, stark blue eyes piercing deeply as she smiled. Her smile was kind "Well, I suppose that depends on you child" she said before returning to her stone skipping. "I could if you make me, I've no trouble with that" She grinned again as she tossed her last stone "Although I'd really rather not" Ahrissa turned and folded her hands in front of her

Natasha had to grin at the Jedi's response. She sighed. "I'll go back. I just wanted some time to think... I don't know if I am cut out for this..."

Ahrissa chuckled before nodded to the patch of sand next to the girl "May I?" She questioned kindly

"Like I could stop you..." But Natasha waved her to sit.

"I dunno" Ahrissa spoke with playful caution "I hear you were able to stop of full grown male, perhaps a Jedi wont be much different" She took a seat, folding her legs in a meditative position

Natasha snorted. As if that weasel had been a real challenge... "A full grown male who saw a weak little girl in front of him. I know what you are. I have faced Force users in a practice ring. The only question is how much I would get hurt in the process..."

Ahrissa chuckled "Fighting isn't always about brute force and strength, which is where pain comes from, but it is also about skill and tactic, about knowing your enemy, and exploiting his weakness..." Ahrissa raised a brow as she glanced at Natasha "Much like to position you are in now, or so I hear"

"Somewhat." Natasha snorted. "You do have a point. But I don't know... This is so different from what I am used to. I mean if someone insulted me before I would knock him down and beat on him for a while. Here, someone insults my mother and I am supposed to smile and be nice to him?"

Ahrissa laughed, it was a bright and cheerful laugh, like that of rain on a crystalline surface, as she settled she smiled "Who ever said you had to be nice to the man? You simply have to learn other means then with these" Ahrissa held out a fist, so soft and gentle that one would never know the many years put into honing them

"But its so much fun... Scaring the idiots... I know, I know, I'm bad... But..." Natasha looked at Ahrissa with appraising eyes. "You are well trained."

Ahrissa grinned, it was almost sisterly "I am also much older then you"

"Yeah, I can see that too." Natasha said quietly. "You act younger and I act older, go figure huh?" Natasha grinned a bit too.

Ahrissa smiled "You should try it sometime" she said kindly "Being younger, I mean. You might find life less...demanding" She then chuckled and extended a hand "Forgive me, I left my manners on the main shore. My name is Jedi Knight, Ahrissa

Natasha took Ahrissa's hand in a firm grip. "Natasha Anastasia Regina. And yes that is a lot of -a's"

Ahrissa laughed once more as she stood, pulling Natasha up with her "Well Natasha Anastasia Regina, what say you we go find some place for warm tea, and then return you to your mother. I'm sure she is worried sick about you" Ahrissa nodded to the ever growing darkness as dusk took the valley

"Yeah..." She stood gracefully and shook herself. then she grinned and moved to a rock that overlooked the water. "See you there..." With that she dove off the edge and into the water making clean and graceful strokes towards the shore. She knew the Jedi could probably beat her there, but she really didn't mind. And the Jedi probably wouldn't.

Ahrissa sighed and shook her head before following Natasha in her dive, allowing herself to remain two strokes behind the girl, allowing her this last moment of silence before they returned to the busy lifestyle ahead

Natasha pulled herself out of the water and immediately froze. The two guards holding her small pack of dry clothes were a good reason for that. The queen standing there tapping her foot was another. Ahrissa pulled herself up and stepped up beside Natasha, offering a low and graceful bow

"She is unharmed, your Majesty" she purred with the respectful air of any Jedi. The queen nodded to Ahrissa but her gaze was on Natasha who flushed a bit under her regard.

"Good swim?" The queen finally asked quietly. Natasha nodded. The queen sighed. "Come on, lets get you both dry..."

Ahrissa waited for the queen to turn her back before nodding comfortingly to Natasha with a slight wink, her blue eyes shining brighter then ever. Natasha smiled just a bit as she followed the queen. Maybe... Maybe this wasn't going to be such a bad thing after all
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As the queen silently lead the procession back into the palace. Ahrissa took note of everything around her, this was her first mission on Naboo, she needed to make sure she understood every grain of her surroundings. Back on Alderaan she practically lead the security force, the only other trusted coordinator was the head captain of the Alderaan's military team. So needless to say, the Jedi felt bare without a secure com linked to the palaces head security, murmuring consistent commands and making sure everything was working fluidly. Still, it looked like who ever was in charge, had a little bit of sense. Guards lined on either side of their charges, if not a bit unhappy with the girls escape attempt, no surprise there really, likely damaged their ego somewhat, unable to keep an eye on one little girl? 'MmHmm get used to it...' Ahrissa thought to herself as she nodded to the guards stationing themselves by the door of the refreshers, one female entering to keep an extra eye out on the girl who was groaning with guilt, looking like a drowned rat as she glanced up at the female guard apologetically

"I am sorry."

The guard looked at her and nodded slightly, before resuming her pose. Ahrissa chuckled from her place in the refreshers, slowly stripping one peace of wet clothing after another and drying herself down with a towel. From the corner of her eye, Ahrissa caught the girl starring wide eyed at the site of the bandages wrapped around the Jedi's waist, chest, and right shoulder. Ahrissa frowned, she really had wished she would have been given a couple more days to heal, injured guardians and royalty always brought forth questions. An arm slipped through a silken sleeve as brown fabric covered the bandages once more, causing Natasha to quickly glance away and busy herself with her own clothes.

Once both girls were ready, Natasha brushed the wrinkles from her gown and sighed miserably

"Time to face the music..." Natasha said softly, unsure.

