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Lack of Patch Note Information

Humankeg's Avatar

07.01.2012 , 07:06 PM | #1
I need to know where I can find ALL the links to all the different patch note pages that contain even the slightest bit of information that may be included in a patch.

I made the mistake of not reading 1000+ web pages looking for details on patch 1.2 and got royally f***ed in the a** over by the developers in this patch seeing as a very important tid bit of information regarding patch 1.2 was posted on a developer's blog, and not in the patch note section on this website (and I only read the patch notes section/never read developers blogs).

A forum mod informed me that I need to visit developer blogs and other such pages in order to collect all patch information.

Quote: Originally Posted by smaois
However, please note that communications via our Community Q&A and posts by senior Community managers and developers are also a medium for offical communication and a good way to track and monitor more in depth information relating to upcoming changes

So could a forum mod please link ALL the pages please? Don't want to wait 3 weeks again for a ticket to be taken care of due to a royal F*** up by BW's development team; just like the last ticket I opened on June 8th that was apprently taken care of, but a game master droid didn't bother informing me of the results and I didn't find out until more than 3 weeks later.


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07.01.2012 , 07:43 PM | #2

We know that communication and information is important to the community. There are several places on the site where you can go to find posts, blogs and answers from developers.

We hope the list of communication outlets help! We're going to go ahead and close the thread now.