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Whats the purpose of it all?

Elcan's Avatar

12.18.2011 , 08:59 PM | #1
Right now im logged in and in que at 505.

Server says 35 min wait.

Some servers say 1hr 10 min wait.

So if we endured all of the "Ramp Up" to avoid lag, zones been over ran, and ques / wait times for the EGA, just to have them now then i ask what was the purpose of it all.

What happens on the 20th when people who didnt pre-order will buy there game.
Or the 21 -23 when like 85% of americas work force will be out for the holiday gaming, spending time with the family etc.. etc.. what happens when the population increases by 25 to 35%?

The servers now can not handle the load they have. ( with a 500 + que ) they cant handle it plain and simple.

Not to mention when they log in most people will know sombody on a full server and really who wants to play alone.

So what are you going to do Bioware. The servers were miscalculated severly. ( It is in your favor by the way) The population is still going to explode with in the next week.
people have ques way above 500, and you have 2 days to solve this issue.

Im just fustrated spending an average of 3 hours in wait a day is not the "Uber" gaming experience any one wants.