Ahrissa nodded as she tied up her wet golden hair "Word of advice kid...don't lie" she said with a soft smile and wink. Such attempts had to be made at least once from any wild child, Ahrissa tried it a couple times herself, thing was, lying to a Jedi Master never really seemed to work out so well

"Bladeborn don't, not when we... when they can help it. It demeans us... them..." Natasha slumped. "Let’s get this over with..." the girl said with a nod to the guards, Ahrissa smiled and fell in step behind the princess, hands quickly double checking to make sure she had everything, saber, com... Natasha marched up to where the queen sat and nodded to her mother.

"I apologize for the discourtesy I did to you and the consternation I caused the guards. I... I needed some time to think. So I went to the island." Ahrissa heard the girl say, she raised a brow, quite formal for a nine year old, the queen nodded, then sighed

"Come on, it's almost meal time." The queen said gently. "And I know you skipped lunch."

She started off and Natasha, Ahrissa, and the guards all followed in their designated positions behind or in front depending on ones station and job. The queen led the procession to a small dining room where a meal had been laid out. It wasn't anything fancy, but it did look and smell good. Natasha stayed where she was, unsure if she was to be punished, but then her stomach growled loudly and the queen smiled

"Part of you has sense. Come on...” Ahrissa made to station herself a good distance behind Natasha's chair, acting as a guardian would when the queen made eye contact “I would speak with you as well, Jedi." Ahrissa dipped low in a formal bow; hands folded in brown robes as she swooped around the table and took the extra seat set up for her, only sitting until after the queen and Natasha had taken their own. Once the dinner was finished, and the queen dabbed a napkin to her lips, the soft clanking of silverware on dishes, and the servants carrying away dirty dishes, the queen finally spoke to her young daughter

"What did you do wrong?" Her voice was quiet, cool and calm. And as expected, Natasha cheeks flushed but at least had the courtesy to herself as she straightened

"I left without telling anybody, and I didn't take the guards." Natasha said soberly. The queen nodded.

"I understand you wanting to hit that stupid cow; I wanted to slug her myself. Insults to me, I can handle, I have learned how to let them slide off. Insults to my family on the other hand... Those still make me mad."The queen sighed as she eyed her unrully child "And they probably always will. but... Natasha..." She looked her daughter in the eye. "You know better. If there is one thing the Bladeborn taught you it is when to fight and when not to, yes?" Natasha nodded, silent as the queen went on "A common person, if insulted, can take action. They can slug people. We can't. Much as we might want to at times, we are held to a higher standard."

"Okay..." The queen then smiled sourly as she sat back. "I have to punish you for running off without taking any guards. But I am kind of at a loss of how. Spanking you won't work..." At that Natasha actually snorted a laugh that she hid behind her napkin. Pain was no stranger to Bladeborn students, no stranger at all. After a few long moments Ahrissa coughed, clearing her throat and drawing attention from the queen "Perhaps I could offer some incentive, your majesty?"

The queen turned to Ahrissa with a raised brow. The Jedi had been silent all throughout dinner, and even during the lecture, taking the time to meditate and rest. "If you have a suggestion, I would be willing to hear it..."

Ahrissa smiled as she looked over at Natasha "At the academy, when punishment was required, the Masters always found Community work to the young. It not only shows the citizenship of your kingdom that their leaders are humbled, but it also teaches the…youngster....responsibility.” Ahrissa then returned her gaze back to the queen “Surely your Majesty's kingdom has work suited for a.... wild child"

"Good point." Queen Firalia mussed a bit at that, thinking. then a slightly evil smile crossed her face. "Yes... I think we can come up with something suitable. Thank you, that is a good idea"

Natasha shifted a bit nervously at the look her mother adopted, Ahrissa however had an unreadable expression, passive, and humble.

"For now however, you have lessons young lady." Natasha nodded slowly, as the queen continued. "And I need to talk to this Jedi."

Ahrissa made to speak, but then clamped her mouth shut, she was reluctant to let her charge scurry off without her, it wasn't that she didn't trust the guards to do their duty she just...well...didn't trust them. The queen however seemed to be step ahead of her as she stood. Ahrissa and Natasha following her example "Let's escort her to her lessons, shall we?"
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The queen took Natasha's hand in hers and spoke quietly. "I DO understand, but you have to understand us as well. Come on." She led the group towards the living quarters with Ahrissa faithfully in tow, allowing the gueen and her daughter enough distance without being shadowing, while at the same time close in case her assistance were needed. Being a Guardian was less then entertaining most times, but it did have their perks, her Master was right though...all this walking around and shadowing the young nine year old would give Ahrissa time to relax and heal, even if she would of preferred it at her private cottage, with Arik Vandar at her side as they walked along the beach of the lake front outside....a door shut softly and the queen turned to face her, pulling Ahrissa out of her thoughts and back to the present.

"That wasn't exactly the way I wanted to meet you.” The queen stated as she extended a friendly hand “Firalia Regina."

Ahrissa smiled "Forgive my your Majesty" she smiled as she bowed in a formally, ignoring the extended hand, before looking up into the queens eyes and nodded to their surroundings "But for the queen to be seen shaking the hand of a Jedi, might lead some to think there was a new alliance between Naboo and the republic" She smiled and straightened from her bow "Not that the republic wouldn't mind a contract with the queen mother, naturally" Ahrissa grinned diplomatically, causing the queen to sigh and drop her hand

"You are right." The queen said with a sigh. "And yes, the Republic would be delighted. Us, not so much. We have had some less than stellar relations with the Republic lately."

Ahrissa nodded but remained silent. It was not her duty to get into the afars of the queen although she was curious, being out of the loop for several weeks while marooned on a darkside planet tended keep one behind the times. But the queen snorted, and entertained the Jedi's curiosity anyways

"You need to know. We had a rogue operation run by Republic Intelligence operating on planet. They were trying to make new weapons, and kidnapped people to use them in their experiments. Fairly gruesome ones." The queen sighed. "We don't mind the Republic, we do mind those scum..."

