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Economics ruin the game for me!


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07.01.2012 , 04:29 PM | #1
The only thing that ruins this game for me is the lousy economics. I spent six hours today levelling my commando from 31 to 32 and all I had to show for it was 29k!

I have 5 outstanding abilities waiting to be purchased. And why is that? Because they're too damned expensive, thats why! Why do we have to pay for abilities? We reached the level so GIVE them to us. Don't try and screw all the credits we've made and should be spending on gear out of us. Where the hell did you learn your economics? I'll tell you where, the British Government! They too are experts at letting you earn money then taking it all back as soon as you've got it!

The GTN is a joke run by greedy people who charge an absolute fortune for everything they can.

I suppose when you can spend 8 hours a day playing it probably isn't that bad, but when you HAVE to work 75 hours a week it's impossible to keep up with your guild members. When I joined my guild we were all around the level 29 mark, about three weeks ago. Now 9 out of the ten of us are 48-50 and I'm on 32. We all pay the same monthly fee, some of us get to play 40hrs a week. Some of us if we're luck manage four hours. Where's the fair play in that?

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07.01.2012 , 04:41 PM | #2

Since you have another thread on this topic, we're going to go ahead and close this thread and ask that you keep your discussion to the ongoing thread;