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Running with Noobs

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07.07.2012 , 02:26 PM | #31
Quote: Originally Posted by Gnnysgt View Post
I don't mind running with people that are new to FM we all have been there. but what i do mind is when a lvl 50 merc has a total of 11.5k health and when asked to leave tells you to eff off.

these things have been out there for months now and with 3rd party sites and a paper guide you can buy there should be no reason why people are jumping in with minimum gear. ( armor rating of 124).
do your dailies ( 56 daily coms will get you a full set of armor) talk to a cyberteck to make you armor mods.
but when you have green armor and your highest piece is a lvl 45 non modded one, you need to sit back.

also I don't care what others think there is a reason there is PVP armor and PVE armor. recuit gear doesn't cut it. ok mabefor BT or boarding party but nothing else, and secpecially not LI. and yes I have both rakata gear and BM gear. you wuoldn't wear your comuli/rakata gear in a WZ why would you wear your pvp gear in a FP.

also if people are under geared or don't know the fights run the reg mode FP to get gear, they changed it and it does drop decent stuff, plus you get 5 daily comms.
Recruit gear is the bare minimium I expect to see someone to run in HM FP's (With the exception for LI, but that's why it is in its own category!) You are correct in that there is no reason to be running in level 45 stuff. There are no HM FP's were recruit is not enough though, unless your doing something seriously wrong. And to expect people to have better gear than that when the whole point of HM FP is to gear up with columni stuff is... well it's horrible for the community and completely BS.