Ahrissa raised a brow, surprise crossing her face before vanishing quickly "I...was not aware of such operations...." Ahrissa admitted, she had no doubt that there were underground operations running amok, but the republic?

"No one knew about them, except some rather odd 'allies' of ours. We think we have dealt with all of the ones on planet, but the people who put them here are still at large and doing the same horrific things. The way that our 'allies' dealt with the ones here though... Well, it was fairly clear who had sent them. And a deep undercurrent of resentment is still here against the Republic in general and Republic intelligence in particular."

Ahrissa nodded "Understandable, although if I may, it is of my opinion that such individuals who perform these operations are not... republic. But a few lead astray falsely bearing our banner. It is a shame but, we are not all perfect. We can only hope those at large will soon be brought to justice for their crimes" Ahrissa made a mental note to be sure and report this conversation to the council, they probably already knew, but, even she would of liked some answers. It was not right to send an agent out to these regions without this vital information already known. She sighed as the queen nodded

"I know that." The queen said soberly. "Not all of my subjects however, do. I was told you were to be a guardian of sorts... May I ask what experience you have had in that regard?"

"M'lady” Ahrissa said with a bow and friendly smile “The Jedi are trained from the moment they enter the academy to become guardians. That is our soul purpose and duty, to defend the weak" a light glinted in Ahrissas eyes "Though I sense Natasha is less then...weak...if not a bit young, still..." Ahrissa then straightened "My main station is out on Alderaan, I act as coordinator of security for the royal courts. Deployed only when the council needed my...talents...elsewhere. My last mission was to guard a certain senator....unfortunately I must admit, that was one of my less then successful endeavors" Ahrissa flinched slightly as she spoke, speaking of your faults didn't necessarily reflect well on your resume, however she had spied the queen eying the bandages beneath the Jedi's robes, so she might as well answer the question now before it became a problem later

"Oh?" The queen's quiet word invited her to continue.

Ahrissa sighed and shifted, only slightly "My...last...Mission had us entering sith space, unfortunately the senator I was assigned to protect was...all to trusting, and our position was compromised. Only a few left that nightmare, and unfortunately the senator was not one of them” Ahrissa kept her personal opinions out of it, in her mind the senator deserved what he got, despite her warnings, despite her concerns he continued on trusting a sith lord, and got what was coming for him

The queen nodded. "I had heard something about that. You were injured?"

Ahrissa smiled. From the reports her Master had given her, as well as the readings provided by the nanny droid, she was lucky to be alive. The spores that had entered and festered within the wound she suffered during one of her fights with the creatures of Felucia, had tendrils of a blackish, green poison that spiraled down her arm, if left another day, they would of been forced to amputate it, not to mention those same tendrils that slowly snaked their way down towards her heart....”Nothing Serious, Your Majesty” she lied with the talents of a silver tongue. The queen raised an eyebrow, but didn't comment.

"Natasha is a good person, but she is somewhat..." The queen broke off, searching for the proper word.

"Rambunctious" Ahrissa provided with a smile

The queen laughed. "Yep, that works." the queen sighed and continued in a serious voice. "She was hurt and then rescued by these Sith, these Bladeborn... They didn't know who she was apparently until recently. And then they sent her home. Until then she studied with them."

Ahrissa nodded "Consider it a blessing that your daughter is here with you now, and...I might add, fully capable of defending herself when needed" She spoke with respect "Although I also understand a mothers worry. I will do my best not to disappoint, your Majesty. She will be safe in my hands"

Firalia smiled. "I will leave you to it then. And Jedi, thank you." The queen nodded and walked off her own personal guards following as Ahrissa bowed, watching the queen take her leave. Straightening from her bow Ahrissa sighed, crystal blue eyes turning to glance at the door beside her as she folded her arms in her large sleeves

"You can stop eves dropping now kid" Ahrissa chuckled as the door clicked open revealing Natasha on the other side a wide grin painting her face, both tutor droids deactivated behind her

"Drat." Natasha said with a grin. "I should of known better than to try and sneak up on a Force user..."

Ahrissa laughed as she shook her head "Go now” she said with a smile “Finish your lessons. Then what say you to some real practice before bed?"

"What?" Natasha's eyes went wide at that. "Really...?"

Ahrissa bent low to eye level with Natasha, elbows propped on knees as she balanced on the pads of her feet, voice low so that only the child could hear her "Its just practice" she winked "and our little secret, Im sure your mother would have my head if she found out I was encouraging your combat training" Natasha bit her lower lip in thought

"Maybe, no, probably not. but she would be unhappy..." Natasha sighed. "Ok, I'll do my lessons.” Natasha turned to walk back into the room before glancing back over her shoulder “And... thank you..."

Ahrissa smiled and stood up, nodding kindly in response while watching the child return to the small room with the droids. Sighing she sat down in the hall to meditate while she waited for the princess to finish with her lessons.

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Ahrissa frowned as she looked around the 'Training' room provided here at the Naboo's royal courts, the training a royal recived in combat was far different from that of a Jedi. Ahrissa found in an old wooden sword stashed on one of the back shelves, dusty from lack of use. Snatching it up, Ahrissa spun around and tossed it to Natasha with a smile.

"Look sharp kid!"

Natasha caught the sword deftly and danced into a ready stance. It was almost an Ataru stance. She smiled a bit.

"Ready when you are." Natasha said with a smile. She seemed... more alive with a sword in her hands.

Ahrissa chuckled and shook her head "Patience Kid, I....Ah ha!"

She grunted as she stretched her arm across the high shelf, fingers just hardly tapping the wooden swords stashed there, grunting from the strain it caused on her arm she finally gave up and used the Force to pull it to her, dropping down from the shelf hefting its weight in hand, coughing slightly from the dust she stirred

"I do hope you show these blades more respect when you become queen kid" she smiled as she tapped the blade to her boot to dislodge any further collected grime and walked to the center room. "This whole room needs a re-vamp" she smiled remained in a basic stance

"Yeah." Natasha sighed, but didn't lower her guard. "I tried to come here once, and I was told this wasn't 'princess' type behavior, so I don't know how long it has been since these were used..."

