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Patch 1.x Guilds

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07.03.2012 , 04:54 PM | #1
Be calm it's not a leak. It's a suggestion.

What guilds for? Here is only a lot of guys sharing the guild name and with a special chat so you can play together. But thegames could explore much more the guild aspect. For me next patch or a near path should increase the importance of guilds and other patch should be about pvp (i'll make another threat later). I thougth in some ideas I had about it. One of the ideas it's one i've already posted: Guild's Quests/Story. However more can be add to this idea.

Upon the creation of a guild the guild master should make some choices about it. Is it a PvP guild? PVE? MIX?

How that could influence the game, players could have some benefit. A pvp guild could give more valor gain and/or more wz commendations. Only some suggestions but surely it should give more XP from pvp. Same as PVE give more XP from Flash Points. Mixing with my idea above. It could give some guild's quest path diferent from PVE guild. Some dialogue options that could lead into a specifc guild storyline end. A mix guild could have half of the bonus of each play style. (PvP 5% more XP from WZ; PvE 5% more XP from FP; Mix 2.5% from WZ and 2.5% from FP).

The guild could have XP so it could unlock some feathures and more choices at a specif level, a turning point where you need to make another choice. It could choice between a Religious, Military, Industrial, Research and Intelligence.

Each could give a specific benefit on some skill.
Military Treasure Hunting, Armstech and Armortech.
Religious: Archaeology, Synthweaving and Diplomacy
Research: Bioanalysis, Biochem, Cybertech
Intelligence: Investigation, Slicing and Underworld trading
Commerce: Scavaging, Artifice and Archeology
Industrial:: Other bonus in all crafting skills.

How these bonus could be? On crafting it could increase the chance of getting a new schematic on Reverse Engineering. The actual chance is 20% it could be 40%. On gathering skills it could increase the amount of items you get each node or mission.

The industrial could instead increase the chance of new schematic on reverse engineering it could increase the crit change of all craft skills something like 5%.

On both the speed of doing such tasks should be lower for guild members.

Also the guilds could gave some employees like your companions that could make some gathering and crafting. Based on your choice. If you choose a guild style your guild gain access to those professions. It could have some specific schemactics aviable only for guilds, that no player can make it. And the guild need to buy it with guild commendations doing completing guilds missions (see my thread above). It could have the guild database where people could download some type of informations to your own database (see this thread --> Legacy Library Database). Like schemactics. Some member get an schematic and the guild master can use it and pay a large fee, to put it on guild database, so anyone from guild can download it (for a fee of course).

Patch 2.X.1

Each type of guild could have a name instead Guild Knights of Ni:
Military Squadron, Legion, Brigade, Division or something like it. Ex: Squadron Knights of Ni
Religious: Order, Cult: Ex: Knights of Ni Cult
Research: Lab, Sci-Division. Ex: Laboratory Knights of Ni
Intelligence: Bureau, Agency. Ex: Knights of Ni Bureau, Agency Knights of Ni
Commerce: Guild. Ex: Guild Knights of Ni
Industrial:: Conglomerade, Company, Industry. Ex: Conglomerade Knights of Ni, Industries Knights of Ni.

Each type could have your own guild ship design both external design and internal design. Research could look like a lab facility, a military a base, quarter, industrial like a factory, commerce like a bazzar, religious like a temple a shrine, inteligence like a hideout.

Space Instance/Operation
Denova (Rep vs. Imp PvP planet)
World Pvp My Ilum Map
Modifications Drops vs. Item Drops
Missions with different paths and endings
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07.03.2012 , 05:03 PM | #2
wow,i knew there was someone that had done alot mroe work than me o nthis stuff,just didnt know how much...and all i got is a half completed project for character creation update,you win :P

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07.03.2012 , 08:47 PM | #3
I improved it on this thread -----> Guild HQs
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07.07.2012 , 07:46 PM | #4
I put some new ideas on this thread below patch 1.X.1
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07.08.2012 , 04:51 AM | #5
And again a great idea that would make guilds more personall and different from each others.
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02.26.2013 , 06:50 PM | #6
SUPPORTED! You definitely took some time to write this and it is appreciated because someone needed to do it. These ideas are good and would be awesome if they added these features into the game. To be honest, it would be awesome if they added ANY more guild features into the game seeing how dull the guild system is too date.

Keep the ideas coming CHEERS!.

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08.18.2013 , 08:46 PM | #7

Guilds need major overhauls...
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