"Well then" Ahrissa smiled "What are you waiting for Kid? Lets see what these can do" She smiled, but didn't move.

Natasha nodded. But her eyes were still, taking in Ahrissa's stance. then without telegraphing her move, she was in motion, sweeping her blade towards Ahrissa's head.

Ahrissa ducked, and shifted her stance forward, moving around and thus behind Natasha, her stance remaining the same her face passive and calm as she waited

Natasha charged, her face an expressionless mask. The Bladeborn had taught her a bit about facing force users as a non-force user. She couldn't out power or out speed a Force user. That left sneakiness. Which she was good at. She darted to the side and then dove towards the floor, striking in a complicated sequence that would hit the arm, leg and neck if unopposed.

Ahrissa rolled her shoulder's avoiding the first shot, while stepping back to avoid the second, however she was forced to raise her blade to block the oncoming attack to her throat, the force of the attack was surprisingly strong, for a nine year old.

"Good kid!" Ahrissa praised as she stepped forward and pushed Natasha back.

Natasha stepped into the attack, somehow avoiding the blade and coming up inside Ahrissa's guard. Her blade was angled down and out of position to strike down so she thrust the hilt towards Ahrissa's throat.

Ahrissa blinked, her hand only just reacting fast enough to clamp down on Natasha's wrist, spinning the girl around and twisting her hand so that she was forced to let the sword drop to the ground, Grinning, Ahrissa raised a finger to her chin where Natasha had succeeded in connecting with her jaw. Holding her in place Ahrissa purred

"Very good"

Natasha spun in place, using the wrist that was pinned as a fulcrum, bringing one of her feet up in a kick that transmuted at the last second into a leg sweep.

"Mmrph." Ahrissa grunted as she felt the leg connect with her own, however the balance the girl had was now all supported on the wrist and Ahrissa's hold, leaving no real leverage for a nine year old to knock a 30 year old Jedi off her feet, Instead, Ahrissa simply let go, allowing gravity to do the rest. While Natasha was left to catch her balance, Ahrissa took several retreating steps back and held up a hand "Enough" She said in the commanding tone of a teacher.

Natasha was spinning to her feet when she heard the command. She immediately stopped and turned to Ahrissa. She bowed formally. Ahrissa smiled and bowed.

Coming out of her bow she raised a hand and with the force lifted the girls fallen sword and pushed it gently and slowly to the girl

"I think these hold out quite nicely. Find a safe spot for it, and we will resume tomorrow. Now though, I think it's time we got you back before the guards start thinking the Jedi Kidnapped you" She grinned

"Thank you, Jedi Ahrissa." Natasha smiled. "I enjoyed that. I hope we can do it again." She had, she felt alive, not stifled, for the first time in weeks.

Ahrissa hummed softly to herself before crouching down so that she was once again at eye level with Natasha "Tell you what" she said gently "I have been charged to protect you, that means that I will be your shadow from now on. Understand?" She waited for the girl to nod before continuing "You help me keep your mother happy, and at least try and learn your birth right. And I will do my best to be a friend." Ahrissa smiled "Taking you out places, helping you train like tonight, and other things Non Princess-y. Deal?"

Natasha thought about that, for maybe ten seconds before smiling. "Deal."

Ahrissa smiled and ruffled the girls hair "And lighten up a little ok? Your allowed to be a kid with me here." Ahrissa smiled and made her way to the door "Come now, I believe its bed time!"

"Yeah." Natasha nodded and followed Ahrissa to the door. "Thank you."

Ahrissa smiled as she opened the door for Natasha "And Thank You, I enjoyed that as much as you did, your real good."

The guard outside stiffened to attention as Natasha and Ahrissa stepped out of the room. Natasha sighed. "I'll be good." She said to the guard as she started off towards her quarters. The guard looked at her, then at Ahrissa.

Ahrissa smiled kindly at the guard, she knew she wasn't completely welcomed here with the queens subjects. She could only hope in time they would see differently "M'lady" Natasha purred gently "Perhaps it would b e best to bring your guard along, we wouldn't want him left down here alone after all"

"Oh he is coming..." Natasha said quietly. "He got stuck with the 'Follow the Princess' detail today." And true enough the guard was following. His eyes roving, searching for threats.
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"Excuse me?" Ahrissa said softly as she stepped up to a few guards lining the little hallway, They seemed to be watching their comrades fuss over a small male rodian, dressed in what appeared to be civilian clothing. "What seems to be the problem?" She questioned. She had been attending to the princess's early morning studies when they had both heard the commotion outside the small study room. After telling Natasha to stay put and lock the door, Ahrissa ventured forth to figure out what was going on.

"I have rights!" The reporter shouted, he seemed to be clutching something in his hands as he was dragged through the halls. One of the guards growled at him but turned and spoke to Ahrissa.

"We caught this... person... exiting an air duct." The guard said with a snarl. "That air duct is one that passes by the Princess' quarters." The rage in the guards voice was clearly audible. "We IDed him, he is a reporter."

The reporter scoffed. "You can't prove anything." The guard turned back.

"Oh?" The soldier asked evilly. "Well, you can trip while going down stairs, bet on it..."

The reporter blanched a bit, but straightened himself. "I have the right to do my job."

"Of course." Another of the guards spoke up. her voice was quiet. "And the royals have no rights." Her voice was low and dangerous.

Ahrissa however smiled gently and placed a hand on the guards shoulder "He is right you know." she said with friendly and polite nod to the rodian "So how about we gently escort him from the palace and let him on his way" She turned to the guard "There is nothing else that you can do really"

The guard nodded. obviously still angry. "Yes Ma'am.” he said to her, before turning to his men “Get that... scum... out of here." Two of the guards took the reporter by the shoulders and lifted him off the floor as they carried him a way, despite his protests. The guard looked at Ahrissa. "At least the princess didn't catch him... I shudder to think what she might have done..."

"Hmmm" Ahrissa nodded in agreement, Blue eyes still watching as the guards began to cart the Rodian off. "Do you think he managed to capture anything with his camera?" she questioned thoughtfully.

"I don't know..." The guard admitted. "He does seem awfully protective of his camera and..." He blanched. "That duct does run by the refresher..."

"I see." Ahrissa said musingly before nodding to the guard and casually began walking, following the group carrying the rodian off. She stayed back and out of the Rodians line of site, waiting until they reached the gate. Ahrissa then casually leaned up against a pillar near the top steps leading down from the temple. The Rodian was some distance away, but not to far for what she had planed. Causally Ahrissa raised a hand and, squeezed her thumb and index fingers together, soon after, the Rodian could be heard crying in frantic loss as he scrambled about on his hands and knees, trying to collect the tiny, shattered peaces of his camera

The guard who had been talking to her looked at her, then at the direction the Rodian had been 'escorted'. Then he grinned. "I know you didn't do anything, after all you were way over there..."

Ahrissa frowned and tilted her head "Do what?" she inquired innocently "Something happen?"

"Nothing." The guard raised a hand to his face but the edges of his mouth showed they were curved up. "Nothing at all."

"My camera!" Came the cry from down the large steps, guards ushering him out of the gate and shutting them in his face, taking up position in case he attempted to try and get back through.

Ahrissa however nodded and patted the guards shoulder before pressing past him "Well then, I must be back to the princess's quarters, I'm sure you fellows have it all under control here"

The guard saluted her but there was a large smile on his face. "Yes ma'am."

It only took Ahrissa a few moments to return to the princess's study room, Natasha looking up from her lessons as Ahrissa walked through the door "What was all that about?"

Ahrissa shrugged casually "Oh nothing of importance, a young fellow seemed to of lost something, but...all is well" She smiled "Best finish your lessons"

Natasha looked at Ahrissa as if seeking more answers, but then shrugged and shook her head. She spoke to the droid. "I don't care what it says, I say it doesn't make sense for supply to go up when demand goes down..."

Ahrissa chuckled and leaned up against the wall, watching as always
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<A few days later>

Natasha sat back from her desk and frowned. "What is that noise?"

Ahrissa shrugs "Some new garden worker, perhaps." The gardens were below the windows to the princess' quarters.

"Singing that?" Natasha asked, slightly unnerved. "I don't know many Naboo songs yet, but I think that is meant to be a love song." Not the kind of thing most gardeners would sing in public. While sober anyway.

"Well...Garden workers sing don't they?" Ahrissa tapped her foot "I'll go check it out"

"Can I come?" Natasha was almost bouncing with the chance to get out of her rooms and away form her lessons.

"Oh?" Ahrissa paused at the door and glanced over at Natasha "Are your lessons done?"

Natsha slumped. "No..." She turned back to her desk and sighed. "At least get him to sing something else... anything else..."

Ahrissa laughed "Get your shoes on kid, Just double time it when we get back" She gave Natasha a little wink "K?"

Natasha jumped out of her chair so fast it almost went flying. "Thank you!" She grabbed her shoes and stuffed her feet into them.

Ahrissa shook her head and chuckled as she opened the door "Lead the way Princess"

"You know..." Natasha shook her head. "I haven't ever been to the gardens... actually..."

"Tut Tut Tut" Ahrissa chided in a playful tone, shutting Natasha's door behind her "One should know all her escape routs, including the gardens" Ahrissa nodded down the hall "That way."

Natasha smiled at Ahrissa and then turned to a guard who stood nearby. "We heard something strange coming from the garden? Have you?" The guard blinked and shook his head. Natasha sighed. "Well, we were going to look, and I don't want you all to get riled at me again..." She put an innocent and vacuous smile on her face. "Could I get an escort?" The guard made a noise somewhere between a snort and a laugh and nodded.

Ahrissa smiled as she lead the way down the hall and out to the gardens "So, you heard a strange sound, not sure if it's a threat or not, how does one investigate?" She looked over at the guards " were alone that is"

"Me?" The guard sighed. "I would call for backup. Strange sounds can be anything from an animal stuck in something to an assassin team trying to draw me from my post. What did you hear?"

Ahrissa turned back to the guard with a gentle and friendly laugh. "Nothing threatening, likely a gardener singing loves songs. I was just curious as to how the princess would handle it, were she, for whatever reason...alone"

"Love songs?" the guard was shocked out of his professional demeanor for a moment, then he shook his head. "We would prefer she notify us and let us investigate, that is our job after all, but..." He grinned at Natasha who flushed.

Ahrissa chuckled and shook her head "Of course you would. And your team is more then capable of handling the problem." she sighed, giving the princess a chance to learn something non princessy was never easy here at the palace.

"Yeah, but..." The guard nodded. "I personally think the Princess could do with more time outside, but then my parents were farmers. I feel better outside myself." Natasha perked up at that.

"What was it like, on a farm?" Natasha asked. "Never been to one."

A shadow seemed to cross Ahrissa's bright blue eyes, as she began to pick up the pace. "Lonely" Was all she said as she waved the princess to follow.

The guard looked at Ahrissa and nodded. "Yes Ma'am." For once there was no deference, just an acknowledgment of something. Natasha pouted for just a moment, but then hurried to follow Ahrissa with the guard bringing up the rear. Eventually Ahrissa had them turn a corner where a young 12 year old boy was standing beneath a window singing.

Natasha froze, still in the shadows and the guard stepped in front of her.

"There's your cat strangler" Ahrissa said loud enough for only Natasha and the guard to hear. Her lips turned down into a slight frown. Ahrissa sighed "I might of known...."

"A good description." The queen came out of a cross corridor and the boy froze in place as she stepped out into the garden. "I think your visit is over, young man." The boy looked from the queen to the Jedi and went from pale to pasty white. Ahrissa folded her arms and smiled at the boy. The queen jerked a thumb and a guard hurried up and stood beside the boy. "We will discuss this, later, with your mother." Now the boy looked positively terrified. "Get him out of here before Natasha hears that... that... cat strangling..." The guard took the boy's arm in a gentle but firm hold and hurried him out of the garden. The queen sighed. "I had hoped to spare you that... idiot boy..."

Ahrissa was gentle as she cleared her throat "He is only 12, your Majesty. Cant blame him for bad lyrics"

"He is actually thirteen and he thinks that makes him a man. Come on out Natasha..." The queen said quietly. Natasha came out of the shadows, a sheepish look on her face.

Ahrissa chuckled and nodded her head humbly "I seem to re-call believing the same when i was his age."

"You?" The queen laughed. "Funny, me too... Anyway, that young fool is only the beginning I fear." Natasha looked at her and the queen shrugged. "Congratulations, girl, your first suitor..." Natasa's face went slack as she obviously tried to match the word with her vocabulary, but then her eyes shot open.

"You have got to be kidding..."

Ahrissa laughed "Consider yourself lucky...Princess, I got stuck with a scoundrel, Still....." Ahrissa raised a brow and turned to face the queen "She is a bit...young, don't you think? And...why was i not notified?"

"Because his mother just told me two minutes ago..." The queen said with a sigh. "And I was so happy he had found something else to do..."

"Hmm" Ahrissa nodded in acceptance.

"I apologize to you Jedi Ahrissa, and to you Natasha. I will try and keep the idiots at bay for awhile. And in answer to your other question, Jedi. Royalty has different rules, some that make sense and some that don't. Most royalty is betrothed in their cradles...even today. You were not Natasha, and I thought I had time to explain before someone started strangling cats around you..." Ahrissa sighed and shook her head.

Natasha just stood, slackjawed. "You mean... I am supposed to be married now? I am only nine!"

The queen shook her head forcefully. "not if you don't want to girl. Not if you don't want to." She waved for them to head back inside. This would be a long and interesting conversation. With all kinds of connotations on 'interesting'.
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<A few nights later>

She was again held by cold metal hands as they carried her to pain. She tried to fight but against droids it was useless. She looked ahead and froze. He was there. As always, he ignored her and waved the droids towards...


Natasha's minor thrashing was actually louder than her sobs. But either probably would have alerted the Jedi that something was wrong. Ahrissa walked into the room and froze. Natasha's face was contorted with fear and her eyes were closed.

"Tasha...Tasha... Shhhh" Ahrissa purred as she approached cautiously "It's ok, it's just a dream..."

Natasha cringed and tried to struggle away. Her cries of fear were low, but easily audible. "No... No! Not again...!"

Ahrissa held onto Natasha, keeping her legs and arms pinned, careful not to hurt. "What again? What's happening to you Natasha?" she said, trying a different approach

Natasha tried to struggle but her body obviously wasn't coordinated with her mind. "No! Not the machine... no..." She was crying hard now. "No... Don't... I..."

Ahrissa narrowed her blue eyes 'Machine?' she thought to herself...'what machine?' but she refrained from asking, the girl was already far to traumatized, instead she took in a deep, steady breathe and reached out into the force, using it to comfort the girl as she called out "Tasha child, you can wake up now"

Natasha jumped. But then relaxed. "A... Ahrissa... I was..." She slumped and her mask fell back into place. "I am all right."

Ahrissa sighed, relaxing her hold just slightly "No, you’re not." she grunted but let her hold go so that Natasha could recover herself

"I woke you..." Shame colored the young girl's voice but it was quickly masked.

Ahrissa, rose a brow at the girl, after the dream she must have had, and she's worried about waking a Jedi? Ahrissa leaned back against the head rest and chuckled softly "Girl, A Jedi can go for days without sleep. I was doing some...research…When I heard you."

"Research?" The girl shook her head. "I probably don't want to know... I am all right..."

Ahrissa smiled, she was well known for her plain bluntness at time "No, your not." Then she sighed "Come, get your shoes on, lets go for a walk"

Natasha shook her head slowly, but knew better than to argue. "it was a stupid dream. They don't make sense. Subconscious images plucked at random from my memories..." But she shuddered a bit as she got out of bed to find her shoes.

Ahrissa stood and retreaved her Jedi robe, as well as a jacket for Natasha, holding it out for her to slip into "The Jedi learn that, even stupid dreams have meanings, lessons, and impacts on the dreamer."

Natasha shrugged into the jacket and sighed. "Lead on."

Ahrissa smiled gently and opened the door, making sure her saber was in place before leading Natasha down the halls and out into the guardens, she was silent for most the trip, allowing Natasha to think in silence before she finaly spoke up "Tasha, your a big girl, with big responsibilities and a painful past. She paused near a pond and looked down at the girl "I may be your guardian, but, if ever you need a sister to confide in...I will do my best to help"

"You know..." Natasha stared at the water and slowly, so slowly, relaxed. "You are the only one who calls me Tasha. Even my mother calls me Natasha. What do you want to know?"

Ahrissa chuckled softly as she bent down to her level, taking her hand "Anything that you are willing to trust me with. And only when you are ready to."

"So then you tell my mother and your Order?" Natasha shrugged. "I guess it can't hurt... The guy who did it is dead...'

Ahrissa sighed, Duty hurt... That's all there was to it, a Jedi wasn't aloud to get close to their charges or really any other person for this particular reason – Conflict of loyalty and Trust. It was true, what ever Tasha told her, she was to relay back to the girls Mother. But how could she betray her charges trust with such delicate information as Tasha's past? Ahrissa lowered her chin somewhat with a sigh. “Tasha... you are right that, I will have to go to your mother about this, but...” Ahrissa looked up at the child, so young, and yet already so old “you must learn that when you speak, you do so with confidence, and have no fear that others will find out. If you don't want someone to know about it, don't speak it...ok?” when the girl nodded Ahrissa curled her feet and sat upon the grass beneath her, pulling Tasha down into a sitting position with her “Now, if you promise me that what you tell me here you will soon tell your mother, personally....then I promise that she wont hear it from me. Deal?”

"I... Okay..." Natasha had tensed when Ahrissa had pulled her down, but had then forced herself to relax. "I don't know what you have been told..."

Ahrissa offered a smile as she folded her hands in her lap meditatively "Just that you have had a hard past." Natasha looked at her, but obviously wasn't seeing the Jedi. When she spoke it was almost a monotone.

"I would have been four. I don't remember it at all. I have been told, by various people, that the ship I was on was attacked by Sith raiders. That everyone else was killed. For some reason, I was spared. If you can call it that..." Natasha's voice was soft, sad. Ahrissa nodded but remained silent, allowing Natasha to speak her story. "What I do remember... Is the cell that was my home for about two years. The droids that brought me my meals and made me exercise." She tensed. "And the machine..." She swallowed hard, trying to remain in control.

"Tasha..its ok to be afraid or cry with me here...its in the middle of the night" She offered a comforting hand for Tasha to move closer to her if she so desired "you can be yourself around me"

"Ahrissa, I don't know who I am... Am I the scared hurting prisoner? A student to the Bladeborn? A princess? Or maybe a mad person having delusions locked up in a room somewhere where she can't hurt herself or anyone else..." Natasha's voice was sorrowful now. "I don't know who I am anymore...”

Ahrissa leaned forward and spoke in a whispering tone, as if trying to keep a secret even though there was no one around to hear, just the bond and the night "How about, for now, just being kid of 9 years."

Natasha shook her head, but a single tear fell from her eye. "I don't know how..."

"By being yourself." Ahrissa stated softly "You will know how, eventually."

“How can I be myself when I don't know who, or what I am? The Bladeborn said the same thing. I don't know what to do.” Tears were falling steadily now, and Natasha scrubbed her face harshly. Then in a swift move she slapped herself. Hard.

Ahrissa had to restrain herself from stopping her charge from hurting herself like this, all she could do was remain calm and a pillar of support to the child "I never said it would be easy Tasha, there are plenty of people who are unable to find the answer until they are much older, you are just a child..." Ahrissa took Tashas hands in her's, firm enough to keep the girl from hitting herself again, but gentle enough to provide comfort "Life isn't meant to be discovered in a day"

Natasha fought the gentle grip for a moment, then relaxed. "He never said why..."

Ahrissa narrowed her eyes "Who?"

Natasha slumped. "I never knew his name. I just called him Master like the droids did. It seemed to please him. But he never spoke to me. Only to the droids..."

Ahrissas voice was softer now, silent like the gentle breeze around them, yet, firm and full of determination "What did he do to you? With this machine? Tasha...what happened?"

"I don't know what he did. All of the tests that the Bladeborn ran didn't come up with anything. Nolikas couldn't find anything either. He never touched me, but the droids did... It didn't... It didn't always hurt. Sometimes it felt good. Sometimes it just felt strange."

Ahrissa seemingly slumped, just slightly before taking in a deep, collective breathe "Ok..." she said with a gentle nod, she was at a loss for words. What was one supposed to do?

Natasha was quiet now. “But usually it hurt. I slept a lot, after each time. When he looked at me, I was just a thing. A test subject... The Bladeborn were nice, the Nabooese are nice, you are nice, but I just can't get his cold eyes out of my head. I know he is dead, but I can't forget his face...” Now she was crying again. “I want to forget, I just want to forget... But I can't...”

Ahrissa sighed, reached over and pulled Tasha closer to her, holding her comfortingly "I know...we all have our demons we wish to forget..."

Ahrissa placed her chin on the girls head as she held her, looking off into the distance, a fire seemed to dance fiercely in her eyes. Natasha nodded and for now, the fierce Bladeborn and proud princess submerged under the hurt little girl who was looking, praying for comfort as she nestled closer to the older woman. Ahrissa held Tasha close, up until she could hear the steady breathing of sleep. She then carefully stood with Tasha in her arms and carried her back to her room and under the soft covers of her bed. Once free of her burden, Ahrissa pulled up a chair and sat next to the child's bedside all through the night
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Ahrissa sighed, the news about her shoulder injury was...disappointing. Even with the force and all the medical assistance offered to her, she was soon told that she would never be able to use that arms to it's fullest potential. The infection had spread and damaged a lot of tissue while she was stranded on Felucia, the doctors continuously made it a point to remind her that she was lucky not to of lost that arm entirely, and the fact that her current mission kept her active was another thorn in the medical side of things. Even after reminding the doctors that she was a Jedi, and 'active' was just her way of life

“I appreciate your concerns doctor..” Ahrissa was saying as she sat at the edge of the table. Her shirt was removed revealing the white bandage wrapped around her chest and right shoulder, tendrils of a faint blue color peeked out from the edges of the bandage indicating the heavy bruising and damage done there. “But really I'll...” Ahrissa paused in mid sentence and turned blue eyes towards the door, a few seconds after a young boy of fifteen or sixteen rushed into the center

"Jedi Ahrissa, come quick!"

he shouted in-between panting breathes as he pointed back towards the door he had just come through. It didn't take long however for the boy to notice that he had just interrupted something, and that the Jedi sitting in front of him was with no shirt on, bandage wrap being the only thing hiding certain...assets...of a women.

A flick of documents sounded off to the side as the doctor snarled at the young page "Whatever it is, can wait!" he snapped shuffling through his documents as he peered at the boy through his spectacles, causing the young page to shift uncomfortably on his feet. Ahrissa chuckled softly as she folded her hands

"What seems to be the problem?" she questioned kindly, a warm smile spreading over her face as she waited for the boy to answer. The young man looked from the doctor to the Jedi and winced.

"Um... Princess Natasha, well, she..." He broke off unsure.

Ahrissa sighed and slipped down from the table, 'duty calls' she thought silently to herself, retrieving her shirt from a nearby peg "Well then" Ahrissa winced as she slowly pulled her arm through the sleeve "best lead the way"

The doctor held up his hands. "Jedi or no, you belong in a bed, Ma'am. but I know you won't listen to me... Just... take it easy will you?" he asked plaintively. Ahrissa flashed the doctor a warm smile and placed a hand on his shoulder

"I'll come back to finish our check up after I take care of my charge." she then turned to the page "Well?"

The page's eyes were wide as he tried his hardest to focus only on the Jedi's face and not anywhere more...distracting "Uh..." He stuttered "yes, Ma'am. The princess is in the day quarters. And the tutor was having some trouble with her..."

He started off while he explained the situation, careful to not look at her while the Jedi worked on putting her shirt into place, and tyeing her belt around her waist. As a Jedi it wasn't un-common for one to learn how to dress while on the move, and it took the young knight only a moment before she was fully garbed in her Jedi attire once more

Ahead, the guards moved to clear a few people out of the way, as both the page and Jedi hurried along the halls to the princess' quarters.

"Thank you” Ahrissa soon said to the page as they approached the room “I'll take care of it from here"

The page was quick to dashed off, glad to be away from the strange woman and the ruckus that was sounding through the thick walls of the room. When Ahrissa entered she found Natasha standing in the middle of the room, her voice was loud and obscene as she yelled at the Tutor. The elderly Devonarian was crouching against the wall, his face a mask of abject fear. "..And if you ever touch me with that kriffing thing again, I will feed it to you sideways..." She looked to the door and froze as she saw Ahrissa. "Aw, crap..." she muttered before her face went from enraged to a stone mask in an instant.

Ahirssa sighed as she took in the scene in front of her, closing blue eyes as she shook her head slightly. After allowing for silence to settle over the room, she glanced back up at the Devonarian tutor "I suggest you leave now" she said in a gentle, friendly tone. The devonarian took the hint, he was out teh door and gone in an instant. Natasha sat back in her chair and something rattled on her desk. On close inspection it was a ruler, neatly broken into four pieces. She didn't speak, just sat. Ahrissa turned towards the guards near the door

"Wait outside will you?" the Jedi smiled "Your princess is safe now"

The guards nodded to her and moved outside. One of them came close to Ahrissa and spoke for her ears alone. "I wanted to belt the old fool myself. Don't blame her, will you?" Ahrissa chuckled softly as she gave a slight bow at the waist

“It's my duty to protect her, not discipline her”

The answer seemed adequate enough because the guard nodded and left the room. Ahrissa waited until even after the door had clicked and locked. Once silence ruled the room she turned to face the young princess "Tasha..." she sighed "You certainly know how to make things hard on me, don't you?" there was no anger or frustration in her voice, just a gentle, knowing smile.

But it was still enough to make Natasha flinched as if struck, she sighed and relaxed some. "I didn't mean to..."

Ahrissa chuckled as she pulled a chair over to Natasha's desk "No” she muttered as she sat down “ “Perhaps not. But perhaps it's time you learned to think things through a bit hmm?" she had the tone of a teacher explaining something difficult to the little girl

"I did..." Natasha protested. "My first response when he hit my knuckles with that stupid thing was to break his wrist..."

Ahrissa smiled "And what did you do to make him want to rap your knuckles, Tasha?"

"I said not all Sith were evil." Natasha said with a sigh. Then she snorted. "Not that I blame him for thinking that after the way I overreacted...We were discussing Exar Kun's War and well, I learned a different version."

The corner of Ahrissa's lips twitched slightly at that "what version did you learn?" she questioned kindly. She remembered the story all to well

"Well, Yes, Exar Kun was a Sith Lord and a nasty one, but not all the people who followed him were. And I learned about Ulic Quel Droma, the great traitor who betrayed the Empire and caused it to fall...He wormed his way into the trust of the Empire and then used that to plot its downfall."

Ahrissa nodded, one could tell she was hiding a slight frown "Tasha.... I agree with you that not all Sith are evil, there are some real bad, and....some good, just as there are in any civilization" Ahrissa explained "But you must remember that we are at war, and other people may not wish to see things the same way you do"

Natasha nodded and for a moment, she looked far older than her nine years. "I know, but... All my friends were Sith. When people insult them, who never even met them... it hurts..."

Ahrissa sighed as she leaned back, her thoughts returned to her last mission when she ran in with her brothers sister, Young all honesty that girl was the only 'good' sith she had ever met "It does hurt, and it will always hurt, but it is your choice to handle that pain responsibly or...irresponsibly. You don't want people to think that you are also you?"

Natasha hung her head. "No." She agreed quietly. "it would be bad for Naboo, and for me."

Ahrissa smiled as she leaned forward "Mostly for you, i would think" Ahrissa then leaned back as she studied the young princess "So, how could we of handled that abusive tutor better?"

Natasha sighed and sat up straight. "I could have asked for a guard to get you. Or my mother, or just told him to leave, but... That would be my 'failure' right?" She put an odd inflection on the word failure.
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